Friday, December 31, 2010

Around The UC: "I want to be a winner in Chicago"

-World Junior's Dylan Olsen signed a three year contract with the Blackhawks and will start in Rockford once the WJC is over. He was playing hockey for the University of Minnesota-Duluth. (source)

-For all you young hockey players out there, Foley and Eddie O were extended for three more years. Blackhawks TV caught up with the two happy humans, watch here.

-Niemi: “It feels funny. It’s been a long time. It felt funny [Wednesday] night driving in from O’Hare to downtown.”
Sun-Times: Return to UC leaves Niemi feeling 'funny'

-Seabrook: “I’m sure the guys will be on their best behavior. 'Please' and 'thank yous' and 'thank you ma'am' and that stuff.”
ESPNChicago: Moms head West with Hawks

-Niemi: “I’m not mad (about how it worked out). It didn’t go the way I would have thought. It went a pretty different way.”
NorthwestHerald: Niemi 'not mad' at Hawks

-Stalberg: "If I keep putting myself in those scoring areas the puck is going to bounce in sooner or later. It's how it goes sometimes. You're going to have some downs. Unfortunately, this slump has been a little longer than I wanted. You can't look into that too much."
ChicagoTribune: Stalberg knows ice time grows with consistency

-TheHeckler: Play the Duncan Keith Teeth game

-Turco: “I still feel good about my decision to come here. Whatever happens happens. It’s a long year. There is only one thing that matters to me — especially where I come from, what I’m made up of and where I want to be in my career — I want to be a winner in Chicago.”
Sun-Times: Turco needs a little help

-Brent Seabrook on Chicago Tribune Live, watch here (click Blackhawks on the side).

-"The Rockford IceHogs announced details for Chicago Blackhawks Day presented by the Rockford Register Star. The IceHogs will host Blackhawks Day on Monday, Jan. 17 at the Rockford MetroCentre when they take on the San Antonio Rampage at 3:05 p.m." IceHogs to host Blackhawks Day on Mon., January 17

-Stalberg, Turco, and others visit LifeSource blood drive, watch here. (Blackhawks TV)

Happy New Year!

2011 has a lot to live up to: 2010 Year in Review

(Blackhawks TV)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Cover Boy For Blackhawks Magazine:

Brent Seabrook is featured in the latest issue of Blackhawks Magazine.
Praise for Seabs, Guy Love, and Superstitions.
What else do you expect?

"I'd like to play with Brent forever. Brent is one of a kind."

“Superstitious. Not a little superstitious either. A lot superstitious. I roomed with him for three road trips, and I had to get out. Brent is one of my best friends. I love him to death. I just can’t live with him.”

Read an excerpt of Seabrook's feature here
To read the rest go buy the magazine!

Coach Q's Post-Game Face Says It All:

Brr... It's Cold In Here! There Must Be Some Penalties In The Atmosphere

Starters: Dowell, Sharp, Kane, and Soupy/Hammer
Scratches: Skille? Pisani and Toews
Goalie: Turco
Opposing Goalie: Niemi. Last game of the Stanley Cup winning year. Why not end it by beating the guy who helped us get there? Too bad Niemi was probably thinking the same thing, why not end the year by beating my old team? And that's exactly what he did.
Lines: Stalberg/Kopecky/Hossa
Scott/Johnson/Hendry (what a pretty line)

The Hawks came out looking great and a lot more physical, but a penalty is what the Hawks started with and it's what eventually ended them. Stalberg took to the box for too many men on the ice. Turco wanted to see what the view was like from center ice, so he just took the walk out there. Seabrook wanted to see what it was like to be goalie, so he just took the save. Earning that A. Sharp got his 21st goal of the season with a pass from Kopecky. All 21 goals had one thing in common, they were all damn good looking. Turco had some crazy moves, that resembled things that aren't human. However, those moves made the saves (sometimes). As the Blackhawks made a line change, Nichol tied the game 1-1. I feel like a Nichol/Nickel joke needs to be made. Kopecky used his stick to spark a long game of stupid penalties.

