Friday, February 19, 2010

Around the BC: Slovakia wins and Dustin Keith

Slovakia won against Russia and the all mighty Ovechkin last night! 

Didn't catch the game, too late for me.

Slovakia Hawks:

Hossa got the game tying goal in the third!

Kopecky also did something, he got a penalty for hooking.

(yes, I realize the pictures are from their last game)

Recap: HERE

-Apparently, there is a new player on the Hawks: Dustin Keith- HERE
You can't help but just shake your head. Her favorite player must be Duncan Byfuglien.

-Olympic Articles:

-Wiz might not be on the Hawks anymore but you still gotta love him and his fashion tips.

Wiz, the Fashion Critic:

-I'm still pissed at Babcock on the whole Seabs thing and probably won't get over it.
I'm hoping Seabrook and the Hawks destroy Babcock and his Wings in the playoffs.

 @BlackhawksDL made this Brilliant and wonderful comparison:

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