Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Fourth Line Win!

Pre-game: Niemi in the net. Boynton and Burish were scratches. Different lines: Buff/Keith, Hammer/Seabs, and Sopel/Hendry. Also, Fraser was back in the line-up.

Man down! Fraser was slammed into the boards by one of Santa's little helpers. He struggled getting back to the bench. Eventually play stopped while Fraser was struggling to breath on the bench. Looked as if he might have gotten hit by the elf's stick in his mid section. He was only in his first shift back when he left the bench. Niemi made some nice saves, he even saved a Clutterbuck. A Cal Clutterbuck. Some rare beautiful things were spotted on the ice in the first: Sopel had a shot, it may have been blocked but it was a shot and it was by Sopel. Another miracle, Kopecky scored first for the Hawks with a pass from Eager. The period ended with the Hawks on top 1-0. And they were playing Hockey. And it was good hockey. And it was beautiful. 

Intermission: Kopecky interview. A rare occurrence. 

Man not down! Fraser was back out on the ice after being checked out. Big relief. Hammer and Hendry both with some noteworthy blocks. It was a night for the 4th line especially after Eager put one in the back of the net and made it 2-0. That would be a goal and an assist for him tonight. Half way through the second the Hawks were dominating by outshooting the Northpole gang 23-6. The Hawks should of had a bigger lead but that damn Backstrom is doing his job and blocking shots. Bolland was called for highsticking then Seabrook played dumb and got called for Hooking. 90 seconds of 5 0n 3 for the Wild. Niemi became a beast with big game changing saves. Now that's a second period ending penalty kill. Hawks killed the point eared Minnesotans in shots 16-5. Pull out the Sharpie and make the belt out to the 4th line or Niemi. 

Well, the clock broke at the beginning of the third. Kopecky must of noticed that Niemi was in the running for the belt. He scored his SECOND goal of the night. He scored twice. Kopecky scored one and then two. Holy 4th line! Speaking of the number 4, Toews scored the fourth goal for the Hawks with a pass from Hossa. I started to get confused on which line was the first and which line was the fourth. HAWKS WIN 4-0! It's has been to long since i've been able to say the word WIN! Another game for Niemi to add to the long list of shutouts! It's his 7th! It's also Niemi's turn to give out the belt (Kopecky...). 

Post-game: Eager Interview, "the gloves were warm tonight."

It appears that the Hawks we all know and love showed up on the ice tonight. We'll see if they're officially back on Friday! They'll be fist pumping in New Jersey! 

Preview: Hawks vs Barker

Blackhawks vs Wild
7:00 p.m.
CSN (I think)


Coach Q is going scream and yell at the boys.

Then Toews is going to punch the whole team in the face, including himself.

After that Betty White is going to come in and tell the boys what she thinks.

Then the whole team is going to pray that they win tonight.

And they dominate and win the game!

Coach Q is ecstatic!

Barker tells the media that he wishes he was still on the amazing Hawks.

Finally, Hawks fans are happy!

Oh, yeah ticketmaster sucks!


For those of you who want a legit preview: Go Here
And BHTV 3 is playing again on CSN at 10:30 p.m.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So does this mean playoff tickets will be easy to get...

Pre-game: Nothing like a Duncs interview to get you pumped.

A pair of 55's start off the game with a fight. Not much motivation in that one for Eager so I'm gonna have to go with Janssen for the win. Hawks score first with a gorgeous breakaway goal for Sharp. The ingredients for a gorgeous goal: a turnover, a pass from the Captain, and a shooter who is Chicago's sexiest athlete. With about 7 mins left in the first, Steen tied the game after a turnover by Hammer or should I say Chalmarsson (according to the Versus announcer). That won't be the last time the Blues tie it up. Hossa took back the Hawks lead on a Toews rebound. That would be 2 assists for Toews in the game and a beautiful start for the first line (Toews-Hossa-Sharp). Could of been 3-1 with the puck just sitting on the goal line. Shots 12-10 Hawks.