With Kopecky in the box, Seabrook was called for hooking. Keith did a nice job on the penalty kill, but Turco went down too soon and the Sharks took the bait. Stalberg drew a interference. The Sharks couldn't keep their hands off him. Two jokes that will never get old, constantly referencing to Stalberg and Sharp's good looks. Turco did a dolphin diving save on Sharks' Couture's breakaway. What's that? A dumb penalty? What's that? A dumb player? Boynton's slashing penalty in the second led to the Sharks' third goal. Hope came next with a trip on Kane. Brouwer put the power in powerplay and Soupy put the...I don't really have one for him. But thanks to two late goals in the last 30 seconds of the period, the Hawks were now tied 3-3 with Sharks!

The Blackhawks couldn't keep the momentum going. Towards the end of the 3rd, Hossa and Kopecky tried to get all up in Niemi's business. But it ended with Kopecky helmet-less and chirping. Empty net. Empty Netter. The Sharks win 5-3. The Blackhawks fail to end the year with a win, but look to start the year with a win on Sunday.

Coach Q said Skille was scratched due to "tough decisions" and "consistency." I don't understand.

To keep with the penalties theme, Coach Q wasn't too happy about some of the calls: ESPNChicago: Two penalty calls anger Joel Quenneville

By the way, the Blackhawks need to start playing well and keep the F-bombs to a minimum. Their moms are watching...ChicagoTribune: Hawks hope trip can be one their mothers can love

Photo 1 Source
Photo 2 Source

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toews out for two weeks.

It sucks, but the world didn't blow up and his shoulder didn't fall off.
On the bright side, it isn't months. It's weeks.
Like everyone says it could be worse.
Okay, I'm done with the optimism.
Now is the time for everyone to step up. (even you Boynton)

Coach Q:
"Certainly, Jonny is a big piece and a key guy. We've lost [Hossa], [Kane] and valuable ice time. Jonny means a lot in a lot of other ways as well. We've got a good group of guys [who can absorb] some of that leadership responsibility. It can be shared throughout the lineup.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post-Game Videos:

Coach Q



(source: Blackhawks TV)

Like A Puck To The Face

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Kane, and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Pisani, Hendry, and Johnson

It was an ugly one.

Quick Hits:

-Just when the Hawks are finally healthy, Toews goes down in the first. He fell into the boards, after being hit by D'Agostini. Looked like it was his shoulder, which he was grabbing when he left the ice. They're calling it an upper body injury. If I have to hear the words "upper body" or "lower body" injury one more time I'm going to cause a "whole body" injury to someone. Anyway, the main thing is that Toews is okay and gets better soon.

-Brouwer and Hammer went to the dressing room in the second, but thank god they came back in the game later. Brouwer did what we all wanted to do. No, not the Kaner Shuffle. He went to the box for elbowing D'Agostini.

-Scott and Janssen went at it right away. It didn't take long to get it started, but it sure took a long time to end it. Props to Janssen for being able to live through that long of a fight with Scott. Blood-free too.

-From the moment the puck dropped it was Turco on his own vs the Blues. He stopped 40 shots. He had big saves and kept it to a close game. He also displayed great effort even when he couldn't save it. He tried, by grabbing the puck in the air, on goal review in the third, but it was a good goal for the Blues. The crowd sounded like they had just won the Stanley Cup on that one. Bottom line: He gave the Hawks another solid start. And anyone who blames this loss on him is just as bad as the people who sue McDonalds because they're fat.

-The Blackhawks' lone goal came in the first on a great play by Stalberg. He passed it off to Dowell, who put it past Conklin. Stalberg had a pretty good game.

-Duncan Frickin Keith. Might of been one of his worst performances of the season.

-Nick Frickin Boynton. He had an assist on a Blues' goal.

-Kane had a breakaway opportunity in his first game back. He received a long pass from Turco.

Kopecky getting hit in the face with a puck on the bench, summed up the Blackhawks 3-1 loss against the Blues. Next game is Thursday against the Sharks.

Toews Injury Video (

Photo source: Chicago Tribune

He's Back!

