Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Devils get Snookie punched by the Hawks.

The Hawks showed the number one team who should really be number one.

Huet has mastered the art of bouncing back. In his first game, after getting taken out, he held the Devils to one goal. He had a shutout up until 1:33 left in the third (would have been his fourth of the year). He also stopped 26 shots.

Toews, Brouwer, Eager, Ladd, and Madden all had goals in a 5-1 win against the Devils.

Hjalmarsson was struck by a puck while on the bench in the third which caused him to leave the game. Coach Q said he is day to day.

Stars of the game:
1. Toews- a goal and an assist.
2. Huet
3. Eager

Post game videos:


Madden- pretty happy he got a goal against his old teammate. 

Coach Q

"The Situation": Hawks vs Devils

I'm sorry to burn your eyes with this picture but every time I hear New Jersey, I think of Jersey Shore.

So here's "the situation" for tonight's game:

Blackhawks vs Devils
First meeting between these two this season.
Huet is in the net tonight.
Blackhawks signed 2008 draft pick Lalonde to a three year deal.
He's second in points with 26.
He also ranked second among OHL defensemen last season with 19 goals.

Also if you missed the BHTV special on Christmas, its up on the Blackhawks website.

Here's my personal favorite:

12 days of Christmas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toews and Keith talking about Team Canada

Just like Seabrook (post below) this is the day before they were selected.

Seabrook talking about Team Canada

the day before he was selected.

Team Canada!

Seabs, Keith, and Toews all made Team Canada!!  

Conference call transcript from the Blackhawks website: here

Heres some a little bit:

Keith: “I'm extremely happy, my whole family was pretty excited this morning with the news. When your name is listed there, you realize all the great players who play for Canada and are Canadian hockey players. There are so many great players who didn’t make the team, and to be one of the guys... I am fortunate to make the team, and I definitely feel honored to be a part of it and have a chance to make it a success.”

Seabrook on getting the call: “I was really nervous this morning, then the phone rang and it was a number I didn’t know. So I picked it up and I didn’t really know what to say. I said, "Hi," and he introduced himself and I said, “Oh hey Kevin Lowe,” and he starts laughing. You know, I am just thrilled, excited and honored to be named and play in Vancouver. I have my buddies back home and my family; I’ve gotten text messages and people calling me and congratulating me. It’s very special.”

Jonathan Toews on how confident he was about making the team: “I wasn’t sure. I don’t think the three of us were a 100% sure until we heard our names this morning or we got the phone call. You know, we heard a lot of talk and people gossip and gave their own opinion about who they think is going to be on the team, but until you hear your name mentioned... I was definitely pretty nervous this morning and I definitely think it’s a huge accomplishment for the three of us to have the opportunity to play for this team. We’re definitely pretty excited about it. It was a special moment to share with my parents this morning. Again, it’s kind of funny. My mom is the one that got the phone call, because she had my phone in the kitchen, and she came running into my bedroom jumping up and down and I knew what was going on. It was kind of funny.

Another great article from ESPN Chicago: here

Some quick hits from the article:

- "One was quiet, one cursed, and one's mom answered the phone and started jumping up and down."
- "I think I may have cursed," Keith said.
- "I think I've had about 75 text messages already congratulating me," Seabrook said. "I don't think I can get tickets for everybody."

Who's you hockey twin?- find out here. Mine was Duncan Keith. I know, what are the chances?

Want to support to Team Canada? I know I do and I'm from America. So get you gear here!

Is Team Canada the Hottest team ever? You decide here: Team Canada: Hot Team? Or THE HOTTEST TEAM?

For more on Hockey Canada go to

Congratulations to Seabs, Keith, Toews! 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

No blog till Wednesday...

I'm going way up in Wisconsin to Eagle River for some skiing. Or in my case some sledding. Being in the middle of no where I will have no Hawks! I know its just terrible. Plus no internet. So no Twitter.

So cheer for the Hawks for me!!

The blog will be back for Thursdays game!!


I just like this picture...

Hawks continue to dominate

Hawks beat Nashville 4-1. Hawks have 8 wins in their last 10 games.

Eager and Barker were back for tonight's game. Versteeg and Hjal are supposedly "under the weather."

First period.

Hawks start off a little shaky. Note to Soupy: I'm embarrassed for your spin-o-rama. Big Buff gets one in during a powerplay and Hawks up 1-0. Buff must like playing against the Preds, he has three goals in five game vs Nashville.

Nashville's Coach has a close resemblance to the twins from Alice in Wonderland:

Second period.