Intermission: I've got nothing. 
Listen up kids, here's a lesson for you: Backes tried to check Seabs. What happened to Backes? Got hurt and ended up leaving the ice. Lesson learned. The damn Blues tied it 2-2, it was their captain Brewer who did the damage. Oh yeah, Backes came back. He better watch himself. Janssen was back at it again this time with Boynton. Even though Janssen's jersey came off he still came up on top. He also got kicked out of the game, someone is trying to be like another 55 we all know. He wasn't the only one the Hawks have taken out, add Kariya and Backes to the list too. The second ended as a tie game.

Intermission: A Sharp interview to make up for the last intermission.

Third started with an outstanding breakaway move by Hossa but was denied after a save between the legs for Mason. Most hated player of the game so far goes to Steen after he put the Blues on top 3-2. The Hawks still aren't looking like themselves, themselves meaning playing good. The first line might be playing well but the first line isn't the whole team. Now the Blues have made it 4-2, thanks to Erik Johnson. Did I mention the D sucks? Well, the D blows. The frustrating thing is, they're not bad players. They just don't seem to give a shit. Sopel got a puck to the face, tons of blood. Let's be honest, it's not like his face could get any worse. He could also use a skate to the hair. Not much happened in the final minutes of the game. Unless you count a shitty powerplay as something happening. 

Final score: 4-2.

Final note: Detroit is six points behind the Hawks.

Preview: Hawks vs Blues

Blackhawks vs Blues
7:00 p.m.

-Hawks have won three games against the Blues this season.
-Hawks are looking to get back on the winning track after two losses.
-Niemi in the net.
-The lines should be interesting. Look for Buff to go back to forward and Seabs/Duncs to remain split.

New Blackhawks Montage:

Perfect pre-game video


Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the UC: Line shuffles

-Practice Update: This could be confusing, try to keep up.

Toews was centered between Hossa and Sharp. Buff practiced as a left wing with Kane and Versteeg. Madden went to the fourth line and Bolland went to the third line with Ladd and Brouwer. Saddest news of all, Seabs and Duncs will continue to be separated. Johnsson is still not skating. Lastly, Niemi will be in the net vs the Blues. 

Remember this was just practice but Coach Q said he doesn't mind trying out new lines. 

Practice Videos:

Coach Q




-Playoffs Tickets go on sale WEDNESDAY at 10 a.m.!! You can purchase tickets only through and calling Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000. Also you can purchase no more than four per game.
So the guys have the playoff beard but what about the girls? I've decided that I will be putting streaks of red dye in my hair! Come on girls join in! 

-More positive talk on Duncs for Norris:

Keith: "I take that (the Norris Trophy talk) as a compliment. It's nice to get talked about in that regard, but there's a lot of hockey left."

"You get a lot more points on the power play and it's been a lot more fun being there and contributing to that."

"I've always thought I was a well-rounded player, so it's nice to get that opportunity this year. We have some pretty skilled guys up front, so that certainly helps."

2007-08: "Keith led the ‘Hawks in ice time again, and he repaid them with a career-high 12 goals and 32 points.  He also led Chicago with a +30 rating, which was second among NHL defenseman and fifth overall in the NHL."

2008-09: "And Keith responded with his best year, with eight goals and career-bests in assists (36), points (44), and +/- (+33) in 77 games."

"Poised and humble, Keith praised Doughty in an interview with the Toronto Star during the Games:  ”I mean, I was in the American (hockey) league when I was 20 years old.”

Some guys can mature faster than other guys and he’s obviously a great player. To do the things he does at such a young age is pretty incredible.”"

Source: Norris Candidate: Duncan Keith

"Duncan Keith(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks has three things going for him: That he's the defensive lynch pin for what was, at one point, the best defensive team in hockey, much like Chara last season; that he's been chatted up as a Norris finalist for months; and that he made Team Canada while Green wasn't selected, which may factor into the thinking in a close vote."

Source: Will voters get on board 'Mike Green for Norris' campaign?

-Jesse Roger's Playoff Watch:

Wings did it again

No.1 seed slipping away 

-Blast from the Past:

Toews: "We went through something like this last year, and we came out of it better and stronger as a team. We're not going to let something like this frustrate us and get us down. We're going to take it upon ourselves to be better and work on all areas of our game. We'll battle our way back on top and we'll get our confidence back and we'll be fine."

