Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawks win 4-2

There is no better way to start off a game, Burish guitar lessons:

Okay, so maybe there is a better way to start off a game:

A Toews goal within the first minute

The assist from Kane was his 200th NHL point. Congrats!

Eager in a little scuffle but surprisingly nothing came of it. Then a big hit on Barker.

Random note: Seabs has 12 hits and 7 blocks on the road trip not counting this game.

End of the first, Hawks up 1-0. SOG 9-6 Hawks.


I think everyone could guess who was going to get interviewed, Toews.

Toews was also a Trending Topic in Chicago on Twitter.

Start of the second, Brouwer with a great pass from Kane got one in the goal. Blackhawks Twitter nickname for Brouwer "red Brouwer ranger"

Brouwers is becoming a beast with his 15th goal of the season.

Next goal look liked it was Duncs but Big Buff got the redirect, 3-0 Hawks.

Hossa with a powerplay goal put the Hawks up 4-0. His 14th goal of the season.

Duncs with 3 points on the night! Norris...

Oilers finally got on the board with 40 seconds left in the second. boo.

End of the second, 4-1 Hawks. SOG 17-7 Hawks.

Brouwer also became a trending topic on Twitter in Chicago.

Oilers got another goal from a Hammer turnover.

Big Save by Huet! Diving stop! Hawks win 4-2!!

Stars of the game:
1. Duncs
2. Kane
3. Don't care.

Post game video:

Coach Q


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