Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Wins matter. Shutouts don't"-Niemi

1st period:

Buff started off the game by dropping the gloves. He also looked a little beat up after words. The fight must of sparked something in Buff the rest of the period. He had some nice hits on the Ducks.

Scoreless 1st.

Eager interviewed during intermission. He explained he was kicked out of last nights game for having tape on his hands during the fight. His hands were taped up because of the previous fight. No suspension. 

2nd period:

Niemi with some nice saves during the period. 

Versteeg got one in and put the Hawks on the board first. Clumsy celebration from Versteeg, fell a few times. 

Some of the Ducks not happy about Buff so they started to push him around. Nothing to big though.

Random: Amazing announcer Gene Honda started the game but ended up losing his voice. Hawks had a back up. 

Brouwer with the 2nd goal for the Hawks. Hawks up 2-0!

Thats it for the second.

3rd period:

Barker slowly went back to the bench. Looked liked he might have gotten hurt. He came back out but then went to the locker room. Not much information on this yet.

There must be something about Bobble head nights. Tonight was Hossa bobble head night. Hossa got two goals in a row. Hawks up 4-0!

On Kane's bobble head night he scored and got a black eye. Now Hossa got two goals on his night. Duncs has the next bobble head night, he would like the same results: "that'd be nice."

Captain Tazer didn't want to be left out on the scoring, he put in the fifth goal for the Hawks.

A Duck started bullying Niemi and the Hawks weren't going to have any of that. Sopel, who has been great lately, came to Niemi's defense. 

Unfortunately, Niemi lost his shutout with just minutes left in the game. The same Duck scored twice. No worries.

Hawks win 5-2! Third straight win!

Kane has a point streak of eight games.

The Hawks are good. Really good. Some might say dominating. 

Stars of the game:
1. Bobble head man: Hossa
2. Brouwer
3. Niemi: 10th win in 13 games and 22 block shots

Post game videos:



Coach Q



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