Blackhawks vs Blues

Kane: "I'm back in." (source)

Yeah, cause he's back
He's the man behind the mouthguard
And he's out of control
He's back
The man behind the helmet
And he skated out of his hole

Oh, if you see him comin'
Get away if you can
Just keep on skatin'
Skate as fast as you can
He's a dangerous, dangerous man

And he's out tonight against the Blues
And he's watchin' you
And he knows where you play
No, don't turn out the lights

Yeah, cause he's back
He's the man behind the mouthguard
And he's out of control
He's back
The man behind the helmet
And he's after your goalie

You get the point. Kane is back. Back in the line-up. Tonight.

The Lines:


Monday, December 27, 2010

Around the UC:

-Skille:‘‘Jake is just really a strong individual because of that. You look at him every day, the attitude he has . . . it takes a really strong person to go through that every day.’’
Sun-Times: More than just a game for Hawks' Dowell

-ChicagoTribune: Son finds magic in Chicago Blackhawks' national anthem

-Kane on giving his dad a Stanley Cup championship ring for Christmas: "I might have ordered the ring a little bit tight. (My dad) was putting it on his finger and he was saying, 'No, no, it's good,' and his finger was completely red. I was like, 'Dad, let's just go get it stretched — it's better for you.' "
ChicagoTribune: Kane won't speculate on return date

-Kane:"I'm really happy with the last couple days, [but] I think once you get in a game it's a little bit different. For now I'm pretty happy with it."
ESPNChicago: Patrick Kane nearing return

-Kane on Sharp:“He’s not overlooked in this room but definitely in the NHL. He had 36 goals a few years ago and now he’s proven almost a point-a-game guy. I don’t want to pump his tires because we battle a little bit like big brother and little brother. But he’s fun to watch out there.”
CSNChicago: Sharp overlooked in NHL, not with teammates

-Coach Q:“Either way, he’s [Turco] going. I think both guys would get consideration, but Marty has it.”
ESPNChicago: Turco's success good problem to have

-Kane:"For now, I don't care who I play with really. It's just nice to get back in the lineup and hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I'm going to skate in the morning and then make a decision after that." Hawks likely to get Kane back against Blues

-Coach Q on Morin:“I didn’t see the play. I didn’t hear exactly how he was hurt. .  .  . Whatever the case, I’m sure we’re going to do what’s best for the kid.”
Sun-Times: Turco to start again tonight; Crawford ill

-"Viktor Stalberg and John Scott skated without a line at practice on Monday, making them likely healthy scratches against St. Louis if Patrick Kane returns... The fourth line in practice was Jake Dowell, Ryan Johnson and Jack Skille... Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp skated at wing with center Tomas Kopecky... The line of Dave Bolland, Fernando Pisani and Bryan Bickell stayed intact."
DailyHerald: Hawks expect Kane to play vs. St. Louis

-Coach Q:“We might be having some tough decisions — who’s playing, who’s playing with whom and who gets so much ice time. It’s a healthy situation to be in.”
Sun-Times: Hawks ready for a healthy splash

-Sharp:“Marty's been waiting for an opportunity and prepared well. He's a true pro, and you knew he was going to have a good effort. It was tough giving up that one at the end, but at the end of the day he can be happy with the way he played, and I know we're happy for him.”
DailyHerald: Hawks' Turco battles through tough times

-"He may not get the most headlines or a big chunk of credit for the Hawks' recent success, but Soupy has quietly been a huge asset to this team since he came back 24 games ago. In the third year of his massive seven year contract, Campbell is finally coming into his own as the two-way player that fans have wanted him to be since day one. If he continues to produce on both ends of the ice like he has been, perhaps more folks throughout the city (and the league as a whole) will give him the credit he deserves."
BlackhawksDownLow: Under the Radar and Under-appreciated: The Saga of Brian Campbell

-CSNChicago: Blackhawks show their charitable side (video)

Open Practice:

Friday-Dec. 31
Saturday-Jan. 1
Saturday-Jan. 8
Monday-Jan. 10
Tuesday-Jan. 18
Wednesday-Jan. 19
Thursday-Jan. 20
Friday-Jan. 21
Monday-Jan. 24
Wednesday-Jan. 26
Thursday-Jan. 27
Monday-Jan. 31

Practice is free and starts at 11am at Johnny's IceHouse West. Practice can be cancelled and times can be changed, call ahead. I suggest going, it's great!

