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Photos of the Hawks at the Gold medal game!

photos from Blackhawks website, Chicago Tribune, and Hockey Canada.


This picture explains it all...

Canada claims gold in exciting overtime win! This game is what hockey is all about.

The game started off tense, no surprise there.

Toews gave Canada the lead with his first goal of the Olympics. He wasn't the only Hawk to help with the score. Keith had an assist on Perry's goal which put Canada up 2-0 over the USA. It was the first time in the Olympics that the USA had been behind. (and lost)

The lead was cut in half when Kane answered to Toews goal. The goal wasn't actually credited to Kane but he did all the work. It wasn't his only assist, he had one later in the game on THE GOAL.

It looked as if Canada had it in the bag with just seconds left in the third but no.

USA had to get all dramatic and nerve racking by scoring a goal.

Parise scored. (I can't help but like him)

I could not BELIEVE it.  I don't think I was the only one either. I'm pretty positive the phrase said throughout North America was: "Holy Shit!"

We had a game on our hands.

Overtime in a regular game is bad. Overtime in a huge game is really bad. 20 minutes of 4 on 4 overtime is the worst.

Overtime was the definition of the edge of your seat and heart pounding minutes.

You gotta leave it to Canada's golden boy Crosby to get the game winner. Not a big fan of him but at that moment I found myself screaming CROSBY! It was just frightening.


The Hawks were going home with three medals and one silver medal. Not many teams can say that.

The ten minutes waiting for the medal ceremony were Crosby's face. Literally. The camera guy had a major stalker crush on Crosby. It was a little ridiculous.

The only thing better than seeing gold medals around the Hawks necks is them holding up the Stanley cup.

Have to give props to Miller. He was a beast which is most likely why he was named MVP!

One player getting lots of talk: TOEWS!

-He was voted No. 1 foward by the media.
-Tied for the lead in assists: 7
-Tied for the lead in plus-rating: 9

The praise:

Yzerman: "We felt he would be a good player because he's intelligent, he's competitive and he's really skilled. He probably exceeded our expectations. I'd like to stand here and say we knew he was going to be that dominant or that good. But we thought he'd be good."       

Keith: "He was, from start to finish, one of our best forwards and there is no way else to describe it. He was good offensively and good defensively and used in all of the situations. He works so hard that he deserves everything he gets."

Lemaire: "Jonathan Toews is way up there. I knew he was good, but that good? And I am not talking about points. I am talking about his all-around game. You look at the stats, the passes, the plus-minus and he does all that playing against the top lines on the other side.

Toews: "It's unbelievable. It's really hard to grasp how big it really is. You are in this one building and you can't even understand how many people watched this and how it affects people. I remember in '02 when I was a kid, I was 12 or 13 years old, and those memories stray with me until now. I told Jarome (Iginla) on the ice right after, 'It's just like you, Joe and Stevie in '02,' and he started laughing. It's a dream come true."

I really admire how mature kane is in this interview:

Keith on bringing his gold back: "I don't know. I might keep it locked up here somewhere."

Articles on the game, TONS on the game but tired to pick out the good ones:

Burish made a USA sign out of masking tape and put it on the back of his jersey during practice:
"I'm a minority in there, there aren't many Americans — just two of us out there today. I had to show a little support for the Americans, and guys kept trying to rip it off my back." (can't wait to hear his reaction to the game)

All the Olympic Hawks players will be playing in Tuesdays game according to Coach Q:

"Hawks reunion: A charter flight will take the Blackhawks' six Olympic players — Jonathan ToewsDuncan KeithBrent SeabrookPatrick KaneMarian Hossa and Tomas Kopecky — from Vancouver to New York on Monday. Quenneville confirmed all will play on Tuesday." (HAWKS ARE FINALLY BACK! CAN'T WAIT!)

Olympics closing ceremony: All of Canada's stereotypes put in one show on one stage.
One thing I've learned from the closing: Canada has the worst music: Nickelback, Avril, Simple plan. Enough said.

Perfect pre-game video

GO #7!

No bronze

Hossa and Kopecky will not receive a medal. It's okay, we can't get greedy because Hawks will have GOLD AND SILVER!

USA VS CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010





There are no words to describe how EPIC this game is going to be.
I'm nervous just writing about it.

