Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Odd Couple: "We're like an old married couple"

Just another chapter in the epic bromance.

Article: Blackhawk defenders find ideal balance

"When defencemen Brent Seabrook, a neat freak, and Duncan Keith, a slob, first joined the Blackhawks, the team thought it would be a good idea if they lived together."

"There they were in a downtown Chicago high-rise, playing video games, watching movies, and refraining from calling each other Felix and Oscar."

This is really a must see video: Seabrook, Keith on their strong on-ice relationship- 1/25 (go down the page a little bit)

Hawks lose to the Canes.

Hawks lost to the Hurricanes 4-2.

I was not able to watch the game last night which is just awful of me.

But these people did watch the game and can give you the recap you need...

Official Blackhawks Website: Hurricanes 4, Blackhawks 2

I know how much you just all love reading my recaps but these are just going to have to do.

Now for some post game videos:


Coach Q

I promise I will never miss a game again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preview: Hawks vs Hurricanes

Blackhawks vs Hurricanes 
6:00 p.m.

Last game of an eight game road trip (5-2).
The first and only meeting between these two this season.
Hawks beat them last year in their only game against each other (shootout win).
The Man from France in the net.
Coach Q on tonight's game: "a real test and challenge."
Canes are on a hot streak right now, they won three straight (outscoring 14-3).

Pre-game videos:

January 23rd, 2010 Profiling Patrick Kane

I really want to go on this trip...


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brouwer Power!

Hawks won in overtime with the power of Brouwer!

Quick Hits:

Hawks are 3-1 against the Sharks now.

Also 5-2 on the road trip. I would say that is pretty damn good.

Hawks dominated the first period with 3 goals! 
Big Buff got the first one in with a pass from Kane. 

Not only did Brouwer get a goal in overtime, he also got one in the first. 

Ladd got the final goal in regulation.

The Sharks got one back and made it 3-1.

End of the first, SOG 9-7 Hawks.

Well the Sharks must of realized that they were getting the shit kicked out of them in the first because they definitely stepped it up in the second. All of a sudden they were only one behind the Hawks. 

Although, Huet was making some huge saves the Sharks tied it up in the third. Not cool.

Hawks had some nice chances but the game just had to live up to the hype and go into overtime.

By now you all know what happened the power of Brouwer got one in the back of net.

I feel with a nickname like Brouwer Power this needs to happen:

the whole team gets in a circle and holds up their sticks together and shouts BROUWER POWER!

cool right...

I thought so.

Other cool facts from the game:

Campbell got booed every time he touched the puck which was completely stupid.

The Man from France had 34 saves.

Congrats to Buff on his 100th NHL point!

Stars of the game:

Just to let you all know it is Hockey Weekend and today was wear you jersey to work day.
On a random note: On ABC7 morning news they were wearing Seabrook jerseys :) I knew I liked them better then NBC5.

Post game video:

The man of the night


Coach Q

Preview: Hawks vs Sharks

Blackhawks vs Sharks
9:30 p.m. 

-Hawks won the first two games against the Sharks.
-Final game of the series for these two teams.
-The Sharks are two points ahead of the Hawks.
-This game is a big factor for who will lead in the Western Conference.
-According to @CSNChi_Beatnik, the Hawks have outshot the Sharks 118-61.
-Hammer wasn't on the ice today.

After Wednesdays practice:

Coach Q

Sharp and Toews

Hawks talk about the photos: Blackhawks' Kane "It's time to grow up"
Quotes from the article:

Kane: "For us, obviously, it's not the way we want to represent the team," Kane said. "It's been discussed internally with the team and it's been figured out inside this locker room."

"I've had a couple if incidents, obvuioiusly," Kane said."It's something I'm going to have to learn. I'm 21 years old but it's probably time to grow up a little bit."

Madden: "I don't think it's going to be a distraction at all," Madden said. "This team is a tight bunch of guys. We've dealt with this already, We've already played one game and it didn't distract us in that. Our focus is on San Jose tonight. We''ve dealt with it internally and we're moving on."

Toews (spoken like a true Captain): "Whatever happens away from the rink happens but we're going to show up and play hard and we're not thinking about anything else other than the team we're playing agaisnt and what we need to do to beat them."

"It's something we're dealing with as a team. We're learning the hard way, obviously. It's a tough sitaution but we're going to deal with. We're all in this together. We're going to go out there and focus on what's more important and that's how we're playing."

I know everyone is sick of hearing about the limo pictures, I'm sick of it too.
But I thought this article was pretty funny:

"Am I offended by the Internet photos showing some shirtless Blackhawks in a limousine -- a limo that also carries several fully dressed women?"

