Saturday, January 19, 2013


"THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN," - sings Uncle Jesse with a mullet.

The boys are back (but not in town)! However, according to NBC's broadcast, they were playing in Chicago at the Staples Center.

Quick recap:

A sign lit up the sky calling two young hockey players. They came together and ran awkwardly to their... Chevy. Wait... no. That's just Toews and Kane's new Chevy commercial. Unfortunately, we're not lucky enough to see them playing hockey with cars again. But we do see them expand their wonderful acting skills.

Let's just say it's a good thing they play better than they act (entire team included). We can't forget Seabrook having trouble picking up pen with gloves on (Golden Globes material).

Now on to the actual game of hockey...

Several glorious things happened today. Blackhawks hockey came back and five goals along with it. Drink your wine and eat your bread, because baby Jesus and God teamed up again. Kane with an assist from Hossa treated the Hawks to their first goal of the season, while on the PP. Now that's holy.

Fro Fro got in on the action for the Hawks third goal. Toews, who had the flu, infected the Kings goal with a puck. While we're handing out goals to everyone, Hossa completed the Hawks scoring and somewhere between all that the Kings got two of their own.

The Hawks won 5-2, but the Kings can't feel too bad. They received their Stanley Cup rings made by Tiffany before the game. Am I the only one disappointed they didn't come in the little blue box? Also, there needs to be some kind of "he went to Jared" joke in here somewhere.

It wasn't all rainbows and Tiffany rings, Carcillo left the game with a lower body injury. According to Coach Q, "Danny is going to miss some time here." 

Excited for hockey to be back? Well, get ready for a 9pm game tomorrow night! Nothing better than some last night west coast hockey.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Around the UC: Convention Weekend

(see more photos from convention weekend here)

-Kane: “The image I have now, I can only strive to get better. The stories I have to put behind me; the same with the reputation. I love playing hockey. It’s my favorite thing to do in this world. That’s what I’m all about and that’s probably what I’ve thought too much about and the other things off the ice, not so much. You have to reinvent yourself. I know the person I am and who I can be.”
CSNChicago: Kane 'embarrassed' by off-ice actions, wants to be a role model 

-Hossa: "Without the contact I feel fine. The next thing is going to be on the ice. I want to see how it is when the contact starts. A little push or shot from behind could be different than just biking."

-Keith: “We have a good group here. No matter who is in the room, it’s always up to the players to get the job done.”

-Bickell: "It's great to show fans what we do on a regular basis. I like having that chance to interact with them, plus I think my fishing pictures go over pretty well." CSNChicago: Blackhawks, fans build bond through social media 

-Smith: ‘‘You always have to prove yourself. My main goal is to get to 100 percent and then from there earning whatever I can.’’

-Seabrook: "I'm preparing to play hockey. I'm not looking at anything else. I'm just getting ready as I would any other season."

-Crawford: ‘‘I want to do well, and I want to be the No. 1 guy here. No matter what happens outside of my situation, it doesn't change what I’m doing.’’ ChicagoSun-Times: Corey Crawford not bothered by Blackhawks' pursuit of Martin Brodeur 

-Smith: “That’s obviously a goal, to get back to that and even surpass it. Right now, the biggest thing is being healthy physically and being healthy mentally, which will be an edge for me. I’m excited to see what could happen moving forward.”

-Check out more photos here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

two years.

June 9.
one goal achieved.
overgrown beards.
champagne showers.
kisses with Stanley.
kisses with Ladd.
group hugs.
the Cup.

Happy Anniversary Blackhawks fans!

Good luck to the Kings! June 9 is known to create winners.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Game. Two Recaps.

Recap #1:

You know that moment in Captain America when he wakes up from being frozen? Well, it's kind of like when Toews came back for the first game of the playoffs. Instead of Captain America running into Times Square all confused, imagine he just put on his suit and took down a villain (I'm not going to say kill or beat the shit out of a villain, because we all know Captain America is too wholesome for that). That's what Toews did. He scored the first goal for the Blackhawks to start off the game. This was also my excuse to mention the Avengers.

It was a late game. Some people were worried they weren't going to make it. So they watched pre-game live for the answer. Konroyd made everyone feel better by saying the Coyotes will "bore you to death." Also, CSN pre-game was prepared for the death of Toews tonight. Toews' wolverine sideburns are starting to come in. They made an appearance in a pre-game interview.

It was a whiteout in the crowd for the Coyotes sprinkled with red Hawks fans. I'm obligated to mention the fact that the Hawks were the ones in white. So awk.

Period 1:
Toews is officially back. But he became double back with his goal. It couldn't have been more perfect. Hammer had a huge hit. His nickname was temporarily changed to the "rock," because he rocked that dude! haha... No? okay. That wasn't any better than Eddie O saying he lit him up like a Christmas tree.

Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! First a snow shower, now they're touching Toews! But seriously, the dog that tried to shove his glove into Toews' mouth: unnecessary. Let's try not to be Weber. Oh, wait that would mean he would've had to randomly smash Toews' head into the glass.

The Crawdaddy. The Crawmaster. The Crawinator. Crawford had a huge or as Foley likes to say it "HUUGGE" save. But it was quickly overshadowed by Shaw and his overexcited puppy play.

Period 2:
The howls rang through the arena and the Coyotes were up 2-1. More terrifying than the howls: an angry Bolland (even scarier than regular Bolland) coming at you with his stare and his helmet off.

Interview with Mike Kitchen, the man with the eyebrows that don't move. Look next time. LOOK.

I would call this period 3, but it's...

Recap #2:




That happened. That really happened. Seabrook tied the game with 14 seconds left. IT HAPPENED.

Back to Recap #1:

Game one went to the dogs. The Coyote howl will haunt my dreams tonight.

Remember when Toews came back from Narnia and scored the first playoff goal? Remember when Seabrook tied the game with 14 seconds left? REMEMBER?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Sign of the Playoffs

Duncan Keith has something growing from the back of his head:
Bickell shared this photo of the sighting on his Twitter.
Too small to be a mullet? Too big to be a rat tail?
Keith has the answer:

Soon "it" will be having fire coming out of the end.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

BRING ON THE PLAYOFFS! Western Conference Quarterfinals Schedule:

The Blackhawks will face the Coyotes on Thursday for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Game 1: Thurs, April 12 (9pm, CSN)
Game 2: Sat, April 14 (9pm, CSN)
Game 3: Tues, April 17 (8pm, CSN)
Game 4: Thurs, April 19 (7pm, CSN)
*Game 5: Sat, April 21 (9pm, CSN)
*Game 6: Mon, April 23 (TBD, CSN)
*Game 7: Wed, April 25 (TBD, CSN)

Last Game of the Regular Season

The Hawks had their last game of the regular season yesterday vs the Red Wings. I came home just in time for overtime and was greeted with CAPS LOCK EVERYWHERE ON MY TIMELINE! Of course, the Hawks went into a shootout.

The Highlight:

DAMMMMN! Someone put the egg in the basket. Am I right? I just couldn't mention this game without an Easter reference. The Hawks won and now it's on to the playoffs!