Previews: HERE

Basically it comes down to this:

Canada wins like everyone thinks they will
The USA with the upset

Not going to say who I want to win but in the end it's a win win situation
because I will see a Hawk with a gold medal around their neck! *chills*

Kane and Toews on THE GAME:

The trash talking has already started between the Hawks. 
I love it!
And of  course Burish is doing most of the talking.

Burish: “If the U.S. wins, I’m going to have this place [locker room] decorated red, white, and blue. I’m going to have balloons. I’m going to have streamers and flags. I’ll decorate this place pretty good and rub it in everyone’s face.” 
( part of me wants USA to win just so I can see that)

More Burish: “Seabrook will cry. Kane won’t cry. His dad will cry for sure. But if I was going to root for Canada to win, it would be to see Seabrook cry so I can make fun of him.” 

Sharp: “I’d like to make the bet if Canada wins, he has to shave his head and get rid of that long hair that he cares about so much. Of course, I don’t think that’s going to happen, so we’ll work something out.” 

Hammer takes the nice approach: “I’m happy for them all. I have to cheer my colleagues, my D-men. I’m for Canada.” 

Best quote goes to Versteeg: “No one likes Burish and no one likes Kane, so when you get trash talking from both those little dweebs, it hurts."  (I can't believe he actually used the word dweebs)

Quotes from and tons more hilarious ones: Hawks engage in gold medal game trash talking

And the trash talking continues:

Burish on Seabs, similar to his other quote but I like the Duncs part: "he'll probably point at his girlfriend and wave at her. He'll have tears coming down his back and [Duncan Keith] will have his arm over his shoulder, kind of rubbing his back a little bit."

Second best quote goes to Sharp :"God help us all if U.S. wins."

Kane is becoming quite the star. 
You know you've made it when Shaun White's people call your people to hangout. Well you know you've made it when you have people.

Another reason you know you've made it, when Vince Vaughn's wife texts you to let you know her husbands going to be at the game. Well you know you've made it when you have Vince Vaughn's wife's phone number.

Read more about Kane the Celebrity: Patrick Kane having the time of his life at Olympics

The Olympics have turned out just like McDonough would have wrote it. 
And the American's are the Villains. 

 "Coming in to these games, the script on John McDonough's desk called for every Blackhawk to play for a medal, with the gold to be settled by The Kid vs. The Captain. The problem is it would've been about as believable as a Keanu Reeves accent."

"Kane, Toews, Keith and Seabrook are flying together to New York for the second half of the NHL season. A prediction: Canada gold, Kane providing the in-flight refreshments."

I can think of no better way to end this particular post:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Drumroll please...

USA vs Canada for the Gold medal game!

Canada took a 3-0 lead against Slovakia. Two goals in the first by Morrow and Marleau. Getzlaf had the last goal for Canada in the second. He was also interviewed during intermission, I was not aware of his balding problem. Not only have I learned that he is badly balding but I have also learned helmets are deceiving. 

Anyways, it looked as if Canada had it in the bag. Not so fast...

Half way through the third Slovakia all of a sudden decided they were going to put up a fight. They scored their first goal with eight mins left and your thinking okay there's their one goal. But no they score again and that's when things got a little crazy. I also started thinking oh no please do not be an upset. Slovakia vs USA? That would be awful!

The next five minutes were completely nerve racking. It seemed as if Canada could not get the puck out of their zone. Luongo had 60 minutes of play put on him in the last minutes of the game. The last 30 seconds had Canada scrambling, Keith had a few dives. 

No worries! Canada pulled through and won 3-2!

That's it! USA vs Canada! This is big! HUGE! Get ready for a both teams to give it their ALL!

Toews already means SERIOUS business: "We're looking for revenge. But not only that, we're playing for some real merchandise now."

I think this game is a little sweeter for us Hawks fans. And all of the Hawks could receive a medal if Hossa and Kopecky win in tomorrows Bronze game!

As always some articles:

Coach Q on possible trades: "No, I don't have much to say ... but (management is) always exploring."

"To get this far, the Americans have proven to be world class. One more game, and they can prove they are the class of the world."

Lots of praise for Kane! 
Wilson: "To see Patrick Kane play that type of game … if he wasn't drawing a penalty he was creating a scoring opportunity almost every time he was on the ice." 