Man's Best Friend:

Comcast SportsNet did some adorable photo shoots with Chicago athletes and their dogs for an upcoming calender. See all the photos and enter to win a calender here.

Sharp's WGN Post-Game Interview:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recap: Hawks vs Jackets

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Pisani, and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Hendry and Johnson
Lines: Brouwer, Toews, Sharp
Hossa, Kopecky, Stalberg
Skille, Dowell, Scott

The game started with the crowd roaring as Hossa touched the ice for the first time in ten games. And the game ended with the crowd roaring as Hossa touched the ice for earning the first star of the night.

It was just all in a regular game for God. Granting all the Hawks' fans prayers. He showed off his god-like moves in the first. He went down the ice and around the net for a pass to his boyfriend. Kopecky put it in to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead. The Solvakian bromance was back. Hossa also drew a slashing penalty for the Hawks first powerplay. He ended the game with two assists and the first star.

There was tight competition for the first star of the night. Sharp scored two goals for an early birthday present (his birthday is tomorrow). His first came in the second, just seconds after a delayed penalty. The Hawks' powerplay started with a face-off win by Toews, then Seabrook got the puck to Sharp. And the rest is handsome history.

The Triple B's or Killer B's known as Bickell, Brouwer, and Bolland all contributed for the Hawks' third goal. Just about 30 seconds later, Sharp got his second goal, which was his 20th of the season. Brouwer made two great passes on both.

The other star of the night was the big man in the goal, Turco. He was huge tonight. He stopped 26 of 27 shots. He made quick saves in the first with a crowd in front of the net. The Blue Jacket's took away his shutout with their pity goal, but he solid the whole game. He silenced the doubters with Crawford out with a sickness.

Quick hits:
-Skille had a penalty shot opportunity. Of all people to have one chance to score. He missed. He can't feel too bad, since the last penalty shot scored at home was about 20 years ago.
-Dowell had a solid fight against Dorsett.
-There was a lot of chirping between play. I'm sure they were just exchanging some belated holiday greetings.
-Sharp is now third in the league for scoring.

This is the Hawks fourth Viktory in a row! They look to make it five against the Blues on Tuesday!

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune


Hossa in. Kane out. Stalberg in. Crawford out. Turco in. Johnson out.

Hossa and Stalberg are ready to go for tonight's game against the Blue Jackets. Hossa missed ten games, while Stalberg missed three. Kane was placed on the IR, but still practiced with the team. No word on when he will return. Crawford's sick, so Turco gets the start. The Hawks called up Toivonen from Rockford for back up. Johnson and Hendry are the odd men out.

Game starts at 6:00pm on WGN.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Kaner Shuffle:

Thank you Blackhawks TV. Thank you so much.

Best Moment of Blackhawks TV

While Joey the Jr Reporter wins for best segment. Seabrook and Keith calling each other out is the best moment in my opinion:

Brand New Blackhawks TV!


Watch the rest of the episode here!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's holiday is filled with red, white, and a little black.
Don't forget about the last gift of Christmas! You can get it on CSN at 7pm!
The gift tag will read,
To: Blackhawks Fans
Love: Blackhawks TV

Feel the need to rip the wrapping paper to take a peek:

The guys over at HOCKEE NIGHT wrote another classic for Hawks' fans to read on this Christmas Eve: HOCKEE NIGHT Gets A Return Visit From St. Nick

A Puck Daddy video from a couple of years ago:

What will happen all over the Chicago Land area tomorrow morning:

Hammer and Niemi attempting to sing Christmas carols. Keyword: attempt:

Another attempt at singing Christmas carols, featuring a couple of Rockford boys turned Hawks: IceHogs Sing Jingle Bell Rock (video)

Last year's music video "That's What Christmas Means to Me," featuring a bunch of new Hawks and old Hawks:

Some Holiday Reads:
-PuckDaddy: ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers get festive with Santa-themed jerseys (second best jersey behind the indian head)

Don't forget to read the special book before bedtime!
No, not The Night Before Christmas...
One Goal Achieved!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Team Venom:

Seabrook is one of the faces of Venom Energy, along with Max Talbot and other athletes.
Check out them all out at
Also, you can get the image above as your new Desktop!

