Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Around the UC: I am Canadian!

Found this commercial from the awesome blog: The Hockey Junkies 

"Suzanne Seabrook gives a "Go Canada!" cheer during an assembly at Cliff Drive Elementary in Tsawwassen on Monday morning. Students presented Seabrook with a good luck banner, which she will give to her son, Brent, during the Winter Olympics. Brent Seabrook, a defenceman with the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, will play for Canada at the Games in Vancouver. He attended Cliff Drive from kindergarten to Grade 7." 

-Chicago Blackhawks blog has a new post on the Newlywed game featuring the Frasers and Brouwers:

-The Suntimes had an article on Chicago becoming a Hockey town: Hawks, Wolves trigger hockey revival in Chicago

Another Suntimes article: Team USA: Kane will miss Mondano (Feel I don't post enough about Team USA)

-Olympic article from the New York Times: What do ice dancers do for fun? Play hockey video games

"American team forward Patrick Kane, who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, graces the cover of NHL 10. Bates is bringing the game packaging to the Olympics, in hopes of getting Kane to autograph it."

-Adam Burish has targeted March 7 as his return date, according to the Chicago Tribune. That game is vs the Red Wings, I'm sure Burish will have fun with that.

-I forgot to mention earlier the best part of the game yesterday:
Sarah Kustock wiped out on her way off the ice. classic.


  1. I have a heterosexual man crush on Adam Burish

  2. I can't wait for Bur to come back.