Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around the BC: Kopecky gets the game winner

Yesterday was all about the Hockey and the Hawks.

Kane/USA took down the Swiss, Seabs/Toews/Duncs/CAN destroyed the Russians, and Kopecky/Hossa/Slovakia beat Sweden.

Which means all six Hawks will play for a medal!

Kane and the USA will face off against Finland tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Toews, Seabs, Duncs, and Canada will play against Kopecky, Hossa, and Slovakia at 8:30 p.m.

The rest of the Hawks went back to practice today:

Blackhawks Blog has behind the scenes photos of Kane filming the Today show:

Agree to disagree:

Brian Campbell was on ABC 7's "Sweet Homes Chicago"
 (won't post the videos so here's the links):  HERE

I'm going to have to agree with Tracy Butler, the Hawks are "very cool" off the ice.
(I really want that poster of him, Seabs, and Duncs!)

Extended interview with Campbell: HERE

Kane's postcard from Vancouver: I was hoping to hear something about those ice dancers he really wanted to meet.

Looks like Burish will return March 7th!!

Burish: ''It's been brutal. It stinks. And it never got easier. Not once. The hardest part is driving up to the United Center before a game and seeing the fans going in, and the building getting packed, and it hits you that you can't play tonight.''

''I play with passion, I play on the edge and when I'm playing that way, fighting is sometimes going to happen.''

''I feel better now that I did before I got hurt. I feel stronger and faster. I've worked on my leg strength, my power and my speed. I'll be a better player when I come back.''

-Quotes from and read more: Burish hates the wait

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