Preds shoot one in and looks as if Huet made the save. Ref even says no goal but of course the Preds aren't gonna have any of that. After review, its a goal. Now game is tied 1-1. Some will say Seabs should of had control of the puck but I say it was the pass back to Seabs. Just my opinion, some might say I'm biased. Eager finally makes it back home to the penalty box. Kaner with a wrist shot puts the Hawks up 2-1. Another assist by Captain Tazer. Goals by Big Buff and Little Kaner. Hawks on a roll, Ladder backhands one in for another goal. Commercial note: what's up with the Notre Dame hockey commercials. They seem familiar to another certain hockey team. I think they're called one goal. Sharpy, not sharpie (supposedly), scores the fourth goal! Hawks end the 2nd up 4-1.

Third period.

Quote from dad: "When our Tribune contract runs out were getting rid of it. The Bulls suck and their on the front page and the Hawks are the best team in hockey and their in the back."

Suntimes has a partnership with the Blackhawks. I guess I know what newspaper were going to get now.

Seabs has a big hit. That sends him flying into the boards also. Little shaky skating back to the bench. But guess who come running to the bench to see if he's okay? Duncs. Thats love right there.

Blackhawks Twitter:

@NHLBlackhawks Seabs hits the ice hard, but he seems okay Keith rushes to the bench to check on him anyway In a word: bromance


Thats it! Hawks win 4-1!

Stars of the game:
1. Kaner
2. Toews
3. Kopecky

Videos of the game:

Seabs hit

Kane's goal

Next game is tomorrow against the Predators! At the UC!

Preview: Hawks vs Predators

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! 
And got many Blackhawks presents! 

Now time for some hockey!

Blackhawks vs Predators
7:00 pm

Hawks are first in the central with a four point lead over Nashville.
They have split the four games this season.
According to @tinao37 Burish has started light skating.
Bickell was called up from Rockford.

Heres a little pre-game read:

New article from the Chicago Tribune on Toews apartment: Comfort is the goal


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Blackhawks Christmas!!

Or Happy Blackhawks Holidays!

This post is to get you in the holiday spirit.

So here ya go:

Oh yeah. Hawks are number ONE in the WEST!!!

Chicago Blackhawks Christmas story by Puck Daddy. Its a classic.

Christmas, Kids, and the Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Elves Hip Hop style:

First video is a reminder to watch Blackhawks TV on CSN

The Season ticket holder holiday party

Christmas around the world. Or the video with Versteeg doing the weird spins.

This video has reindeer, carolers, and Burish.

HOCKEENIGHT Gets a visit from St. Nick-

To quote the Chicago Tribune: 

"Merry Christmas to all and how about those Blackhawks!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just start calling him Shutout Niemi!

Creative, I know.

Some numbers from tonights game:

Niemi: 4, yes 4 shutouts. (tied for the league lead.)

What's even more impressive is that he's only started in 9 games.

Niemi: 33 Saves.

Kane: 1 crazy goal.

Kane: 1 assist.

Sharpie: 1 goal.

Toews: 1 goal.

1 very amazing Santa tie.

1 perfect ref mustache.

Oh yeah, score: 3-0.

3 Stars:

1. Kane
2. Sharp.
3. Niemi

Some videos from tonights game:

Kane's crazy goal. Still a little mind boggled from it. (my first use of the word mind boggled)

A little Niemi action for you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sharks take a bite out of the Hawks. Plus Preview for tonight

Hawks loss to the Sharks 3-2.

Now the Sharks are number one in the western conference.

Knowing the Hawks that won't be for long.

Kane and Hossa both had goals last night.

Huet ended his shutout streak at 143:31. No one had scored on him since December 11th.
Gotta give him a pat on the back or...

a slow clap.

Here a slow clap for you Huet. 

Nothings epic without a slow clap...

Starts at about 1:50:

Gotta love Cool Runnings.

Kane got the second star of the night. Who cares about the other two.

Long story short, Hawks had some great chances with 47 shots but came up short.

Now it's time to eat some Red Wings for a Pre-Christmas dinner.


Blackhawks vs Red Wings
6:30 pm

Hawks just won the game on Sunday vs Detroit.

Cue the Taylor face


Preview: The Sharks are coming and some new videos...

Blackhawks vs Sharks
7:00 pm

Santa Hat Night!
Hawks are on a four game winning streak!
Third meeting between these two and Hawks won the first two.


Oh Ladd and Versteeg...

This is one present I'm excited for:

Here's a little holiday greeting from Bobby Hull:

(If you haven't seen it a million times on TV)

If you liked that there's a ton more on Blackhawks TV.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Around the UC: Huet is a star.

Huet was named NHL's first star of the week.

Huet had two shutouts this week. He also has won 11 of his past 15 decisions. 

Happy to see Huet doing good after his not so good start to the season.

Not only is Huet number one so are the Blackhawks! 

The Blackhawks are number one in the western conference.

Here's a little proof from ESPN:

Lots and lots of people watched the Blackhawks destroy the Wings yesterday.

WGN had the highest Blackhawks household ratings in over 20 years last night.

Read more here.