Skille's WGN Post-Game Interview:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skille has Skills

Skille was so "close." Skille "almost" got one there. Skille somehow "missed" a wide open net (that didn't actually happened).

All of the other Blackhawks' fans
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Skille
join in any Blackhawks' games.

Tonight was a different story.

Then one foggy Chicago night
Coach Q came to say:
"Skille with your shot so nice,
won't you guide my game tonight?"

Or something like that.

Then all the Blackhawks fans loved him
as they sang out Chelsea Dagger with glee
Jack Skille
You'll go down in history!

You get the point.

Anyway, the Blackhawks will go into Christmas break on a high note with a 4-1 win over the Predators. Skille brought the gifts with two goals tonight. Yes, two goals. He didn't just nicely wrap this win he put a fucking bow on it.
Yuletide carols were sung by a choir for Bickell. He now has ten goals on the season and continued his point streak (five games). He was also a physical force with five hits. What a nice, huge surprise these two have been this year.

Bolland sang "All I want for Christmas is you" to Lindback (photo). He had quite the game tonight. He scored first for the Hawks, assisted, and candy caned (hooking) a Predator.

Speaking of nice surprises, Corey Crawford. He's been outstanding and tonight was no different (24 saves). Can't seem to find your present from the Blackhawks? Well, you're looking at it. The Rockford boys.

-The Hawks honored the the fallen Chicago fire fighters with a moment of silence.
-Happy Birthday Pat Foley! It sounded like Pat and Eddie had a few celebratory drinks tonight. Oh, wait. That's every night.
-Skille did his best secret agent impression. He fell to the ice with a roll/somersault, then bounced up and hit the boards.
-Seabrook got a little feisty with Hornqvist.
-A "don't touch my captain" moment came when Toews was pushed down by Suter, after play had stopped. He went to the box for roughing.
-Skille has four goals against the Preds.
-Turco has officially been welcomed to the team with his Degree deodorant commercial.

Three in a row for the Blackhawks! Listen for Hossa on Christmas Eve night to say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Photo 1 (Source)
Photo 2 (Source)

Blackhawks, Kids, And Santa Hats

See the rest of the "Aww" worthy moments here

No Stalberg

You know finding out Stalberg is going to play tonight and then finding out he's not. Is a lot like thinking you're going to get this awesome Christmas present and then you don't.

(Blackhawks TV)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Around the UC:

-McDonough: ''There is a unique mindset and attitude about ex-players, among their peers and the public. It’s almost as though they are royalty, and I admire that. They helped build what we have today.” The Verdict: Blackhawks, alumni at peace with their pasts

-Keith: “For sure, less can always mean more."
NorthwestHerald: Less is more for Hawks' Keith

-"The Hawks have won two in a row but need a run to shoot up the rankings. Still near the league lead in games played, when the rest of the competition catches up, it could have the Hawks a long way from the playoff picture. "
ESPNChicago: Hawks take drop in Power Rankings

-Sharp: “You get a little more freedom playing on the offensive side of the puck. Jonny always tells to me just to worry about making plays and scoring goals and he’ll take care of the rest."
Sun-Times: Toews lays it on the line

-Coach Q on Kane: "I still think he's able to do a lot off the ice. I think his conditioning is still going to be right for game conditions. It's just a matter until he feels good on the ice. He's not too far away either."
ESPNChicago: Viktor Stalberg ready to return

-"Keith continued singing and spreading good cheer in spite of his misfortune. However, after Keith’s version of “Frosty the Snowman” covered his once-merry companions in saliva, they made him put on his visor and sing “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.”"
TheHeckler: Duncan Keith loses dentures while caroling

-Morin: "It's out of my control. I play wherever I'm at. It's a win-win situation. It's two great places to be (Chicago and with Team USA)." Morin hopping from one dream scenario to another

-Toews: "Every game, I think it's cool to have veterans and people who've served in one way or another (honored). For us to have a chance to meet those people and get a firsthand experience here is pretty awesome." Blackhawks surprise Marine's family

