Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Recaps: Whoa! Canada! Oh, Usa won too!

I was impressed to see that USA won but then came Canada's game...

USA wins 3-1 against Switzerland!


1st period: Ryan

2nd period: Backes and Malone

3rd period: Wick (switzerland)

photos from: usahockey.com

Well, Canada performed like everyone thought they would. They dominated.

Canada beat the shit out of Norway  8-0! Poor little Norway got DESTROYED. 

Iginla with a HAT TRICK!

Quote Seabs: "Hat trick, Booyah!"

1st period: No goals.

2nd period: Iginla, Pronger, and Richards

3rd period: Getzlaf, Heatley, Ignila (2), and Perry

Toews got an assist on the Getzlaf goal!!

Can you spot Toews?

See all the photos from the game: HERE

USA vs Canada is going to be fun!

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