Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Stand behind us. We believe"- Toews

Read more of Captain's wise words: Stand behind us: Toews

Team Canada dominated Germany and looked liked the team we know and love.

How bad was the damage to Germany...

8 Canada and 2 pity goals for Germany.

1st period:

-Thornton with a KEITH ASSIST!

2nd period:

-Weber- This was a quite interesting goal. The puck literally went through the net! And no one even knew it was a goal. Now that is what I call putting the puck in the net.
-Iginla (2)
-Goc (Germany)

3rd period:

-Crosby with another Keith the beast assist!
-Richards with a TOEWS ASSIST!
-Klinge (Germany)

Shots: 39-23 Canada

Guess what? Duncs and Seabs were actually on the ice together! It was like the good old days.

Canada got a penalty shot and Babcock picked Crosby. He missed. For all of us Hawks fans, we knew Toews would of made that.

Toews postgame:

Now for tomorrow:

USA vs Swiss



Canada vs Russia


Some other articles:

-Everything about this article completely breaks my heart!- 

Keith: "It's a little different but at the same time I think I'm confident playing with anybody out there. They obviously know that me and Seabrook can play together and I really enjoy playing with him.

Seabs: "We have a great seven back there. You can't play everybody at the same time so there's going to have to be an odd-man out and that's me."

Keith: "It's tough. We have a lot of D-men. There are only so many players they can put out there. (Seabrook) has played solid. We know he's a good, solid player anytime we put him out there -- and reliable for sure."

Can we just get back to the Hawks now, where Seabs and Duncs are always together! Just a week left!

Kane: "People are saying we're not playing that well, but we finished first in the group and first in the round robin and we still have a chance to win a gold medal. We're excited about that. I'm excited to get myself going here. I kind of know what to expect now. It was like this in the NHL, too. You feel out the first couple of games and then you kind of take over and do your thing. I think it'll definitely get better."

To solve this whole "goalie issue", The Hawks should go find the guy who played Goldberg in Mighty Ducks.

"No, it was me!"


I think the USA team should get some sweet sweat suits like they had.

I just had to show another one...

Nothing like some Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Good Vibrations) with Mighty Ducks.

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