-"FISHER: I don't think it's possible to over-emphasize the kind of season Toews had. He was slated to be Team Canada's extra forward and ended up being the star. He took every important faceoff, led the team in scoring against the best players in the world and delivered Canada the one medal it wanted the most. Talk about performing under pressure. When Team Canada head coach Mike Babcock was asked who his best player was he said "anyone who plays with Toews." He makes everyone around him better. The same can't be said for Votto."
TorontoSun: Head to Head: Votto vs. Toews

-"To me, and no doubt to many other Canadians who revere the magnitude of the Olympic hockey tournament and the Stanley Cup playoffs, Jonathan Toews had a one-of-a-kind season and deserves to be recognized for what he is."
Slam!Sports: Winnipeg Sun: We voted for Toews

-Toews: "I'm excited to see my little brother [David] for Christmas and have him come down visit in Chicago. I can't imagine how it must feel for a guy like George to come home unexpectedly and have his brothers and sisters almost in tears when he walks into the room. ... It was pretty amazing to see how excited they were."
Sun-Times: Hawks bring home solider to surprise family

-Coach Q: “We’ve improved, and we’ve had a stretch here where all of a sudden we feel better. Winning two in a row certainly helps at home. We’d like to go into this [Christmas] break with some confidence and enjoying a couple days off. It’s an important game for everybody."
Sun-Times: Hawks take it slow with Hossa, Kane

-Stalberg: "It was tough watching two games from the stands. I had a similar thing happen in Toronto last year. I'm just happy it wasn't worse than it was. It's a long year, so it's not the end of the world." Hawks hope to return to full health after holiday

-Hammer: "In this league all the players are so fast the most important thing for a defenseman is having a good gap and always staying close to force guys to dump the puck and not have too much control of it entering our D-zone. You have to have as good a gap as possible without staying too high where they can just pass it and walk right by you."
ChicagoTribune: Hawks defensemen sticking closer to opponents

-Stalberg: "It was good to be back on the ice and skating with all the guys out there. I'm cleared to play. I'm looking forward to being able to help the team out. They've been playing well. I just want to get back and do my job and hopefully keep this streak going."
ChicagoBreakingSports: Stalberg ready; Hossa, Kane still sidelined

-Toews #2, Kane #5, Keith #1, Seabrook #6 Toews with Crosby, Malkin among forward leaders

-Stalberg: “It’s one of those plays. It was a pretty physical game. They have some big defensemen, and he finished his check on me. .  .  . It happens sometimes.”
Sun-Times: Stalberg back on ice, eager to contribute

-Bickell: "Everybody laughs at me. They're like, 'Oh, you had a horrible practice.' I don't know what to say."
ChicagoTribune: Practice doesn't make perfect for Bickell

-Toews: “That’s the culture and the motive we’re trying to set and instill in this locker room. It hasn’t been an easy first half or first 35 games for anybody. There’s going to be some tough moments still along the way, and if we can keep battling through them knowing what we can do as a team, we’ll be just fine.”
DailyHerald: Hawks have plenty of reasons to be optimistic

-Check out Chris Weibring's Blog, The Blackhawks Graphic Designer: Interesting stuff!

-The Blackhawks are hosting a blood drive. More information here

Blackhawks Surprise Military Family:

Check Out More Photos Here

(Comcast SportsNet)

New Christmas Tradition:

Just like last year, the Blackhawks will air Blackhawks TV on Christmas Day. It will be the first episode of the season. Santa's sleigh is full of presents this year, including Kane's dancing abilities and a new segment of "Joey The Junior Reporter."
Check out all the details here

This is starting to become my favorite Christmas Tradition.

Segments from last year's episode:

13 Days of Christmas

Which Blackhawk Would Make The Best Santa


It's a Christmas Miracle! Viktor Stalberg could play in tomorrow night's game, according to Coach Q. On the downside, Hossa and Kane will not be back before Christmas. Well, everyone knows that Santa and his head elf work until Christmas Eve.

(Comcast SportsNet)

The Christmas references will be in full force the next couple of days. You've been warned.

Blackhawks Holiday Party:

(Blackhawks TV)

(Comcast SportsNet)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Don't Stop Now, Boys!"

Time to pull out the sport cliches.
The Blackhawks took the momentum from Friday's win and kept it going through Sunday's game against the Kings. The Blackhawks went in having already beat the Kings twice this season. And the Kings went in having only one regulation loss this month. The Blackhawks looked to make it two. And that's exactly what they did.