Brown: "Kaner is a special player and the one thing about his game is everyone is keying in on him and sometimes he's not going to have a game like he had today. Then there are other days when he has a little bit of time to make a play, and when you see Kaner do well it's when he gets away from pressure and has time to make a play. He doesn't miss or doesn't throw away opportunities when he gets them."

Versteeg: “You obviously think about it here and there but it’s not really a distraction. We have one game until the trade deadline and you just go out there and do your thing. Obviously, I want to be a Chicago Blackhawk, that’s why I signed here in the summer. I’m ecstatic to be here and be on a winning team.” 

Ladd on fake tanning before vacation: “It wasn’t cheating, it was smart. Brouwer was red the whole time. He’ll probably be in a little bit of pain and I feel good. He looked like a clown. [Colin] Fraser is as white as you’re ever going to get. I think he had about 90 SPF on. He took care of himself and make sure he didn’t burn.”

Sharp: “It’s been great. I’m a Canadian, but I also find myself cheering for Slovakia and ‘Kaner’ and the U.S. team. It’s nice to see some familiar faces in the games. I’ve watched them all.”

“It’s consuming the country right now. Everyone is talking about it.”

Brouwer: “We had every game on TV there. They had a big game-room there with a pool table and a couple couches. We were trying to watch all the games, and the only game we didn’t get was the Canada-U.S. game.”

“One of the guys who worked at the resort had a cable box, and he didn’t live too far away. So he ran home to get it, hooked it up to the TV, and we were able to watch the game.”

Kane: "Yeah, I have had some success against him, but either way it doesn't matter to us. If it is U.S.-Canada, as far as a fan standpoint and I'm sure you guys and everybody wants to see that game. For us -- to be honest with you, as long as we win that gold that's all we want to do. We beat Canada once so far, so we know we have confidence against them. And to be honest with you, we didn't even play our best game today. I think we're getting better. It was a great start today and a good feeling going into the gold-medal game."

-I know where I'll be next Saturday!(because of the Yogurt, of course): 

Now I leave you with the greatest commercial ever!:

Kane and Co. are on their way to Gold...

if Canada (or Slovakia) doesn't stop them!

If Canada was like Twihards on Rob Pattinson against Russia, then USA was like Wizards on Daniel Radcliffe against Finland.

because that first period was like magic.

Kane led the team with two goals in the first but he wasn't the only one to score. Four others on the team including Parise all got one in the net. Kane was basically the one who took Kipper out of the goal. To be honest that was pretty much the game. Although, Finland did get their one pity goal but that was about it.

So USA has there spot for the gold medal game but who joins them??

Find out at 8:30 tonight! GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are PROUD of our HAWKS!:

Back here in Chicago, the Hawks are back at practice:



Coach Q

Around the UC

Don't forget USA is on at 2:00 p.m. and Canada is on at 8:30 p.m.!

Preview: HERE

Preview: HERE

-Practice videos from yesterday:




Coach Q


-Team Canada watched as Canada's women hockey team won the Gold:

Also the Tribune Store is selling posters of this:

I suggest getting the photo, it's on really nice paper. Plus it's only 6 dollars!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Burish on the Olympics

Well, you can definitely tell when Burish is back in the locker room.

According to him, Seabrook will be the one to cry if Canada wins (awww). Even better, Duncs will be rubbing his back while Kane is laughing at him. Oh, yeah and Toews won't smile.

Watch to see what else this crazy guy had to say:

(if video doesn't work, go HERE)

How can you not love this guy! (sharpy too)

Can't wait for Canada or USA to win Gold so we can get back to some HAWKS HOCKEY!!

Around the BC: Kopecky gets the game winner

Yesterday was all about the Hockey and the Hawks.

Kane/USA took down the Swiss, Seabs/Toews/Duncs/CAN destroyed the Russians, and Kopecky/Hossa/Slovakia beat Sweden.

Which means all six Hawks will play for a medal!

Kane and the USA will face off against Finland tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Toews, Seabs, Duncs, and Canada will play against Kopecky, Hossa, and Slovakia at 8:30 p.m.

