Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Special Blackhawks Halloween!

Here's a few treats to make your Halloween a little bit sweeter:

Dumb and Dumber or Tazer and Bur:

"Pretty Bird such a bird"

Apparently Versteeg went naked last year. Keith's parents made him wear creepy clown costumes. Seabs went as a power ranger last year, excuse me where are the photos of this? My favorite- Buff with a straight face,"No I absolutely hate Halloween.":

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween"(love that song):

Apparently my invite got lost in the mail, I'm not bitter:

There's only one word for this EPIC:

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

A Frightening Hawks Win!

A stormy night on the west of chicago last night with thunder made by the Blackhawks. They scarred 4 goals out of the Canadiens goalie.

Didn't get a chance to watch the scary win last night, was getting scarred myself at a Halloween party. So heres a just a few quick spooks of the scare fest last night:

-Andrew Ladd scared Matt D'Agostini right out of the game with open ice boo (hit) in the first.

-Versteeg and Barker had to spooks (goals) of their own in the 2nd period.

- Sharpie won the scare fest in the 3rd with the game winning goal.

- The Ghost Buster Huet stopped 20 Ghosts (saves). Who ya gonna call Huet! (yeah a little bit cheesy but its halloween).

Frights of the night:
1. Kris Versteeg
2. Patrick Kane
3. Some ugly monster.

Hawks have a week off till their next game. Just don't know what I will do with myself.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Game Tonight!

(whoever made this one your amazing)

Hawks vs Canadiens 

Hawks are coming off a loss so you know their looking for a win. Both are apart of the original six.


Miss ya Toews!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A very special edition of The Weekly Contest: Team Bromances

Thought this would be a funny post for everyone!

One thing thats at the top of everyones list of reasons to love the Hawks: The Bromances.

This week, a closer look at the Bromances.

First we have one of the most popular bromances on the team:

Sharpie and Bur-

There relationship became public last year with the roomies videos. And to refresh all of our memories and for our enjoyment heres a look back at what started it all

It may seem like their insulting each other but its just their way of flirting.

To see more of their bonding moments:

Sharp even misses the bus without Burish-

Thats love right there-

They've hit a rough patch recently as we all know Burish is injured and its really hurt their bromance-

Hope they can work everything out when Burish comes back.

Next on the team has to be:

Seabs and Dunc-

Their bromance started back in the day when they shared an apartment their first year.

Now you can't mention one with out mentioning the other. Their the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, Ben and Jerry, or Oprah and Gayle.

Seabrook just can't help but mention Keith all the time. No really like in every video-

According to Brent, Keith loves "Its raining men"-

Other mentions-

He even sticks up for Keith, thats dedication right there

Of Course we can't forget about the magazine cover and article which basically is all about their bromance

If the Hawks sign Keith next year (if they know what's good for them they will) this bromance will last a very long time.

Those two bromances are old and already established but now a few new ones are developing. With 20 or so guys all together it can get complicated.

One new one is Seabs and Sharpie:

I wanna tour of Finland:

This may be over before it even started apparently Sharp is just a bad friend:

The next one is different because there's no evidence of the bromance but it's an interesting one:

Burish and Kane-

Supposedly the two went to a Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift concert together. 

Also Burish took Kane up to Madison with him. I bet some good stories came from that trip.

It will be interesting if this bromance goes any further.

That was the in depth look at Team Bromances.

Lets just be happy they haven't gone this far-

Okay maybe I wouldn't mind if they did that.

Hawks lose to the predators yeah I know the predators

Final score 2-0. To frustrated to blog about the game they so easily could've won. More info tomorrow of course.

Next Game

Hawks vs Predators
7:00 pm

This will be the third time these teams have met this season. Hawks won the first two.
Huet is starting for the Hawks. Seabrook maybe back in the line up but Toews is still out.

Lets go Hawks!

One Goal Commercials

From BHTV:

Keith and Seabs:

Toews and Kaner:

Sharp and Campbell:

Versteeg and Buff:

Have a favorite?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its good to see ya Seabs!

Seabs, Coach Q, and Hossa talked to BHTV after practice today.

Brent Seabrook:

Coach Q:


Kane, Burish, and Miley Cyrus?

Kane On US99 

Such a great story. With Burish involved nothing surprises me.

Practice update

Brent Seabrook was back on the ice today for practice.  Hossa was also on the ice but no contact.

Sadly, Toews is still out. Get Well Soon!