The Defense. Seabrook and Keith are looking so much better and so much more like themselves with a good game tonight. Seabrook used his body, he kept it physical with five hits. Keith used his stick, he scored from blue line for the Hawks second goal in the second period. Don't worry the bromance is still in full effect during the rough times this season. From my seats, I could see the refs trying to keep Seabrook away from one of the Kings players when all he wanted to do was to get to Keith. The bromance led in ice time behind Soupy with the most at 23:19.

Crawford had another stellar performance tonight. He put the rest of the team on his back during the third period "heart attack" moments. The Kings were all over him, but Crawford stayed solid. The only blemishes were goals by Clifford and Simmonds. Keith responded to Cliffords goal within seconds, while Simmonds goal sparked something in the Kings. However, that spark was a little too late and Crawford was there to put it out.

Toews was being Toews. He scored first for the Hawks. He's doing what a Captain should with the team's two biggest players out. Pisani made his presence known, after being gone. And no he didn't make it known by being hit in the face again. He also scored to keep the Hawks ahead.

A little surprised to see Westgarth try to take on Scott again. Doesn't he remember what happened to his face last time. He's either really stupid or really brave. Westgarth left the fight clapping and his face still intact.

The Blackhawks beat the Kings for the third time 3-2. They needed this win. They've strung together two great games. Now just imagine the magic that could happen if Hossa, Kane, and Stalberg came back. The team would be a little more godly and a little more good looking. You decide which player fills those voids. They'll get into the Holiday spirit with the Predators on Wednesday!

To quote Hawk Harrelson, "Don't stop now, boys!"

Note: After all these years, I've finally realized the best go-to food to eat at a sporting event. Nachos and Lemonade. It's the second best combination, behind Seabrook/Keith and in front of John Hughes/the 80's.

Another Note: Hey, check out those less craptastic than usual photos I took. It must be the effect of the 100 level.

Last Note: Brent Seabrook. He might not be able to do Bear Mountain, but damn he's turned around since that god awful game a week ago. Not only did he have five hits, but five blocked shots and a +2. (source)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


No Kane. No Hossa. No Stalberg. All three will miss Sunday's game against the Kings. Kane and Hossa practiced with the team today, but Kane didn't finish. He left because of his ankle. Coach Q said Stalberg could possibly skate on Sunday.

The Blackhawks take on the Kings Sunday on WGN at 6:00pm! LETS GO HAWKS!!

Brent Seabrook Interview:

(Blackhawks TV)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Back On Track to World Peace.

Pre-game Notes:
-Starters: Brouwer, Toews, Sharp, and Hammer/Soupy
-Pisani was back.
-Cullimore was put on waivers, but played in tonight's game.
-Ryan Johnson's first game, he's number #17.
-Crawford in the net.

Chelios' Ceremony:
Chelios called out the fans booing him, during his speech. "I'm one of you." It was great.
Chelios' mom was wearing a half Hawks, half Wings jersey. It wasn't great. However, that's such a mom thing to do.

First Period:
The period started a little something like this for the Hawks: Powerplay. Sharp. Goal. Boom. Sharp gave the Hawks an early lead, after a hooking penalty was called on the Wings. Seabrook and Toews acted as Sharp's elves on the goal with the assists. Bick! Bick! Bickell! If you couldn't tell by that chant, Bickell scored. His wrist shot is good. He's been hot, lately. Add another assist for Seabrook on that one. Eaves got the Wings their one and only goal in the first. Skille wanted one tonight. He had a few chances in the period. He was all over the place in the best way. Late in the period, the Hawks didn't have the best shift. The Wings owned them and the puck. Crawford had a nice save on a bad match-up with Zetterberg. The Wings led in shots 15-13, but that changes.

Commercial Break: There is a new Toews and Kane Chevy commerical. And yes they're playing hockey with cars again. Except this year is different. Toews dives underneath a car. I don't understand what Chevy is trying to tell me. Am I suppose to go drive a Chevy on ice and try to take out Blackhawks players, while they dive out of the way?

