Friday, February 12, 2010

Around the UC: Save a horse ride a cowboy

-Kane and Versteeg sang "Save a horse ride a cowboy" together at Soupy's Poker Tournament.

Yes, this is real...

Video was shot by: @lorikaryl

-The Daily Chronicle asked the Hawks what if they could compete in any category in the Olympics?

Ice Dancing: Campbell/Burish
Curling: Hendry/Sopel
Ski Jumping: Hossa/Hammer/Fraser
Bobsleigh: Big Buff
Luge: Keith/Kaner/Burish

Read their hilarious comments and the rest: Hawks Olympics' could be fun

-Second City Hockey have a readers experience of Soupy's Poker Tournament: 

-Jonathan Toews at the Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards:

-Burish talked to the Daily Chronicle about what's in his locker and Seabrooks bad breath (that's the third time someone on the team has talked about his bad breath, that is just not right):

A couple Olympic articles:

-Sharpy on US99 (Hawks must love this station):

-Remember you can meet three of the Hawks today. (look at post below)

Don't forget about the Olympics' Opening Ceremony tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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