Monday, November 30, 2009

Now Patrick Kane is killing a cow...

Patrick Kane tackling a cow...

This is just random

Around the UC non-sexy edition

Sharpie lost. Rose and the Bulls paid off Victoria Secrets because last time I checked there is nothing sexy about Derrick Rose.

It also seems a little shady that half the people in the Chicago area couldn't get to the website to vote for Sharpy. I'm just saying...

Shocked? Can't believe it? Want proof? here The Sad Truth.

Have a feeling Sharpy is going to get a ton of shit from the teammates but don't worry Sharpy we still think your sexy.

This all should make for another great Blackhawks TV video.

In other news, lines changed during practice today. Kane moved down with Versteeg and Big Buff. Sharp moved up with Toews and Hossa.

Blackhawks TV caught up with the boys after practice today:

Coach Q



Love the new Hjalmarsson one goal commercial? Who doesn't? 

Heres a better quality video: 

Don't forget (like you could) Hawks are back home tomorrow!!

The Seabrook Brothers Video

A little old but still thought it was interesting.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hawks lose in shootout to the Kings

Thats the end of a great circus trip 4-1-1!


Not much happened in the first period from either teams.

Kings scored first in the 2nd.

Then the Blackhawks stepped it up in the third with a 
ppg by Tazer. 

I guess Seabs didn't get the message to score the winning goal in overtime.

Shootout time!

Tazer was up after the Kings scored and he missed. Tazer never misses. 

Then Kane was up after the Kings scored again and he missed. 

They lost. 2-1

Gotta give credit to Huet, he kept them in that game.

Tazer got the 2nd star of the night!

Also Hjalmarsson got a little Feisty during the game.

Speaking of Hjalmarsson...

Possibly the greatest commercial ever and I just fell in love.

Post game videos:



To hear what Coach Q and Soupy had to say go to Blackhawks TV.

Next game is back at the UC!! Against the Blue Jackets.

Preview- Hawks playing at the Kingdom

Blackhawks vs Kings
Last game: Hawks won 4-1 against the Kings on Nov.9.

Hawks snapped an 8 game winning streak yesterday but no worries.
Hawks have been at the top of their game during the circus trip,
So look for them to bounce back today.


Postgame video

Hawks talked to Blackhawks TV after Fridays 3-0 loss against the Ducks:



Coach Q-

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Preview: Leftover turkey/new jersey

 Start making your turkey sandwiches with a side of leftover stuffing.
Pregame with the three Mighty Ducks movies.
Then loosen the belt and sit back.

The Blackhawks vs the Mighty Ducks
Nice little afternoon game at 3:00 pm

Hawks on a 8 game winning steak
Hossa is back and has two goals already
Hawks second in the league

Since Hossa is new to the team I thought this would be appropriate  

And the Ducks won't be quacking after the Blackhawks are done with them...

So cheesy but so good.


The new 3rd jerseys are on sale!

Tazer, Kaner, and Hossa show it off for you:

Like what you see? Buy it here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thats what dominating looks like

Quick recap for a game where there are no words. 

okay maybe a few words...

Dominating, unbelievable, epic, unreal, insane, completely crazy, Hossa.


Shorthanded goal by Brouwer. Sailed beautifully into the net.



Shorthanded goal by Hossa. First goal as a Hawk!

Shorthanded goal by Mr. Sexy.

Yes, three. 

A Hat Trick of Shorties.

Rebound by Buff. Lack of celebration by the team.



Seabs steps up for the fifth goal. Thats my boy!

Someone's trying to show off in their first game. I love it. Hossa with his second goal of the game.

They just keep on coming. Old man Madden with a goal.

Because its the holidays, Huet decided to be nice and give the Sharks a few pity goals.


That would make it 8 STRAIGHT WINS!

A few quick hits:

Keith had 3 assists. He's a beast.

Remember that guy named Havlat well you probably don't after this game but anyways he has two goals this season. Hossa has played one game and he has two goals. Just something to think about.

Still in shock over that one...

Happy Thanksgiving! So many things to be thankful for but the Blackhawks are definitely one of them!

Scroll down to see the Thanksgiving post.

Hawks play Friday so you can watch while stuffing your face with leftover turkey.

Happy Blackhawks Thanksgiving!

Blackhawks TV gave us all something to be thankful for...

Whoever does the photoshops for the Blackhawks needs a raise!

No Seabrook...



Get excited!!!

ESPNChiHawks At the HP Pavilion for practice. Cool looking place.Marian getting dressed. Thats some good reporting. lol

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Be Thankful...

because Hossa is playing tonight!
Blackhawks vs Sharks

Of course Hossas back.
Hawks are also on a 7 game winning streak!
Looks like Huet will get the start.
We all remember what happened last time vs the Sharks...
a little overtime goal by Seabs which just happened to be called by me. No big deal or anything.
This game should be just as interesting or even more...
Don't miss it!


Last day to vote for Sharpy and the team!

