Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miracle at State St. bus stop

Yesterday was Monday and rainy. Plus I had classes. And I was standing at a bus stop on State St. on my way to Target to buy stuff to make shrunken apple heads (i know how it sounds but its halloween look it up). Then my phone vibrates. I wouldn't call it a text, I would call it a miracle. It said with a student id Hawks tickets only 30$ for 100 level. Really? No, Really? 

After the shock, I explained to my friend the miracle. She said, "Lets go!" We started jumping up and down screaming. It was great! 

On our way to the UC we kept saying we weren't going to get tickets so we wouldn't give our hopes up. We end up getting on the wrong bus so we already decided this wasn't going to work out. But of course we weren't going to give up that easy. We end up getting off right around the corner and were first in line at the ticket window. 

As we paid the guy handed us the tickets and I couldn't believe it! 10th row center ice! Seriously! Only 30$! We preceded to scream and cause several people to think were insane. It was also my friends first professional sports game ever! Crazy I know! Let's just say she's definitely a fan now.(how could you not be) I'm so proud!

Now for the miracle on Madison St. 

The game got going right in the first period with a goal by Bolland. My friend got to hear chelsea dagger for the first time!(she didn't get out much) Then Brouwer gets a powerplay goal. First period ends with Hawks on top 2-0. Gotta give respect to Jake Dowell who started a fight with a Minnesota Wild player. Not much happens in the second. Then into the third, Minnesota scores making it 2-1. But of course Kane kills their chance for a comeback with this sick goal. 

It was his 50th career goal and 4th of the season. Hawks go on to win 3-1! Gotta give credit to Huet with another great game. He also had 20 saves. Just a side note the Wild are 0-8 on the road. 

1. Bolland
2. Keith
3. Huet

Great pictures of the game should be up soon! The photos are by the blogs new personal photographer Corie Walsh.