Blackhawks play the Sharks tomorrow at 7!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shut out win against the Red Wings!

What's wrong Taylor? Did Kanye diss your girl Taylor again or did Hawks kill your Red Wings?

Barker was out with a lower body injury. Coach Q said he's day to day. He also said Eager is progressing.

Hjalmarsson was back in play after being sick.

Tazer almost with a goal but gets hooked by a Wing. Tazer tells or yells his unhappiness to the ref.

No worries, Duncs puts one in for the Hawks! 1-0 Hawks!

12 mins in and Huet looking a little bored and lonely. Why you ask? Detroit has no SOG. 

Huet: "I didn't see the puck for the first 15 minutes."

Eventually, Huet has to make a save and Hawks outscoring Detroit 7-1.

Not only are the Hawks outscoring but won nine of the first ten faceoffs.

Hawks dominated early but the Wings started to wake up late in the 1st.

Hawks lead 1-0 at the end of the 1st!

Soupy scores for the Hawks in the 2nd! As hard as it is to admit, he's been on his game lately.

Big Buff gets one in the goal with 30 seconds left in the 2nd. Ending the period with the Hawks on top 3-0.

Buff now joins the 10 goals club. Other members include: Kane, Sharp, Toews, and Versteeg. Thats an impressive club.

Not much happened in the third.

And thats a shut out win! 3-0 HAWKS!

3 Shut outs in 4 games!

Huet had some beautiful saves tonight. 

Heres one of them:

Stars of the game:
1. Huet with his 2nd shutout this week.
2. Keith with a goal and an assist.
3. Soupy with a goal.

New season high in attendance tonight: 21,781.

A little fact from the Blackhawks twitter: The Blackhawks have defeated each of the other five original 6 teams this season.

What Coach Q had to say when he heard that: "that's pretty impressive." 
yes, yes it is.

By the way, DETROIT SUCKS!

Hawks have a tough schedule ahead: Sharks, Wings, and Predators.

The Sharks are first on Tuesday.

Preview: Hawks vs Wings: Taylor Launter is a Red Wings fan...

that breaks my heart.

Blackhawks vs Red Wings
6:00 pm
Hawks are first in the western conference!
Red Wings are third.
Still no Eager and Bickell was called up from Rockford.
Hjalmarsson, who was sick, is considered probable.

This is the look Red Wings fans are going to have when the Hawks are done with them tonight.


Friday, December 18, 2009

A shootout winner!

Some news before the game: Eager was a scratch tonight and Bickell was called up. 
Also Barker and Campbell played D together.

Ladd had a mic on for the game. Nothing to interesting said.

Hawks started off the first a little on the sloppy side which eventually lead to the Bruins first goal. That goal ended 150 mins of shutout hockey. Turnovers seemed to be the main problem in the first. 

End of the 1st.

During intermission, some great cheesy holiday commercials with Bobby Hull. Gotta love him.

Start of the 2nd, Versteeg gets a very lucky bounce and puts the Hawks on the board. Little side note: CHARA IS HUGE. Anyways Seabs, with an amazing move, assists Sharpie for his 10th goal of the season. With a little bit left in the 2nd, Boston ties it up 2-2.

In Hockey, a period isn't over until its over. Captain Tazer scores with about 20 second left in the 2nd. Tazer joins the 10th goal of the season club.

In to the 3rd, Hawks up 3-2.

Bruins come back and tie it again. Booo.

No worries! Ladd scores! Putting the Hawks on top but Soupy did all the work. But those damn Bruins keep coming back like mosquitos. Looks like overtime.

There's that damn giant again, Chara! Brouwer tried getting into it with him but it's kinda hard when Brouwer just comes up to his waist.

Yup. Overtime. yay.

According to the Blackhawks Twitter, the teams had a choice to settle the game with overtime or a dance off.

Cheesy but I like it.

Not much happened in overtime.

When not much happens it usually leads to a shootout.

And thats what happened.

Bruin- NIEMI

Toews- SCORE

Bruin- NIEMI


And thats a HAWKS WIN!

Gotta give credit to my lucky Kane puck.

Stars of the game:
1. Our Captain, Tazer!
2. Soupy.
3. A Bruin that we don't care about.

Someone important was at the UC.

Someone important to Keith, Toew, Seabs, and Sharp.


Yzerman on Seabs and Duncs:

If they should take Seabrook (if they want my opinion, ABSOLUTELY.)

“I think it’s a good option, yes,” Yzerman said “They play very well together..They play against the other teams top players all the time. It’s something we’d have to give good consideration to.”

“I’ve looked at some of the right handed defenseman and it’s a tremendous group to pick from so the debate is picking two players that are familiar with one another and fill a role or picking, potentially, a better player. That’s the dilemma. I do think there is some value in that [picking pairs] just for the limited practice time.” 

