Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sharks take a bite out of the Hawks. Plus Preview for tonight

Hawks loss to the Sharks 3-2.

Now the Sharks are number one in the western conference.

Knowing the Hawks that won't be for long.

Kane and Hossa both had goals last night.

Huet ended his shutout streak at 143:31. No one had scored on him since December 11th.
Gotta give him a pat on the back or...

a slow clap.

Here a slow clap for you Huet. 

Nothings epic without a slow clap...

Starts at about 1:50:

Gotta love Cool Runnings.

Kane got the second star of the night. Who cares about the other two.

Long story short, Hawks had some great chances with 47 shots but came up short.

Now it's time to eat some Red Wings for a Pre-Christmas dinner.


Blackhawks vs Red Wings
6:30 pm

Hawks just won the game on Sunday vs Detroit.

Cue the Taylor face


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