The rest of the Hawks went back to practice today:

Blackhawks Blog has behind the scenes photos of Kane filming the Today show:

Agree to disagree:

Brian Campbell was on ABC 7's "Sweet Homes Chicago"
 (won't post the videos so here's the links):  HERE

I'm going to have to agree with Tracy Butler, the Hawks are "very cool" off the ice.
(I really want that poster of him, Seabs, and Duncs!)

Extended interview with Campbell: HERE

Kane's postcard from Vancouver: I was hoping to hear something about those ice dancers he really wanted to meet.

Looks like Burish will return March 7th!!

Burish: ''It's been brutal. It stinks. And it never got easier. Not once. The hardest part is driving up to the United Center before a game and seeing the fans going in, and the building getting packed, and it hits you that you can't play tonight.''

''I play with passion, I play on the edge and when I'm playing that way, fighting is sometimes going to happen.''

''I feel better now that I did before I got hurt. I feel stronger and faster. I've worked on my leg strength, my power and my speed. I'll be a better player when I come back.''

-Quotes from and read more: Burish hates the wait

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada takes down the Ruskies, Twihard style

The hype was unbelievable for Canada vs Russia. It was all "OMG! Crosby and Ovechkin!" This was the game to watch.

Well, it was the game to watch but for different reasons.

Crosby and Ovechkin basically did nothing. Russia wasn't much of a competition. And Toews gave Ovechkin a boo boo.

Canada came out on the ice and attacked Russia like Twihards on Rob Pattinson. They picked up their physical game and trust me if you've never been to a Twilight signing those girls can get physical too. The rest of the first Russia stood there shocked with shit in their pants while Canada scored four goals.

Russia's goalie Bryzgalov: "They came out like gorillas out of a cage."

Canada never let up on the Russians. They went on to score seven goals and gave Russia three pity goals. Toews was a big part of the win tonight. While Kane is building his national reputation on the Today show, Toews is building it on the ice. He had two assists tonight to add to his pile of assists (7) over the past few games. Keith also is showing he is one of the best with two assists and over 20 mins of ice time. Those two are probably the most consistent players on Canada. Toews has team best plus nine.

Now Seabrook may have low ice time and some bad luck but he has showed a solid effort. There are a lot of great Canadian defenseman but he has proven he can play with the best of them. And no I'm not just saying this because I'm biased. 

Canada and USA are on to the semifinals which means they're both one game away from THE GAME!

It also means that Toews, Seabs, Duncs, and Kane will not be meeting up with the team tomorrow. The rest of the Hawks will start practice. Just a week till the Hawks start up again, I am so ready.

Goals from Canada's game:

1st period:

-Kalinin (Rus)

2nd period:

-Perry (2)
-Afinogenov (Rus)
-Gonchar (Rus)

3rd period:

No Goals.

USA WINS!/Kane on Today/Canada vs Russia

USA shuts out the Swiss 2-0!

Parise (above) scores USA's only goals.

Most graceful while getting hit award goes to: Bobby Ryan's Flip!

Have to give major props to Swiss goalie Hiller.

Most exciting almost goal: USA was sooooo close to scoring with literally a second left in the period. It would of been sweet.

More detailed recap: HERE

Kane becoming a national star was on the Today show:

Really great segment. Plus some Chelsea Dagger!


6:30 p.m.

Toews: "It's still huge. It's never going to go away. It's going to be a huge game. It doesn't matter it's a quarterfinal game. We'll be ready for it. The confidence we built (Tuesday) is really going to help us."

Seabs: "We have the Ruskies so it's going to be a hard game, a battle. (The rivalry) started before I was born but the '72 series was always big. Growing up in Canada, we've heard a lot about it.

(The Ruskies?)


Just to let everyone know, Ozzie Guillen is on Twitter. Now my life is complete.

Ozzie: "I wanted to do something fun off the field. This has nothing to do with the organization and to do with baseball. It's my life. I don't know why people making a big deal. Anybody else having this Twitter I don't think anybody cares about it. But because I'm Ozzie Guillen ... I didn't know how famous I was. Pretty interesting. I thought people hated me." 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Stand behind us. We believe"- Toews

Read more of Captain's wise words: Stand behind us: Toews

Team Canada dominated Germany and looked liked the team we know and love.

How bad was the damage to Germany...

8 Canada and 2 pity goals for Germany.

1st period:

-Thornton with a KEITH ASSIST!

