Monday, January 18, 2010

Around the UC: What did you say Toews?

-I have really never thought much of Toews (looks wise) until this video: Toews interview
I'm sorry but I'm a girl and I can not ignore the fact that he has his shirt off.
The video is on the side of the site and I suggest making it full screen to get the full effect.
Oh yeah, I have no idea what he said in that video but I'm willing to watch again to find out.
I'm sorry, I don't like this side of me. I think its time to get back to hockey now.

-Jesse Rogers caught up with Bobby Hull and Tony Esposito:

And don't worry Hull has his shirt on...

-The Chicago Tribune had a feature on Rocky Wirtz: Owner Rocky Wirtz works home hockey games, enjoys fans' delight

-Hope the Hawks brought plenty of underwear, it is a long trip:

''There'll be no laundry done on this road trip, but I think you try to pack as many underwear as possible,'' Hawks defenseman Brian Campbell told Quick Hits before hitting the road.

Read the rest in Quick Hits: Broadly Speaking, a lame situation

I couldn't help but sneak this in but this is it, I'm never going to mention this again.


  1. Wow... I feel like a "dirty ol' lady" because he is as old as my daughter... but "Wow!"

  2. I pretty sure he dazzled everyone with that video.