"No, I'm offended that the players look like members of 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys in the photos."


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Around the UC

-Jesse Rogers has an article about the upcoming game against the Sharks: Hawks know stakes vs Sharks

Quote: “We’ve pretty much been going head to head with them every night,” Jonathan Toews said in the dressing room after the Hawks' win 4-2 win over Edmonton on Tuesday. “You check the standings, and it’s a bit of [back and forth] with them. Every time they go up two points we seem to catch them, or it’s the other way around.” 

-More on Campbell for Kids: Second City Hockey
Confirmed players: Burish, Toews, Sharp, Kane, and Seabrook.

-The Blackhawks have responded to the limo photos: "We're aware of them. It's a team-related issue and will be handled like any other situation and that will be internally."

By the way, the news really needs to get over the photos. The Hawks played a great game last night but you wouldn't even know it by listening to the news.

Not much news for today, if anything else comes up I will update later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawks win 4-2

There is no better way to start off a game, Burish guitar lessons:

Okay, so maybe there is a better way to start off a game:

A Toews goal within the first minute

The assist from Kane was his 200th NHL point. Congrats!

Eager in a little scuffle but surprisingly nothing came of it. Then a big hit on Barker.

Random note: Seabs has 12 hits and 7 blocks on the road trip not counting this game.

End of the first, Hawks up 1-0. SOG 9-6 Hawks.


I think everyone could guess who was going to get interviewed, Toews.

Toews was also a Trending Topic in Chicago on Twitter.

Start of the second, Brouwer with a great pass from Kane got one in the goal. Blackhawks Twitter nickname for Brouwer "red Brouwer ranger"

Brouwers is becoming a beast with his 15th goal of the season.

Next goal look liked it was Duncs but Big Buff got the redirect, 3-0 Hawks.

Hossa with a powerplay goal put the Hawks up 4-0. His 14th goal of the season.

Duncs with 3 points on the night! Norris...

Oilers finally got on the board with 40 seconds left in the second. boo.

End of the second, 4-1 Hawks. SOG 17-7 Hawks.

Brouwer also became a trending topic on Twitter in Chicago.

Oilers got another goal from a Hammer turnover.

Big Save by Huet! Diving stop! Hawks win 4-2!!

Stars of the game:
1. Duncs
2. Kane
3. Don't care.

Post game video:

Coach Q


Real or Fake?

Update: They are real. Last picture in the article says it all. I also feel many jersey shore references could be made to these pictures. 

Who knows...

Little bit embarrassing but also kinda funny


Preview: Hawks vs Oilers

Blackhawks vs Oilers
8:30 p.m.

-Hawks have won both games vs the Oilers this season.
-Huet in the net.
Sopel is out tonight and Hendry is in. According to Jesse Rogers it's nothing serious.
-Toews has six points in the last five games.

Can't argue with that. Plus, it's a great article!

I love these interviews! If you haven't listen to them yet, you really need too.
Also, Burish is doing rehab in Madison for a few weeks.


Olympic trash talking between the Hawks

Olympic rivalries hit NHL dressing rooms

Kane: “(Seabrook) is always telling me to keep my head up. (Keith) is one of those guys... you can’t beat him, you can’t get by him at all. He’s starting to chirp and say I can’t beat him one-on-one, he knows all my moves and he knows exactly what I’m going to do on the ice. Hopefully I have a few tricks up my sleeves against them and can prove them wrong a little bit.”

Monday, January 25, 2010

What the Hawks thought about Kesler's comment

I personally feel that the Hawks took the classy route.

Fraser: "I highly disagree with the comment, It was man on man, one on one, they faced each other fair and square, and he took one punch and decided he didn't want to fight anymore, so he dumped Laddy. To sit there and call him a coward is beyond me."

Sharp: "I don't know what he did to be a coward, He squared off and fought.
"That's pretty honorable to me, so you'd have to ask the person that made those comments what he means by it. I've played with Ladd. He's a good teammate of mine. I definitely don't think he's a coward, that's for sure."

Buff: "He is a little punk. That's what it is. Ladd obviously got the better part of that thing. He can say what he wants, and Ladd can take care of himself."

March 5 should be quite interesting...

Quotes from ESPN Chicago: Andrew Ladd and his Chicago Blackhawks teammates laugh off 'coward comment by Vancouver Canuck

Another article: Ladd: Blackhawks get laugh from Kesler remarks

Also: Huet in the net tomorrow. Sopel and Hammer did not skate at practice today.

Around the UC

Ladd just laughs off the Kesler comments 

Listen to the others in the background, they think it's funny too.

