Friday, February 5, 2010

Yup, that is three in a row...

Its not something you see everyday from the Hawks.

Well, it is the first time all year the Hawks have lost three in a row.

How did this tragedy happen, you ask??

It all started with a first period...

when Frazzle Dazzle aka Fraser shot one in the back of the net. The goal coming from the man who was scratched the last game. Keith and Ladd were the wing men on that one. Next thing you know the Hawks are on top 1-0 at the end of the first. Not only leading in scoring but also in shots 12-9.

During the second those damn Coyotes tied it up on a powerplay goal. The damn dogs may have tied it in scoring but the amazing Hawks still lead in shots 21-16 at the end of the period.

On to the not so exciting third, Barker and Sharp got some penalties but that is about all the action the Hawks had. The shots 26-22 Hawks.

Yup, you know whats next...

Overtime. Ahh!

Yeah...the second worst thing to overtime happened next.

Shootout! Ahh!

Dog: scores

Captain: SCORES

Dog: miss

Kane: miss

Dog: scores. not good.

Hossa: nooooo!

And that is how the cookie crumbles, Hawks lose 2-1.

Duncs was the third star and only star for the Hawks.

Some positive crowd notes:

-Largest crowd this season: 22,169
-79th straight sellout.

p.s. there was a soupy spin-o-rama in there somewhere.

No worries! The Hawks get a second chance tomorrow. They'll be down in St. Louis. For those who are going cheer loud for all of us back here in Chicago! Go Hawks!!

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