Coach Q: "Every year you always have stretches you can reflect upon and you can build some character and a little adversity can be healthy for you. Last year we experienced it at a comparable time (with) a similar trend we have going here now. It was a positive experience that we had off of it."

And Keith is not satisfied with his skates, that could be a problem:

"They're just not sending me good pairs of skates. Every hockey player likes their equipment to feel good. And my skating is my biggest asset. When my skates are feeling good and fit right … then I skate how I want to skate."

Well, we did learn in Blackhawks TV last night that Keith is the most high maintenance. 

Source: Recent slump has familiar feel for Chicago Blackhawks

-Comcast SportsNet To Debut New Monthly Interview Series With Chicago's Top Athletes:

"For the premiere airing of The Point After on Friday, April 2 at 9:00 PM (with a repeat airing on Saturday, April 3 at 8:30 PM), this new, half-hour program, hosted by Comcast SportsNet’s Chicago Tribune Live host David Kaplan, will feature an exclusive interview with Chicago Blackhawks superstar and U.S. Olympian PATRICK KANE. "

"Among the topics Kaplan discusses with the 21-year-old Kane include the Buffalo, NY native’s moving away from home at an early age, his family, life off the ice, his love for Chicago and Blackhawks fans, the importance of his relationship with his teammates, how he was affected by the 2008 firing of his first NHL coach Denis Savard, along with the serious personality of team captain Jonathan Toews and much more."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

At least we have Blackhawks TV to wipe away our tears

Motivation seemed to be lacking in this one:

Scratches: Boynton, Johnsson, Fraser, and Soupy. Some interesting pairing for this game, Keith and Seabrook were split up. Seabrook was with Hammer, Keith with Sopel, and Buff with Hendry. There was a very special and well deserved ceremony before the game awarding Seabrook, The Man of the Year!

He looks like a giant!

Game started off with Kane getting slammed into the boards by Methot. He ended up getting called for Highsticking and the Hawks getting a powerplay. As usual the powerplay was nothing spectacular. What happened next was quite embarrassingly good. Hawks got on the board first with a goal by Bolland but Bolland didn't actually put it in the net himself. Vermette did the number no-no, he scored on his own goal. 

Hadn't even finished laughing about that when the defense was unable to clear the puck and the Jackets quickly tied it 1-1. The first didn't get much better after that. Versteeg called for Hooking, Toews called for Tripping, and a 5 0n 3. Doesn't sound good but the Hawks had a nice penalty kill on that one. The Hawks were rather flat to put it politely in the first. They were also outshot 8-7.

Intermission: Bolland interview. New Blackhawks fan clubs: Fan Voice/Standbys. Vince Vaughn was recognized on the jumbotron for his 40th birthday.

Buff with a what looked like a big butt hit or technically called a spinaround hit. That was Buff's third hit of the game. He was one of the few Hawks that seemed to care during the game. The Hawks on another powerplay that again wasn't so stellar but this one was different. It received collective boos from the crowd. A confused Sopel standing in front of the Hawks net feels something hit his foot, he looks around wondering what it was. He must of forgot that he was playing a Hockey game and that thing that hit his foot was the puck which conveniently   went into the back of the net. You are just a one of a kind Sopel. Nash gave Kane a little shit talking but no one on the Hawks cared. What else is new?

This is where I took a break from writing and watched Blackhawks TV. I just can't seem to be as angry about the game anymore after watching it.

Back to the game, with seconds left in the second the Jackets score. Burish clearly not happy with the way the game was going tried to get the team fired up. After the whistle was blown Burish took a few whacks at the Jackets. Hawks behind 3-1 at the end of the second.

Intermission: Sharp interview

Vermette was called for roughing at the end of the second so Hawks started of the third with a powerplay. Nothing came from that. Keith called for Tripping and the Hawks may have trouble on the powerplay but they're pretty solid on the penalty kill. Kane called for unsportmanlike conduct, just stupid. 

With minutes left in the third, the Hawks realized they were playing a hockey game. Sharp started down from center ice with a beautiful pass from Seabs and nets a shortie. From then on the Hawks were awake! As soon as the excitement started the horn blew and the game was over. I forgot to mention sometime during that excitement the Jackets scored on the Hawks empty net. Hawks lose to the Jacket 4-2, at least we can say it wasn't 8-3. 

