Thursday, March 18, 2010

4th line magic


With the game already starting late (9:30) the Kings decided to have a seven minute national anthem. I'm sure I'll be thanking them in my morning class tomorrow. Niemi started in the net. Scratches: Seabs, Johnsson, Fraser, Campbell, and Huet. With 3 D men down, some new D pairings: Keith/Sopel, Hammer/Buff, and Boynton/Hendry.


An early scare when Sopel got a stick to the face, left the bench with a little blood. He was back on the ice with in a matter mins and the Hawks were on a four min powerplay. Hawks had back to back powerplays with an inference on Ladd, came up short both times. After the past couple of games any little thing scares us, Bolland limped off the ice from Dustin Brown's stick but it was nothing. The D really stepped it up especially Duncs, who played over ten mins in the first. Shots 11-6 Hawks, scoreless in the first.

Interesting/Awkward fact: Wiz is getting married this summer, guess who is in the wedding? Seabrook. 


Sharp's shot almost took off Quicks head. The puck hit the strap of his helmet and took his face mask right off. Hendry had a nice second period with a goal preventing play. The Kings still had only their six shots from the first with 1o mins left in the second. Eager with a great pass from Burish had a good chance to put the Hawks on the board. Kane started off the first Hawks goal and Brouwer finished it off Kane's rebound. Toews also helped on that one. That would be Brouwer Powers 20th goal of the year. Period shots: 13-3 Hawks, Overall: 24-9 Hawks. Pretty funny that the Hawks have zero penalties, the funny part: same refs as last night. Keith the Beast, over 18 mins through two.

Commercial Break: New Toews/Kane Chevy commercial. This one is just as bad as the playing with cars one with a little humor. The Humor: Toews rocking out to his Iphone while texting Kane. 


It was all Kopecky. 1st: low wrist show, 2nd: giveaway from Johnson. Eager got in a little scrap with a King. Not many hits, more of the King dragging Eager by the jersey. 


Great all around game! Shutout for Niemi, solid play by the D especially Buff with 5 hits, Hawks take the top spot in the western conference, and injury free!

Pleasant, stress-free game. Now everyone can have a good nights sleep knowing the Hawks won!


  1. any way to post those chevy commercials online? i've never seen them.

  2. yeah i havent seen them either!

    good news! seabs was on ice for practice today!!!

  3. Yeah, I'll try to find the commercials! And YES! I just heard about Seabs!