What's my number: Sharp

-I'm guessing were going to see a lot of articles like these in the next few weeks:

-Campbell's charity poker tournament is coming up on Feb. 10th:

-Bolland is joining the team and will be skating on Tuesday (just practice).
Coach Q didn't give an exact date of when he will return.

Not much news today but Hawks play tomorrow night!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Apparently Ladd is a coward...

Ryan Kesler on Ladd: "He's a coward and that's the way it is," Kesler said on Vancouver radio station AM-1040. "It started last year in the playoffs. He hit me, cross-checked me in the face when I wasn't looking. At least he was man enough to hit me when I was looking this time." - Canucks' Kesler calls Blackhawks' Ladd a 'coward'

Last time I checked Ladd kicked his ass, enough said.

The Hawks get to creeped out by the Sedin Twins

(Brilliant artist)

What is there to say about last nights game...

It sucked.

Hawks lost 5-1 with goals by the Sedin Twins.

Niemi was taken out after the first period. The Man from France was brought in.

The Douches had a dirty hit on Sopel. He was definitely hurting afterwords. 

The only bright spot of the game:

Toews goal

I don't know about you but I hate this team even more each time we play them.

If you weren't satisfied with my short recap, here's a couple more detailed:

Post game interviews:


Coach Q


Also, What's my number: Buff

Kane and Toews on After Hours

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hawks lose

Hawks lose 5-1 to the Douches and the creepy twins.

Wasn't able to watch the game.

Now time for me to actually watch the game. Recap tomorrow. 

Preview: Hawks vs Canucks

Blackhawks vs Canucks
Late one tonight- 9:00 p.m.

The both teams have won against each other this season.
Niemi in the net tonight

Quick hits from the article:

The Patricks drop the gloves: Patrick Kane finally threw down his gloves, albeit in practice and against a teammate. He and Patrick Sharp were playing keep away on Friday and things got a little testy. “Gloves off, helmet off, everything,” Kane joked. “We were just kidding around.”

Kane is officially turning into Burish: “The weather is pretty nice right now and you see a lot of pretty girls walking up and down the streets so obviously that’s a good thing. And it’s a hockey city too, so you have fun with that.”

Another great post from Jesses Rogers: Hawks doing their best to avoid Olympic fever

Quick hits:

Seabrook: “Now that it's here, everyone is really excited, really jacked up. You can see people running around with Team Canada stuff on. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m sure the city of Vancouver is as well.” 

Great article on Seabrook: Seabrook savouring his hockey journey

Jesse Rogers caught up with Sharp:


Friday, January 22, 2010

Around the UC: Hawks won!

No computer after the game last night, so no update.

Here's a quick recap:

Hawks won 3-1 with goals from Kane, Duncs, and Eager.

Stars of the game:
1. Kiprusoff
2. Keith the Beast: 5 shots, 2 blocked, and 1 goal.
3. Kane

-Sopel left the game because of a blocked shot in the upper body.

-Hammer not on the ice for practice again today.

-Looks like Niemi will start again tomorrow.

Some articles for today:

More talk of Keith and Norris Trophy: Blackhawks' Keith a top Norris Trophy contender 

Quote from the article: "Duncan is an elite defenseman, and now that the talk about a Norris Trophy has started, I definitely think his name should be in there," said Seabrook, who's been paired up with Keith for the past couple seasons. "He's really elevated his offensive game. He's making some great plays. He's doing all the little things that make him successful — getting the pucks to the forwards, and getting the pucks through, which is creating a lot of the opportunities in terms of goals and points for us."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preview: Hawks vs who everyone hates (well at least I do)

Blackhawks vs Flames
8:30 p.m.

-Flames have lost five in a row (yikes).
-Hawks didn't play to good last game so both teams are looking to bounce back.
-Niemi in the net tonight.
-Hammer didn't skate this morning 'lower body' but will play tonight.
-Hossa has 12 points in the last 10 games.

For those of you who didn't pick up the Trib today, there was a whole section dedicated to the Hawks.

Laugh of the day (or week):

Here's a little clip from @SubtleLikeBrick

Take a good look at the captions:
For larger text go here

Yes this is real...


Around the UC: Game Day!

Hawks play late tonight. Preview later today.

-Suntimes blog "Inside the Blackhawks" had One funny Hawks video:

Lots a praise for Keith

I feel this is an appropriate time for the video of Keith the beast:

Nice little article on Brent Seabrooks brother Keith Seabrook (does anyone else find it funny that his name is Keith...)

Apparently his nickname is Seebs, sounds familiar: Seabrook shines on blueline

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eager Chat Today!