Post-game reactions from @CSNChi_Beatnik:

"To John Madden: What isn't working? Madden: [Long pause] We need to play with more desperation."

"Madden: "I can't critique other players but myself...""

"Madden: "Every time we let a game slip away, time is running out. Losing and failing can get contagious.""

"Seabrook seemed ticked about being split from Keith. Why? "You have to ask the coaches. We're here to play hockey and to win hockey games.""

"What about the power play at home? Seabs: "It hasn't been very good I don't know what else you want to talk about with the power play.""

"Seabrook: Absolutely we're running out of time. We've gotta get back to our style of hockey. We've gotta get back to work.""

"Q calls Hawks out? "We haven’t had this type of stretch all year long, & everybody should be looking to improve & enhance their own game""

Post-game videos:




Coach Q

Let's wipe the tears of loss with another new totally amazing terrific epic Blackhawks TV:

Equipment staff: Clint works as hard as the players do and as of right now he is working harder then them. 

Bobby's Hull Legacy: The old film in the beginning is pretty sweet

Player pets: Brouwer and Ari

Kane's Olympic adventure: I have to admit the cameo appearances by the USA players is cool and they happen to be funny.

Players pets: Buff and Walter: This has to be my favorite player/dog combo.

Crying at the movies: This video speaks for itself.

Team photo time lapse:

Players pets: Sharp and the famous Shooter.

And now we longly wait for the next Blackhawks TV. Hopefully, it will be about following the Hawks winning ways in the playoffs. 

Preview: Lets win this time

So as we all know the Hawks lost 8-3 to the Blue Jackets on Thursday.
 The only logical reason to why they lost is...

I didn't post this picture in the preview:

Blackhawks vs Blue Jackets
6:00 p.m.

-Niemi is in the net tonight.
-Don't forget: Blackhawks TV after the game!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Practice Update:

-Niemi will start in the net tomorrow.

Niemi: “I haven’t played too many games in the NHL so I think every game gets [my confidence] higher."

Coach Q: "Sunday, Antti's going to play. We'll play it by ear. Certainly he deserves to get the net and we'll see how he handles it."

Coach Q: “I’m going to say he’s going to get at least the next game and we’ll go from there."

-Johnsson is still not practicing.

The Hawks held a team meeting during yesterday's off day:

Burish: “Some of the guys said a few things to each other and that’s what a team has to do. That’s what a good team does. We addressed the issues ... You kind of pull the elephant out of the bag, and there it is. Let’s address it and figure out what’s wrong ... let’s get it out on the table and then let’s put it away and move forward.” 

Coach Q: “You can’t be too happy with what took place the night before. It probably needed to be addressed. You can’t be happy with a game like that.” 

Quotes from:

Around the UC

-Great read: Hawk Talk: Coasting to the finish

"Some reasons are perfectly legitimate. Olympic fatigue, which has affected some players (Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook all carry minus ratings since the break) and not others (Patrick Kane has remained a scoring threat and has played even, Marian Hossa has been a plus player and the team’s most dangerous scorer). Injuries to the blue line—for a couple of games the Blackhawks were absent three of their top five defensemen in losing Seabrook, Brian Campbell, and Kim Johnsson—has played a role.
But the more significant issues that have set Chicago into a slump have little to do with outside forces and more to do with what’s reflecting back in those dressing-room mirrors.
The Blackhawks’ power play catches a lot of flak, and it’s preposterously impotent given the firepower of this Chicago team, but overall it ranks 11th in the league at .187, nothing that should set anyone’s hair on fire either way."

"Blackhawks Brent Seabrook, Troy Brouwer, Andrew Ladd and Duncan Keithhanging together at Joe's Stone Crab on Friday night"

"If Huet's confidence has dropped as far as his save percentage has recently, then coach Joel Quenneville should give the job to Antti Niemi right now and see how much he has in the tank for the playoff drive."

Coach Q: ''We'll see. It was a tough outing [for Huet]. Antti has been playing well. It will sort itself out.''

Huet: ''What I need is one good game to get back on track. I had some good games, but not the end result. One game and a win to get back on track.''

Huet: ''My point of view is [Thursday] was just a bad game. I feel sorry for the guys. I let them down. That's where I stand right now.''