Update- Seabs could play tomorrow according to Coach Q!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buff drunk on live radio?

Just another reason to love the Hawks.

Photos from the game yesterday!

Photos by Corie Walsh

Around the UC

- Where the Minnesota Wild Things Are Outtakes-

Gotta love Buff!


- Brent Seabrook was named THN's most underrated player.

- Patrick Kane received an interesting call from Havlat.

- Jake Dowell was sent back down to Rockford. again. 

- Brent Seabrook won play of the week.

- Open Practice tomorrow at 11:00-1:00 p.m.

- Next game is Thursday in Nashville at 7:00 p.m. Hope Toews and Seabs are back!

Miracle at State St. bus stop

Yesterday was Monday and rainy. Plus I had classes. And I was standing at a bus stop on State St. on my way to Target to buy stuff to make shrunken apple heads (i know how it sounds but its halloween look it up). Then my phone vibrates. I wouldn't call it a text, I would call it a miracle. It said with a student id Hawks tickets only 30$ for 100 level. Really? No, Really? 

After the shock, I explained to my friend the miracle. She said, "Lets go!" We started jumping up and down screaming. It was great! 

On our way to the UC we kept saying we weren't going to get tickets so we wouldn't give our hopes up. We end up getting on the wrong bus so we already decided this wasn't going to work out. But of course we weren't going to give up that easy. We end up getting off right around the corner and were first in line at the ticket window. 

As we paid the guy handed us the tickets and I couldn't believe it! 10th row center ice! Seriously! Only 30$! We preceded to scream and cause several people to think were insane. It was also my friends first professional sports game ever! Crazy I know! Let's just say she's definitely a fan now.(how could you not be) I'm so proud!

Now for the miracle on Madison St. 

The game got going right in the first period with a goal by Bolland. My friend got to hear chelsea dagger for the first time!(she didn't get out much) Then Brouwer gets a powerplay goal. First period ends with Hawks on top 2-0. Gotta give respect to Jake Dowell who started a fight with a Minnesota Wild player. Not much happens in the second. Then into the third, Minnesota scores making it 2-1. But of course Kane kills their chance for a comeback with this sick goal. 

It was his 50th career goal and 4th of the season. Hawks go on to win 3-1! Gotta give credit to Huet with another great game. He also had 20 saves. Just a side note the Wild are 0-8 on the road. 

1. Bolland
2. Keith
3. Huet

Great pictures of the game should be up soon! The photos are by the blogs new personal photographer Corie Walsh.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Blackhawks Brady Bunch? Love it!

Just another reason to love them.


Hawks win 3-1! Best game I've been to yet! More tomorrow!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weekly

This week The Weekly is dedicated to Huet.

Video of the week- 

Quote of the week- 

"I have to take care of myself and eventually people are going to be happy about me" Awwww

Picture of the week-
See how he is after the game when you don't boo him.

Around the UC

- Jake Dowell was sent back down to Rockford. (does this mean captain is coming back)

- Seabrook ended his 223 consecutive games streak yesterday. It was the longest for a current Blackhawk and 3rd for defenseman in the NHL. 

- Toews and Seabrook didn't practice again today.

- New cover of Blackhawks Magazine with Big Buff. Yes its the same inside and yes their trying to take our money. Yes it worked on me.

- Wanna bowl with the Brent Seabrook and other Blackhawks? Yes? $2000 please. Hey it's for charity. But if you don't wanna bowl and just want to watch it's $25 and for those over 21 its $50.
More info-

Time to jump back on the Huet band wagon!

Huet just wants some love and not boos. With his first shutout of the season their was no reason not to love him. I will admit I did jump on huet's back when he went through the rough patch. I take it all back with the 27 saves he made last night. Buff and Ladd also deserves some love they both had goals in the second period. Buff made a rebound off Kanes shot. Then with in 56 seconds Ladd also had a rebound off Barkers shot. It was a lot of loud yelling for such a small dorm room. Hawks won 2-0!  Yesterdays game was also without Seabs and Toews who are still out with "upper body injuries" aka concussions. Please come back! 


French King Huet

Big Buff


Next game is Monday vs the Minnesota Wild. Let the wild rhombus start! love it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Patrick Sharp

''We can't be worrying about who's not playing, this is our team in this locker room right now and this is what we're going forward with.''

Tonight's game

Blackhawks vs Predators

No Toews, No Seabs this should be interesting.

Also Jake Dowell was recalled from Rockford.