The day has come...

Kanes+ Toews+ Hossa = EPIC!

Blackhawks TV caught up with Hossa at practice:

Keep the votes coming!

VOTE HERE  Sharpy needs your votes! 

Your going to let him win...

how dare he wear that jersey!

Don't let a boy win.

Vote for a real man...

I bet Rose doesn't have a video 

Do the right thing! Vote!

Also vote for the Blackhawks for Team. For some odd reason their losing that too.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Around the UC circus edition

Blackhawks TV treated us with this video this morning:

Leave it to Burish to take something as innocent as the Circus and turn it into something dirty.

but thats why we love him.

There's also some great photoshops in the video...

The only things missing were Buff on a tight rope and Seabs on a motorcycle.
Two things I would love to see.

There's a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

One is Hossa probably is coming back on Wednesday. I know finally!

The evidence:

Also one more thing to be very thankful for this holiday season is this:

In case you missed it

Can never get enough of this video.

Brent Seabrook on After Hours

Sunday, November 22, 2009

7th Straight!

Whoa! What a game! 

Hawks shutout the Canucks 1-0! Niemi with the shutout and Bickell with the goal!

The more I see the Canucks the more I hate them.

A lot of little scuffles. You could say there's some tension between the two.

Blackhawks TV Post game videos:

The two stars of the night

Preview: Ben eager vs Canucks

The Blackhawks vs the Canucks 
9:00 pm

Ben Eagers first time playing against them since...


And of course we all didn't forget...


Tonight should be interesting to say the least.

Hawks are looking for their seventh straight win.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hawks win sixth straight 5-2

yeah their pretty much unstoppable...

And Hossa isn't even back yet.

Quick recap:

Toews started off the first with goal then Oilers came right back with a goal of their own. Hawks didn't let up in first with goals by Versteeg and Kane. The first ends with a score of 3-1.

In the second, Madden had a wristshot goal with assists by Ladd and Brouwer. With 5 seconds left in the second I thought it be safe to tweet 2nd period is over, 4-1 Hawks. But with just a second left it looked like the Oilers scored but after review it was a no goal. I totally thought I jinxed it. Now I know not to tweet to soon.

In the beginning of the 3rd, Oilers made sure they got that goal. No worries Captain had his 2nd goal of the night on a powerplay.

Hawks win 5-2!

1. Toews with two goals and an assist.
2. Patrick Kane
3. An Oiler, who cares.

Blackhawks TV Postgame videos:



Watch more at Blackhawks TV

New Open Practice dates

All of them start at 11 a.m.

Mon, Nov 30

Wed, Dec 2

Thurs, Dec 3

Sun, Dec 6

Mon, Dec 7

Tues, Dec 8

Sat, Dec 12 (I guess I know where I'm going to be at 11 am on my birthday.)

Tues, Dec 15

Thurs, Dec 17

Sat, Dec 19

Mon, Dec 21

Mon, Dec 21

Wed, Dec 30

from the Blackhawks Website

Around the UC

Say goodbye to Ebbett. Minnesota picked him up off of waivers. 

Thanks for that one goal! Heres a tribute to him. He's in it for like a second but who doesn't just love to watch this video anyways.

Nice knowing you even though we didn't really know you.

Hossa to return during California trip! Yay!


Coach Q:

New HawkCast with Roenick- here

Also if you haven't seen the Hawks Bunch yet, heres the Roenick edition:

Game tonight 9:00! LETS GO HAWKS!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Preview: Hawks are going to cause an Oil spill

and Khabibulin won't be able to stop it.

Blackhawks vs Oilers
9:00 pm
Hawks won 4-3 against the Oilers on Oct. 14!
Also the Hawks on a five game winning streak!

Coach Q at Fridays Practice:


Update: Ebbett placed on waivers

Cooking with Seabrook

Apparently Seabs can't cook.  Who cares? His hair was in full force.

Really Blackhawks TV? Only 58 seconds? C'mon.

The Flames were put out...

More like destroyed, actually. 

Wasn't able to watch the game. Had to stand in line with a million annoying middle schoolers with their Team Edward shirts on.

Plan to go back and watch the game but here are a few quick hits.

-Powerplay goal by Brouwer. Assists: Keith and Campbell.
-Powerplay goal by Versteeg. Assists: Seabrook and Barker.
-Buff had a goal. Assists: Sharp.
-Ladd with a goal. Assists: Keith and Campbell.
-Powerplay and Birthday goal for Kaner. Assists: Sharp and Barker.
-Powerplay goal by Versteeg. Assists: Kane and Keith.
-Eager had his first goal of the year. Assists: Kopecky and Hjalmarsson.
- Seabs got in a fight (I would miss it. So pissed.)

Phaneuf your just so sweet. Wearing you visor. Stay classy.

-Fraser also got in a fight.

Yeah...not gonna say too much about that.