Brouwer: "There's no room for that kind of stuff. Everyone's here for the same reason: It's to make a living and play the game that they love. Nobody wants to be out there in fear that they might (suffer) a career-ending injury and then you can't do what you love to do. I like the fact they're cracking down on it. They should punish guys who make the effort to hit somebody in the head."

Coach Q: "Players got to recognize ... when players are vulnerable and they can't protect themselves. It's going to be a good rule [with] the players knowing that there are some consequences right now and going forward."

Sharp: "It's always nice to feel like you're going to postseason play, but we have to find our game pretty quickly. We can't go into postseason playing like that."

Sharp: "We've got nobody to blame but ourselves. Nobody is going to help us except the guys in this locker room."

Coach Q: "Now we're going to be fighting every game. We have nine in a short amount of time and there's a lot at stake."

Burish: "There were some Chicago fans behind our bench who were screaming at us saying, ‘You guys stink.' When you hear your own fans saying that, it's embarrassing. You don't feel good about it."

-If you're from Chicago, you know about the mural on the highway. Who's on the Mural now? Jonathan Toews and the Stanley Cup. The only problem with it, they gave Toews what looks like a pigs snout . There is a picture in the Tribune today, check it out. 

-Burish's fight from the last game:

Love Hammer's face expressions in the background.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hawks lose bigtime!

I wasn't able to watch any of the game, so excuse me for the lack of details.

Quick hits:

The words of Adam Burish: ''[Huet] wasn't great tonight, but nobody was really great."

-Versteeg scored in the second.
-Kopecky and Burish scored in the third.
-Huet was pulled in the second but then brought back into the third and gave up 7 goals. That boy needs some confidence!
-Niemi gave up 1 goal in his short time in the net.
-Also heard the defense wasn't much help either and the puck was turned over quite a few times.
-The one good thing that came out of this game: Blackhawks clinch playoff berth!
-This is also the first time in 13 years they will make consecutive playoff appearances!

And that wraps up my poor excuse for a recap!

Now it's time for the Hawks to put this lost behind them and get revenge on the Blue Jackets this Sunday!!

Preview: A Win to Clinch

It all started with a Wasp and ended with a Burish:

Blackhawks vs Blue Jackets
CSN + (remember it's +)
6:00 p.m.

-Hawks can clinch playoff berth if they win tonight!
-This is the fifth game of the season between these two.
-And the Hawks have won all of the games against the Jackets this season.
-Huet is the man in the net.

More on the belt: Hawk-a-mania is born

Kane: “Myself, Seabrook, Toews, Sharp and Burish all had wrestling matches in the hotel room one night.  Seabs just dominated everyone. … It was Seabs against Sharp, and Seabs against me. It was just Seabs against everyone.”

(Seabs dominating everyone? Does this surprise anyone?)
(Also, I would pay money to see that fight with Kane against Seabs, such an unfair fight.)

Kane: “Guys in the locker room, in between periods, [were saying], ‘Who wants that belt? Who wants that belt? It pumps you up a little bit. It keeps it fun in the locker room.”

Madden: “I think the lowest weight you can get is a straw weight. I think that’s what Kaner would be in. He’s only what, 160 pounds? Just call him ‘Little Man Kane.’ ”

-Another Hilarious: Sharp Attack on Eric and Kathy
This is the most brilliant segment ever! If you are not listening, you are missing out.
Preview of todays show:
-Seabs wears spandex and speedos for his and Sharp's wresting matches.
-Who hugs best after a goal- Big Buff! 
-Seabs: "It's tough to tell if Seabs has a concussion or if he's just being normal."
Probably the best show yet: listen here


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flashback Video:

Featuring Niemi and Hammer...

Around the UC: Music of the Blackhawks

-The Hawks may be good at Hockey but their taste in music is just god awful. 
You know it's bad when half the teams favorite band is Nickelback.

Burish controls the music: "The thing is it doesn't matter what you do before a game, you can't win. If it's country, somebody's not going to like it. If it's hip-hop, somebody's going to hate that. And if it's Duncan's heavy, heavy metal, everybody 
hates that."

Fraser: "It just depends on the day. We listen to a lot of country on practice days. But on game day, we're a hip-hop bunch."

