Friday, December 18, 2009

A shootout winner!

Some news before the game: Eager was a scratch tonight and Bickell was called up. 
Also Barker and Campbell played D together.

Ladd had a mic on for the game. Nothing to interesting said.

Hawks started off the first a little on the sloppy side which eventually lead to the Bruins first goal. That goal ended 150 mins of shutout hockey. Turnovers seemed to be the main problem in the first. 

End of the 1st.

During intermission, some great cheesy holiday commercials with Bobby Hull. Gotta love him.

Start of the 2nd, Versteeg gets a very lucky bounce and puts the Hawks on the board. Little side note: CHARA IS HUGE. Anyways Seabs, with an amazing move, assists Sharpie for his 10th goal of the season. With a little bit left in the 2nd, Boston ties it up 2-2.

In Hockey, a period isn't over until its over. Captain Tazer scores with about 20 second left in the 2nd. Tazer joins the 10th goal of the season club.

In to the 3rd, Hawks up 3-2.

Bruins come back and tie it again. Booo.

No worries! Ladd scores! Putting the Hawks on top but Soupy did all the work. But those damn Bruins keep coming back like mosquitos. Looks like overtime.

There's that damn giant again, Chara! Brouwer tried getting into it with him but it's kinda hard when Brouwer just comes up to his waist.

Yup. Overtime. yay.

According to the Blackhawks Twitter, the teams had a choice to settle the game with overtime or a dance off.

Cheesy but I like it.

Not much happened in overtime.

When not much happens it usually leads to a shootout.

And thats what happened.

Bruin- NIEMI

Toews- SCORE

Bruin- NIEMI


And thats a HAWKS WIN!

Gotta give credit to my lucky Kane puck.

Stars of the game:
1. Our Captain, Tazer!
2. Soupy.
3. A Bruin that we don't care about.

Someone important was at the UC.

Someone important to Keith, Toew, Seabs, and Sharp.


Yzerman on Seabs and Duncs:

If they should take Seabrook (if they want my opinion, ABSOLUTELY.)

“I think it’s a good option, yes,” Yzerman said “They play very well together..They play against the other teams top players all the time. It’s something we’d have to give good consideration to.”

“I’ve looked at some of the right handed defenseman and it’s a tremendous group to pick from so the debate is picking two players that are familiar with one another and fill a role or picking, potentially, a better player. That’s the dilemma. I do think there is some value in that [picking pairs] just for the limited practice time.” 

What he had to say about Toews:

“He’s a great competitor. He’s physically strong and very responsible in all areas of the game,” Yzerman said. “I like everything about him. He’s a tremendous young player.” 

“I’ve gotten to know him personally and as a player. He’s a special young man and I like his overall game. He’s much stronger than I was at his age and he’s more mature.” 

To read more of what Yzerman had to say go here- Yzerman scouts Hawks game for Canadian Olympic team

By the way Team Canada is announced December 30th!

CSN announced a Christmas present for all Hawks fans! On Christmas day, CSN will be airing a Blackhawks TV special with all new behind the scenes footage. Get excited! Set the presents aside and turn the TV on at 7pm.

I leave you with these wise words from the Bruins coach: "You need a perfect game to beat the Blackhawks."

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