What he had to say about Toews:

“He’s a great competitor. He’s physically strong and very responsible in all areas of the game,” Yzerman said. “I like everything about him. He’s a tremendous young player.” 

“I’ve gotten to know him personally and as a player. He’s a special young man and I like his overall game. He’s much stronger than I was at his age and he’s more mature.” 

To read more of what Yzerman had to say go here- Yzerman scouts Hawks game for Canadian Olympic team

By the way Team Canada is announced December 30th!

CSN announced a Christmas present for all Hawks fans! On Christmas day, CSN will be airing a Blackhawks TV special with all new behind the scenes footage. Get excited! Set the presents aside and turn the TV on at 7pm.

I leave you with these wise words from the Bruins coach: "You need a perfect game to beat the Blackhawks."

A Preview to warm your hearts: Hawks vs Bruins

Blackhawks vs Bruins
7:30 pm
Original six match up
Niemi is in the goal tonight
Hjalmarsson will not play tonight, Q said, he's "under the weather."
Barker, who left the last the game with an upper body injury, will be playing tonight.
Henry and Kopecky will be playing tonight also.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brouwer and Fraser spread the Christmas spirit

Brouwer and Fraser along with their wives went to Evanston Hospital today to deliver gifts.

So sweet!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to catch up!

Lots of stuff to cover today!

Last night the Hawks won 3-0! Back to Back shutouts! 

Plus Kane had 3 assists and Toews had two.

Brouwer with the first goal:

Campbell with the second goal:

HOSSA! 3rd goal:

Seabs had a sweet hit last night that even broke the glass:

Stars of the game:
1. Kaner 
2. Huet
3. Brouwer

Next game is Friday against Bruins!

It was also Stan Mikita Night:


Around the UC:

Blackhawks had their Season Ticket Holders Holiday Party at Navy Pier

His cake is almost as cool as mine.

Kane celebrated his birthday again this weekend at Harry Carays. Friends from Buffalo and several of his teammates helped him celebrate.

Oh yeah and Vince Vaugh sang Happy Birthday to him...

Here's a great article: Seven Reasons to be a Blackhawks Fan

I agree with every single one.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New/Old Seabsy interview!

Around the UC: Round 2

Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas in Finnish!!

I'm guessing that spin at the end was Versteegs idea??

Sharpy was on 670 the Score today:

"I don't know if I should take this as a compliment or be a little creeped out."

-Toews and Smaby (hit Toews and tripped Kane) have a little history.

-Burish talking about the hit on Toews: “If I was out there I wouldn’t have thought twice. I would have grabbed him and given him what he deserved. I always thought those North Dakota guys were punks, but not Tazer.”

Marian Hossa Fan Q&A:

Kane is expected to play tomorrow:

Coach Q

Keith didn't practice today but supposedly he's fine, just has a cold.

Around the UC

Best article of the year and the most truthful article of the year-

She just forgot one thing...

the hair.

Chicago Tribune:

Another video of Kane talking about his black eye:

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Big Daddy Kane Hopes Chicks Dig Black Eye"

Video here!

Is he trying to be the next Burish?

What Christmas means to the Blackhawks pictures!

Cheesy and Creepy...

Nothing to do with Christmas but still love ya Duncs!
Eggnog ew.

Hahaha only buff would say this.
So Cute!

And of course the best for last!
Heres the music video:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's like Christmas!

a Blackhawks Christmas is more like it.

First off I would like to Thank @NHLBlackhawks for the wonderful suite at tonights game!

Also loved meeting all the Hawks ladies from twitter! Had fun with you guys!

Now the game:

The view.
Yeah pretty sweet.


More warm-ups

National Anthem

Jim Belushi dropped the puck

Start of the game!

Seabs with 2 assists. I think it was the jersey.

First goal! Kaner!

Kane was hurt but Coach Q said he's fine.
Just got hit in the eye.

A little scuffle.

Random picture

Second goal! Eager!

Another little scuffle

Eager fight. Missed it. Too busy with the desert cart.

Cheap shot on Tazer and he wasn't to happy about it.

Hossa with the third goal!

Thought this was a pretty sweet view too!

Fourth goal! Tazer!

Mr. Sexy lost his helmet. Thats the definition of wind in the hair right there.

Brouwer missed a penalty shot.

No one tries to go after Niemi or their gonna get it.


Stars of the game. Didn't get a picture of the 3rd star Barker.

Second Star: Niemi! With his 3rd shutout of the season!
(really blurry I know)

Number one star: HOSSA!

Also got a lot of Hawks goodies this weekend:

My friends surprised me with this beautiful cake!

My first jersey! Brought me some luck at the game!

Just a cute cookie.

To Cari! AHH! Thats me!
Can't believe it!
Once again thanks to @NHLBlackhawks!

Got my Patrick Kane signed puck in the mail!