Quotes from and Read the hilarious rest here: What's rockin' on Patricks Kane's iPod?
You can also read more about Kane's music: here (warning: he may or may not listen to 'Hot in Herre')

-Soupy was at the UC last night and is still a little bitter about the hit. I'm guessing wearing a sling doesn't help.

Soupy: "The first week was pretty tough. Pretty boring. A lot of sitting around, obviously. I'm looking forward to getting back and hopefully skating in a week or two."

Soupy on Wirtz: "It's great. It's nice to have an owner that knows what's going on and sticks up for his players."

Soupy: "I had my head up there. I think that's the frustrating part. There's not a chance I can defend myself on a play like that. There's not a thing I can do, and now I'm just sitting and watching.

Soupy: "It's still frustrating for myself, and I'm still upset, but I have to get over that and move forward."

-As for Seabrook, he would like to stop talking about his hit.

Seabs: "It was good to get back out there and I was really excited," he said flatly. "I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's an injury. Sorry. It's in the past and I'm sick of hearing about it."

He also brought a title belt back with him. He originally bought it for his and Sharp's wrestling matches but they decided to use it for the locker room instead.

Seabs: "It's just sort of a fun thing. We sort of bounced the idea around a little bit, thought that it would be a good idea and something fun, unique and cool. I think Calgary did it at one point with the hard hat, but we didn't want to do the same thing as them." 

Here is the Title Belt:
picture from: @adamjahns

-Practice Update: Huet will be in the net tomorrow against the Blue Jackets.
Coach Q: "Huet hasn't played since that Philly game and he played very well and we want to get him going, too."


Coach Q:

Post-game videos




Coach Q:

Game Highlight: Niemi's amazing save

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Niemi with a title belt win


Pre-game camera: Seabs gave his best sexy look to the camera, then started cracking up. 
I guess you really just had to see it for yourself.


Three minutes in, the game started off with a Hawks powerplay. Of course, Hawks come up short during the pp. Well, if you had to go to the bathroom at all during the first, forget about it. There wasn't a whistle for the first ten minutes. Finally, a little action with the net. The Coyotes get one in but no goal after a short delay (Lombardi was in the crease). The Coyotes do the embarrassing no goal celebrating. It happens to everyone...except the Hawks, of course. Sharpy was all over the Coyotes net in first. Most of his chances were with his helmet off, it was the power of the hair flow. The game remained scoreless through the first with Hawks leading in shots 11-9. 

Intermission: Campbell did a sit down interview with Comcast Sports Net. The whole thing gave off this weird vibe. The camera was not only at an awkward angle but it was extremely close to his face. He might have been on a few pain killers, which is understandable with his injury and all. You can watch the video, here but it's no where near as CLOSE and creepy as it was on tv. 

Nice start to the second for the Hawks, Kane made it 1-0 with a wrist shot. Credit to Keith and Brouwer with the passing. The alternate jersey is lucky one for Kane, his 7th goal wearing it. The talk about Kane doesn't stop there, he was in a one against two with a great chance. Keith also with a chance just seconds after that then Brouwer jumped on board too. All over the Coyotes goalie. Bolland tried getting the puck to Hossa and somehow Hossa recovered it and put it in the goal 2-0.  You know the goal is a success when you get a "For all you young Hockey players out there." Seabrook stole the show when he destroyed Fiddler, completely took him down. He wasn't done with him yet. A scuffle started by the net and Seabrook pushed Fiddler right back into the boards. And the crowd goes wild. Hawks once again led in shots at the end of the second 16-8. Unlike the first they also led in scoring 2-0.

Intermission: The Rockford IceHogs were honored. 

The third period was a test for the Hawks. The 60 minute test, playing a full 60 has been rather hard for them lately. Seabs tried to clear the puck using the glass but it ended up in the crowd. He got called for delay of the game and off to the box he went. Buff with a big hit, always gets the crowd fired up which in turn gets the Hawks fired up. I've realized I haven't mentioned the real beast of the game: Niemi. Stopping shots left and right. He had one major save in the third, not even really sure how he stopped it. The Blackhawks have come up with a new nickname for Niemi: "the king of the tush." I've got a nickname, how about number one goalie. The powerplay is still tough for the Hawks or should I say 'putrid.' Buff had a turnover then sprawled out on the ice and blocked it. It was wonderful. I like when you care Buff, keep caring. Empty net for the Coyotes...and Hawks win! Shots 32-28 Hawks.