The chat with Eager has been changed to 3 p.m. 
Stop by the Blackhawks Website and ask a question.Add Image

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawks lose 4-1 to the Sens

I blame her!

Kidding aside, the Hawks were sloppy.

Can't just look at the score and blame the Man from France, the D were not on their game tonight. Also, Turnovers and penalties seemed to hurt the Hawks the most. At one point Seabs was in the net and not Huet, which led to a goal. Hey, Seabs did say he wanted to be a goalie when he was younger. I wonder if he still wants to be one?

Hossa had the Hawks only goal tonight (breakaway shortie) and had a few good chances. Well, one BIG chance at the end of the game but came up short. 

On the bright side Duncs did surpass his career high in points with 45 tonight. That is 45 points in 50 games. Not too shabby. For Hossa, he has had 7 goals in 8 games.

To cheer you up, The Trib had a nice semi-awkward picture of Sharp:

He looks nice and comfy

The article to go with this picture: Jump on the Blackhawks Bandwagon 

You can certainly tell that the Bears season is over cause the Tribune is writing about the Hawks.

Two more articles from the Trib:

Now this article was just makes me feel more intelligent as a female fan:

I didn't know women were just swooning over Huet...

Next game is Thursday! Hawks gotta put out those Flames!

Preview: Hawks vs Carrie Underwoods boyfriend/Around the UC

(he ain't bad)

Blackhawks vs Senators
6:30 p.m.
-The only game between these two this season.
-Hawks won last year 2-0.

Around the UC: Lots of links!

-Puck Daddy did a great interview with Brouwer: here
Probably one of the nicest guys.
A quick hit from the interview:

What he likes most about hockey:
"The people that you meet. The off-ice stuff is just as fun as the on-ice stuff. You meet so many people from different backgrounds. You make good friends that you're going to have for the rest of your life."

-Blackhawks website is doing a live chat with Eager tomorrow. Ask your question here tomorrow at 1-1:30 p.m.

-Second City Hockey: The Toews Face Gallery. There are no words.

-Tribune article: Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane still without an NHL fight.

I am so looking forward to Kane's first fight and I will be ready to hit the record button.

Quick hits from the article:

-"It will probably be a scrum around the net. It's not something I'm really looking for to be honest. If it happens it happens."

-"Listening on from the next dressing room stall, veteran Andrew Ladd had some sage advice: "Grab a goalie.""

-Comcast Sportsnet Chicago article: Starting Niemi Gives Hawks Best Chance at Cup

-Article on Seabs and Duncs, who doesn't love an article on Duncbrook!:

 B.C. boys brace Olympic blue-line run; Tony Gallagher


Monday, January 18, 2010

Around the UC: What did you say Toews?

-I have really never thought much of Toews (looks wise) until this video: Toews interview
I'm sorry but I'm a girl and I can not ignore the fact that he has his shirt off.
The video is on the side of the site and I suggest making it full screen to get the full effect.
Oh yeah, I have no idea what he said in that video but I'm willing to watch again to find out.
I'm sorry, I don't like this side of me. I think its time to get back to hockey now.

-Jesse Rogers caught up with Bobby Hull and Tony Esposito:

And don't worry Hull has his shirt on...

-The Chicago Tribune had a feature on Rocky Wirtz: Owner Rocky Wirtz works home hockey games, enjoys fans' delight

-Hope the Hawks brought plenty of underwear, it is a long trip:

''There'll be no laundry done on this road trip, but I think you try to pack as many underwear as possible,'' Hawks defenseman Brian Campbell told Quick Hits before hitting the road.

Read the rest in Quick Hits: Broadly Speaking, a lame situation

I couldn't help but sneak this in but this is it, I'm never going to mention this again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hawks win 4-3!

Sharpy has the game winner! 

The excitement started for the Hawks in the first when Brouwer had his 14th goal of the season. Then Kane wanted to embarrass the Wings and their fans a little bit more so he made it a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn't get out of the first without the Wings getting one too, I always knew I didn't like Nicklas Lidstrom. Versteeg then immediately gets into it with Eaves, like really gets into it. Lets just make it clear that Versteeg won!

Love how Blackhawks Twitter described the fight: "That wasn't a hockey fight - that was a "2 am and some drunk guy is insulting your girlfriend" fight."

Zetterberg, who I also found out I don't like, ties it up 2-2 in the second. The soon to be hero, Sharpy, put the Hawks back on top with a pass from Keith the beast. Hawks lead 3-2 at the end of the second.

Guess Eaves was still a little pissed about how Steeger 'snookie punched' him cause he tied it 
3-3. I don't know about you guys but this is what I call an edge of the seat or playoff like atmosphere game. Neither team was going to give in.