1. Keith.
2. Huet.
3. Versteeg.

Some great recaps that aren't so brief:

Blackhawks TV Post game videos:

Birthday Boy



Coach Q

Also Blackhawks website is it really necessary to have a million pictures of Jeremy Piven at the game. Really? 

Next game: Saturday vs the Oilers

Don't forget to vote for Sharpie, he's losing right now!

Vote for the Blackhawks too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preview: Hawks going to put out the fire

The ice is on fire! Who better to put out the flames then the Hawks!

Blackhawks vs Flames
We all remember what happened last game with the Flames...


For tonight's game:

-Hawks haven't won an away game since Oct. 15.(yikes!)
-Who's hot: Kaner with three goals in three games, Tazer with four points in four games.
-Versteeg might be returning tonight.


Happy 21st Birthday Patrick Kane!
How about 21 shots I mean goals tonight?

Are we sure it's not his 12th birthday?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Around the UC

Not much News from the Blackhawks today:

-Meet Dennis Savard this Friday- ESPN Chicago

-Story about Bickell being sent back and forth from Rockford- Rockford Shuffle

-Bickell practiced with Toews and Kane today. 

-Versteeg is still a maybe for tomorrows game.

-Still just rumors about Toews, Kane, and Keith. Nothing new.

-Last day to bid on the camo jerseys- Bid here!
Disappointed on how low Seabs is on the list. If I had money like that, that jersey would be mine. Just saying.

-Happy Birthday! Patrick Kane turns 21 tomorrow (aww he's growing up, too bad he still looks twelve)- Blackhawks' Patrick Kane turns 21 Thursday

Next game: Tomorrow against the Flames!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Around the UC

Videos from Tuesdays practice:


Talks about signing. Woo Woo!


Also talks about signing. Woo Woo!

"No better place then Chicago"  You got that right!


Coach Q-

Talks about Hossa playing during the trip and Versteeg playing Tuesday.

Article from ESPN Chicago

Some Highlights from the article-

Quote of the day:

“I don’t want to sound like a dummy, but for the first couple years I thought it was called the “circus trip” because we were traveling all over the place like we were in the circus, but I figured it out,” Sharp said. “Really, it was one year of not knowing and then when we got back I must have smelled the elephants and then I realized the circus was here.” 

You better be listening Blackhawks TV and charge your video camera Blackhawks TV:

This is the Hawks first extended road trip since playing in Finland to open the year which means prank season will begin.“No pranks so far,” notorious prankster Patrick Sharp said, “but Toews has been getting under my skin a little bit, so I’m sure I will do something to him. Nothing planned but that’s usually when the good ones come out. The spur of the moment.”

TSN Article  This is huge! And very exciting!

Practice Update

From Jesse Rogers at ESPNChiHawks:

Versteeg back.centering buff and sharp in drills

Christmas is coming early this year!

All I want for Christmas is you and them three (love that song!)

Supposedly the Hawks are to announce the signings of Kane, Toews, and Keith! Yes, I know! Possibly one of the greatest things ever!
(once again imagine I have photoshop skills and they all have santa hats on, cute right.)

A lot of google pages but I found a picture with all three of them.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blackhawks TV- Brent Seabrooks Ice Bowl

Wish I had the same view as Blackhawks TV. My view was a huge crowd and the back of the players heads.

Love Brouwer, hilarious.

Things are about to get hot in the Kitchen!

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in Bolingbrook, Seabrook is coming to to heat things up. In the kitchen of course.

On Tuesday(tomorrow), Stop by Meijer in Bolingbrook to Cook with Brent Seabrook.

The details:

November 17
4-6 p.m.
755 E. Boughton Rd.

Seabs will cook from 4-5 p.m. Then the first 200 fans will receive autographs from 5-6p.m.

Have fun to anyone who is able to go!!(jealous)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The number 7- Hawks win 4-3 OT

photos from last nights game by GinaRS 

(my title was going to be lucky number 7 but Hawks website already had it.)

So why number 7?

- 7th straight home game win for the Hawks.

- Seabrook is number 7.

- Seabrooks 7th OT goal.

- Kaners 7th game in a row with a point.


Now the game.
Hawks took the lead in the first with a goal by Sopel. 
Started cheering then realized holy shit Sopel scored and I'm cheering for him. 
Thats even crazier than the number 7.
The Sharks bite back and tie it with a goal by Heatley .
Two great looking guys....

In the 2nd period

Eager had his first fight since being back but it wasn't his best. 
He was laughing and smiling during it though, gotta love him. 
Shortly after that the Sharks took a 3-1 lead.
Kaner with a little help from Toews shorten the lead to 3-2.
To end the 2nd Madden tied it up 3-3.

In the 3rd...nothing. Wait Huet did have a huge save late in the 3rd. Gotta give credit.

In overtime...30 seconds and Bam!!

SEABROOK with the game WINNER!

I don't mean to brag or anything but I did call this several times through out the game.
And I'm going to be lame and prove it to you.

Seabrook needs a goal. He's overdue!