2nd period:

-Weber- This was a quite interesting goal. The puck literally went through the net! And no one even knew it was a goal. Now that is what I call putting the puck in the net.
-Iginla (2)
-Goc (Germany)

3rd period:

-Crosby with another Keith the beast assist!
-Richards with a TOEWS ASSIST!
-Klinge (Germany)

Shots: 39-23 Canada

Guess what? Duncs and Seabs were actually on the ice together! It was like the good old days.

Canada got a penalty shot and Babcock picked Crosby. He missed. For all of us Hawks fans, we knew Toews would of made that.

Toews postgame:

Now for tomorrow:

USA vs Swiss



Canada vs Russia


Some other articles:

-Everything about this article completely breaks my heart!- 

Keith: "It's a little different but at the same time I think I'm confident playing with anybody out there. They obviously know that me and Seabrook can play together and I really enjoy playing with him.

Seabs: "We have a great seven back there. You can't play everybody at the same time so there's going to have to be an odd-man out and that's me."

Keith: "It's tough. We have a lot of D-men. There are only so many players they can put out there. (Seabrook) has played solid. We know he's a good, solid player anytime we put him out there -- and reliable for sure."

Can we just get back to the Hawks now, where Seabs and Duncs are always together! Just a week left!

Kane: "People are saying we're not playing that well, but we finished first in the group and first in the round robin and we still have a chance to win a gold medal. We're excited about that. I'm excited to get myself going here. I kind of know what to expect now. It was like this in the NHL, too. You feel out the first couple of games and then you kind of take over and do your thing. I think it'll definitely get better."

To solve this whole "goalie issue", The Hawks should go find the guy who played Goldberg in Mighty Ducks.

"No, it was me!"


I think the USA team should get some sweet sweat suits like they had.

I just had to show another one...

Nothing like some Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Good Vibrations) with Mighty Ducks.

Do or die

or in Canada's case win or no medal!

I don't know about you guys but I'm super nervous!

Canada vs Germany
6:30 p.m.
CNBC (might want to double check that)

Preview: HERE

Article round up:


Monday, February 22, 2010

Around the BC: Mini Seabrook

Keith Seabrook: "I'm watching the games on TV. It's everyone's dream to be on the best team, with the best players representing our country. I know he's excited to be there."

"All my buddies are really excited, they've been going downtown and taking it all in. I'm a little jealous."

Q: Given that none of the Hawks' Olympians are particularly lighting up the score sheets, which one do you think is most frustrated by his individual performance so far? 
Steve (Oswego) 

A: It’s hard to get inside their heads, but I’m sure Brent Seabrook might be a little surprised playing less than double digit minutes per game. He and Duncan Keith were brought in as a tandem, and they aren’t getting big minutes together. And you know Patrick Kane is the type who wants to see his name in the box score, because that is how he contributes -- with points. He has a goal, but I’d expect he’d want more after three games. 

-All of Vancover, Including Russians, Riveted by US-Canada

"And then Ovechkin, this great, magnificent force of nature who has somehow flown under the radar here as he and his powerful Russian team circle like buzzards above the hockey hype, left the rink in a hurried rush, barely pausing to talk to reporters in the mixed zone. Seems he, like everyone else in North America, didn't want to miss a shift of Canada vs. the United States, otherwise known as a game the hosts simply could not, would not, dare to lose."

-This makes me sad: USA vs Canada summed up in one spectacular .GIF

-If you didn't catch the Kane chat, replay here: Patrick Kane Live Chat

Kane on playing against teammates: "It was different and not very fun I'd say. I was out there against Duncs a lot and you see how good he really is. I wasn't out against Tazer and Seabs that much, but I thought they both played really well. Good to see them have a big impact on the game and have the Blackhawks well represented."

The Miracle game happened 30 years ago today!

Here is a 4 year old boy giving the Herb Brooks Pre-game Speech:

And here is the movie version:

-"Miracle on Ice" spawned tradition of clapping during national anthem at Chicago Blackhawks games

Rocky Wirtz: "That was the first time people started cheering during the national anthem. That's when it started, everyone brought flags and were chanting ["USA, USA"].

"It was really something to see. And it still sends chills up my spine."

-Last nights game was the most watched sports program in Canadian history with 10.6 viewers.