Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hossa goes Wild!

Hossa and Co. win 4-1 over the Wild.
The game in quick hits:

1st and 2nd period (in no particular order)-

-Gene Honda didn't play again today. He left the last game with a voice injury.

-Soupy started off his game with a spin-o-rama. Look it you spin. 

-Seabs had a nice diving block. Had to mention it after the announcers wouldn't stop talking about it cause he's just that amazing.

-Fraser with a couple of good chances to score but came up short. What do you expect?

-Kane also had a good chance with a great pass from Seabs.

-The Wild scored. Some guy with a really long name. He was interviewed during intermission but the interviewer told him he couldn't talk anymore. embarrassing.

-Madden scored! Yup grandpa is working hard out there. 

-Just a beautiful play on the first goal. Some smooth passes.

-Huet got a little love tap from Havlat. It was caught by the net camera. Am I the only one who noticed?

-Kane trying the spin-o-rama. Oh no!

-Cute and short Seabs interview in the middle of the game. That definitely gets you pumped.

-Sharp with a sweet slide to trip a Wild player.

-It's father's trip for the Wild. Hope their trip goes as bad as the Hawks trip did. Those weren't pretty games. Oh yeah those jerseys the Wild dads were wearing weren't pretty either.

-Hossa scored! 

-Mike Keenan was on during intermission. Anyone remember how he treated Savard like shit when Keenan was the coach for the Hawks. He talked bad about Savard in the papers. Then Savard like the classy guy he is didn't even say anything. Well Keenan is still a dick. They asked him if the Hawks will have more than 117 points this season? His response well according to my calculations blah blah blah no they won't. He said about 116.5. Really?

-End of the 2nd: Hawks outshot the Wild 21-12 and won 20 of 29 faceoffs.

3rd period:

-Started off with a powerplay and right when it ends Kane scored! 18th goal of the season! He's on a roll!

-League leaders in plus/minus: Toews is fourth and Campbell isn't too far behind.

-Kane just missed a goal with Brouwer in front of the net.

-Toews interview: He said he's not a big hitter but once he plays against the US he might start. He's gonna be looking for Kane. Can't wait for those games.

-HOSSA with another goal! Second game in a row with two goals. No one told me it was Hossa bobble head night again. It was a great play, he dragged it in then it landed in the net. He's on a 4 game point streak.

-Keith is the 2nd leading scorer among defenseman in the NHL.

-Buff with a nice chance, came up from behind the net.

-Wild player thought he scored and started celebrating but Sopel pushed him down. It was a no goal. loser.

-Thunderstruck played in the background. White Sox. I miss them. 

-Hossa with a saucer pass, just beautiful.

-HAWKS WIN 4-1!! 4 game winning streak!!

Stars of the game:
2.Campbell- Did he get this for his spin-o-rama in the first?

Gotta give credit to Huet for keeping the Hawks in the game!

Congrats to the US in the WJC for defeating Hockey Country!!

This is one time where I will root for my country but once the Olympics start I'm all about Team Canada because of three guys. 

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