The most nerve-racking thing in the world: Overtime.

Here we go!

Niemi makes a crucial save! While Hossa just misses and I mean just misses a shot at the last second! 

And I thought overtime was the most nerve-racking thing in the world...

Shoot out time!

Some annoying ass Wing: Goal

Our Captain: GOAL!

Zetterberg, remember I found out I hate him: Miss (of course)

Kaner: Miss

Some one who I will probably find out I hate: Goal (yup, I do now)

Hossa: GOAL!

Daniel Clearly the gymnast, who likes to do flips over boards: Miss

Sharp, there's a reason his nickname is Shooter: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cue 'The Face'

During the game 'face'

After the game 'face'

You can come to our side Taylor, we will welcome your abs.

Preview: Hawks vs Wings

The Face!
(After the Hawks destroy the Wings.)

Blackhawks vs Wings
NBC (Hawks go national today)
11:30 p.m.

Seabs on Detroit:

Duncs on memorable Chicago/Detroit moments:

Bob Verdi on the Red Wings Rivalry:

Bob Verdi on Hawks, Wings Killers:


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is that Chelsea Dagger I hear?

Hawks beat the Jackets in a intense game 6-5!

1st period:

-Barker is back!

-Within a minute Ladd scored his 9th goal on a rebound.

-Sopel got in a little scuffle after getting a stick to the head.

-By the way, Duncs is the second highest scoring defenseman in the league. No biggie. 

-Blackhawks twitter let us know that the Jackets drop treats to the fans from a blimp.
What kind of treats you ask? Water bottles. That can't be good.

-After a turnover, The Man from France had some beautiful saves.

-Ladd so close to getting his second goal after shot off the goal post.

-Kane with an unbelievable pass to Brouwer that put the Hawks up 2-0. It was Brouwer's 50th point of his career!

-Some great passing between Toews and Kane but they came up short.

-Toews called for tripping, he was visibly not happy.

-Jackets scored. boo.

-Pass from Ladd, Hossa put the Hawks up 3-1!

-What did the Jackets play after the Hawks scored on them? Chelsea Dagger. Also there was more people in Hawks jerseys than Blue Jackets.

-Jackets scored again 3-2.

-Sharpy's assist earlier in the game was his 100th helper of his career!

-Hammer helped The Man from France out and saved a goal.

-SOG 10-9 Hawks.

2nd period:

-Jackets tied it up 3-3.

-The Man from France was not happy. He broke his stick against the pole after Jacket scored again 4-3.

-The Rock as the tooth fairy. Really...

- SOG 12-9 Jackets.

3rd period:

-Captain came to save the day and tied it 4-4!

-With some help from Fraz, Eager put the Hawks on top 5-4. Gotta give some major love to the 4th line!

-Apparently, they played Chelsea Dagger again. I don't know what's worse for them, that they played the Hawks goal song or they gave up 5 goals.

-Toews, being captain and all, made sure that the Hawks would win for sure by scoring again.
It was Toews first multi goal game of the season.

-Jackets got one last goal in, they're annoying.


Stars of the game:
1. Toews
2. Nash
3. Kane

Next game is tomorrow in Detroit! Going to have to get up early, 11:30 game time!

Preview: Hawks vs Blue Jackets/Around the UC

Blackhawks vs Blues Jackets
1:00 p.m.

-Hawks have won two games against the Jackets this season, 
including 3-0 shutout on Thursday.
-Hawks are on their longest road trip of the season so far.
-Versteeg is still on his nine game point streak with a eleven points.
-Keith is also on a streak of six games.


Around the UC:

-Video of Bob Verdi on Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith:

Nothing but good things to say :)

Seabrooks mic'd up video:

The Cheerleader of the team

Best parts:
-"I'm gonna go talk to the ref. I've been yelling at him all night."
-Awkward converstation with Hossa
-The no audio from the scuffle. Would have liked to hear what they were saying to each other, had to be good.

-This article took the words right out of my mouth, everyone should read it: 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Practice today!

Photos from practice today:

There is a story to the first group of pictures, a man loving story.

So Sharp and Seabs (Sheabs) were messing around with each other. Duncs wasn't to happy that someone was messing with his man. This is what happened in photos.


The next two pictures are the possibly the best pictures ever.
Thats love.

Here comes Duncs...

I'm pretty sure they are saying "no he's mine" in this picture.

Duncs is telling Sharp how it is.

The End.

Here's the rest.

Hope you like them.

Sopel was teaching his little girl how to skate.
Too adorable.

Photos by Corie Jean Walsh. @CorieJeanWalsh

I would say those are some damn good pictures.