Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Around the UC

-Everyone can let out a sigh of relief, Hossa will be back for tomorrows game.

-Huet will be in the goal, he's looking to bounce back after the 6-5 against Minnesota.

-Barker is still a maybe for tomorrows game.

-ESPN Chicago interviewed Brian Campbell: Campbell enjoying Quenneville guidance.

-The Fifth Feather possibly had one of the best posts ever: Guido Tuesday!

The Jersey Shore cast according to them:

The Situation- Patrick Kane

Pauly D- Marian Hossa

JWoww- John McDonough

Vinny- Andrew Ladd

Ronnie- Adam Burish

Sammi- Duncan Keith

Angelina- Kyle Beach

Snooki- Colin Fraser

I really recommend checking this out!

-ESPN 1000 had a great chat with Colin Fraser: here

Some Quick Hits:

Funniest guy: "It has to be Burish. Without him on the road its been Versteeg with his rambling and bad singing. Priceless. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the support. We'll see you tomorrow night."

On being top team in NHL: "Its great. Winning is fun. One more"

Keith need a haircut: "No. He's fast so he needs his hair flowing. Too bad we have to wear helmets. lol."

Team hate facing the most: "St. Louis Blues. They seem to try to muck it up more than most teams."

Most underrated: "Easy. Niklas Hjalmarsson. Does a lot of little things. Blocking shots, good stick, solid everywhere"

Thought this was pretty interesting:

Q: "Jesse,Are the Hawks at all concerned that Mike Babcock will ride Keith-Seabrook in the Olympics in an effort to wear them down for the playoffs?"

A: "If they were concerned, they would never say it. That would be quite a bush league move and I dont see him doing that. Hes trying to win gold for canada in canada. He has enough on his plate"

There is a ton more great questions, I suggest reading it.

-Gotta listen to this: Adam Burish was US99 (hilarious as always): Burish dishes on the Kaner!!

Next game is tomorrow! It's been a long three days!

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