Second Period:
Crawford had a few quick saves in the first couple of minutes. Skille continued his efforts as a little shot of energy. Not much happened in the first six minutes. Kopecky finally found the net, after a great feed from Soupy, to put the Hawks up 3-1. Pisani was down for a few. Bolland spun around and caught Pisani in the face with his stick. He quickly came back out on the ice. He's a hockey player. Bleeding from a stick in the face is like blowing your nose. Poor Skille. If he stood in front of an empty net, he still wouldn't be able to get it in. The Hawks ended a great period leading in shots 25-23 and goals.

Shoot the Puck: If I was ever a winner of "Shoot the Puck," I would do the Hossa goal celebration and get nuts.

Third Period:
There's no better way to kick off the third, than to hear Carol of the Bells ringing through the United Center. The old men of the team, Boynton and Cullimore, got in a scuffle. They tag teamed Bertuzzi. Sharp and Brouwer had quick opportunities, but couldn't finish them. On Sharp's chance, Soupy had a nice pass, which added to a great game for him. Also, Howard let go (threw) of his stick to stop Sharp. You could compare this to the Seabrook's situation several games ago. But we all know that Seabrook accidently, ever so gently let go of his stick, while Howard was aiming for Sharp's heart. Skille was at it again. Nine shots for him in the game. Nine shots. One of these days, Skille's chances/efforts are going to turn into a children's book, but there has to be a happy ending first. The empty net was his chance. It was also Sharp's chance, but he missed. Didn't matter though. Kopecky came up to get his second goal of the night on an empty netter. Somewhere Hossa was dancing to Chelsea dagger. With that goal, the Hawks won 4-1 against the Wings. What a great game. Fast paced. No penalties. Solid defense. A first star worthy performance by the goalie. Seabrook's third star was the cherry on top of a delicious performance by the Blackhawks.

They needed this win. Now they have to keep it up, Sunday vs the Kings.

Happy Post-game:

-The "Aww" Moment: Seabrook: "Cheli made that opening video look so good, I had to represent the number 7 well." (source)

-Coach Q: "If you play like that, you can give yourself a chance every night" (source)

-According to Jesse Rogers, Pisani won the belt. I guess all you need to do is get hit in the face by your own teammate.

-Congrats to Soupy! He got his 100th point as a Blackhawk!

-More Seabrook: "It just seemed like tonight was as close to a perfect game as you could get." (source)

Let Me Introduce You To My Nephew: The Smartest Kid Ever

Blackhawks TV: Hossa and Kane from Morning Skate

Pre-Game Reads:

-Sun-Times: Toews has a reminder for Hawks

Blackhawks vs Red Wings

With the Blackhawks playing the Red Wings tonight at 7:30pm on CSN, it gives me the excuse to watch this video all day:

I'll put this one up too for good measure:


Ryan Johnson

The Blackhawks signed Johnson (center) to a one-year deal of $500,00.

Johnson from morning skate:
(Blackhawks TV)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

This week on Sharp Attack!:

Picking up tabs, Kane's alligator arms, Ornaments, and Birthday plans.

Listen to Wednesday's segment here: Sharp Attack!

Around the UC:

-Kane is 'doubtful' and other injury news:
DailyHerald: Setback for Kane?

-Toews: "It's never fun. I think everything gets thrown out of whack a little bit and you need to adjust. Everyone is playing with different players and sometimes lines will even change in the middle of games, which isn't easy, either. Everything's a little simpler when guys are healthy and it's the same lineup every single night, but it's never a perfect world and you've got to learn how to play through that."

-Giunta: "To be able to stand on the ice and hear the national anthem ... and hear the reaction of the crowd and feel the rumble and see the America flag just waving in all of its glory at the top of the stadium was truly incredible."

-Skille: "We know we're better than how we're playing. Nobody likes losing. With the competitive attitude here it's not acceptable to lose, especially in this city and with the fan base we have. They want winners."

-Coach Q: “They’ve had some real good games recently as a pair. We’re assessing one game. I think over time Seabs has been fine and Duncs had some stretches where he’s been real good and some stretches where he’s been OK. The last game, I think that’s a level we haven’t seen much of.”

-Thursday's Practice videos: Coach Q, Turco, Toews, and Soupy.