The joys of the win:

-Niemi's shutout.
-Western Conference leaders with 99 points.
-The end of the Coyotes winning streak.
-They played a full 60.
-The amount of Seabrook stalking by the camera guy.

Stars of the game:
1. NIEMI- 28 saves and 6th shutout.
2. Kaner- threw his stick in the crowd!
3. Seabs- 23 minutes of ice time.

Some great post-game stuff from: @CSNChi_Beatnik

"Niemi awarded a boxing/wrestling title belt by Seabrook after the game. Niemi looked at him like, "are you joking?" Seabs: "PUT IT ON!""

"Niemi chose to wear it heavyweight champ stylee, all mack daddy with it on his shoulder."

"According to Toews, Seabrook was "so bored with his couple of days off" he came up with the title belt idea as a bonding exercise."

"Seabrook "felt great." Regarding Fiddler, "I just hit him." Was unaware of the crowd reaction."

"Is this a big win? Toews: "It has to be. We can't take games for granted. We weren't in a slump but things weren't going our way.""

"About the belt: "We're more than happy to give it to Antti tonight. We're always finding way to keep it light [in the dressing room]""

New Blackhawks TV!

The third episode of Blackhawks TV will air this Sunday after the Blackhawks game.
The show will include: Behind the scenes of Kane at the Olympics, players with their dogs, Bobby Hull's relationship with the Hawks, and a feature on the team's equipment staff. 

The First Episode:

We got to see Ladd and Versteeg serve breakfast in full gear.
We also were introduced to the bromance of Laddy boy and Steeger.

And a new rendition of the 13 days of Christmas.

The Second Episode:

This episode really took Blackhawks TV to the next level with the mini Olympics.

The popsicle eating contest:

And my personal favorite, the Skate n Shoot:

So don't forget to tune in this Sunday on WGN.
I'm sure there will be plenty of priceless moments.

More on today's game:

Videos from Morning Skate:


Coach Q


Preview: He's back!

Coach Q:
"It's a feel good story, but we don't want them to feel too good tonight."

Blackhawks vs Coyotes
7:30 p.m.

Tonight is a battle for the top spot.
I'm sure you're all thinking, "Where the hell did those Coyotes come from."
Hawks/Coyotes are tied in first with 97 points.
The Coyotes have won nine games in a row, lets keep it at nine.

Niemi is the man in the net tonight.
Seabrook is the man for the defense tonight.
And Johnsson will be nobody's man tonight.

More on Seabrook (of course):

Coach Q: "He's in. Nice to have him back. He skated a couple, three times since he's been out."
"Looking forward to him getting back in there."

My love for Coach Q has grown so much since the hit.
His comments on everything have become quite humorous.

Rocky Wirtz on Ovechkin:

"If you're really going to hurt a player, knee to knee, make a head hit, and you're out for the season, then let them suspend that player for the rest of the season. I'll tell you, you wouldn't see those knee-to-knee and head hits anymore."

"The puck wasn't even near him, and he shoved [Campbell]. He could have skated the other way. It wasn't by accident. He knew exactly what he was doing."

"Thank God it's only the end of the season for Brian Campbell, not the end of his career. These head hits are cumulative. When you get a concussion like that, and get them over a period of time, it could end your career. That's not what you want to see. You want to see these players on the ice. You don't want to see them in the press box. It's important for the league to take a position, and it's important for the players association to take a position. Everybody has to take responsibility. The players association ought to step up and do something about this."

"It's important for the league to take a position, and it's important for the players association to take a position," Mr. Wirtz said. "Everybody has to take responsibility. The players association ought to step up and do something about this." 

Quotes from: 

Kane was on US 99.5 today:
Listen to his enthusiastic interview here: Patrick Kane talks medals and limo rides

Don't get to comfortable with Niemi.
 Coach Q hasn't made a decision yet.

He uses the word 'putrid' don't think I have ever heard anyone use that word before.
Oh, and it was used to describe the Hawks powerplay.

That's all I got for today!