Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Around the UC: Music of the Blackhawks

-The Hawks may be good at Hockey but their taste in music is just god awful. 
You know it's bad when half the teams favorite band is Nickelback.

Burish controls the music: "The thing is it doesn't matter what you do before a game, you can't win. If it's country, somebody's not going to like it. If it's hip-hop, somebody's going to hate that. And if it's Duncan's heavy, heavy metal, everybody 
hates that."

Fraser: "It just depends on the day. We listen to a lot of country on practice days. But on game day, we're a hip-hop bunch."

Quotes from and Read the hilarious rest here: What's rockin' on Patricks Kane's iPod?
You can also read more about Kane's music: here (warning: he may or may not listen to 'Hot in Herre')

-Soupy was at the UC last night and is still a little bitter about the hit. I'm guessing wearing a sling doesn't help.

Soupy: "The first week was pretty tough. Pretty boring. A lot of sitting around, obviously. I'm looking forward to getting back and hopefully skating in a week or two."

Soupy on Wirtz: "It's great. It's nice to have an owner that knows what's going on and sticks up for his players."

Soupy: "I had my head up there. I think that's the frustrating part. There's not a chance I can defend myself on a play like that. There's not a thing I can do, and now I'm just sitting and watching.

Soupy: "It's still frustrating for myself, and I'm still upset, but I have to get over that and move forward."

-As for Seabrook, he would like to stop talking about his hit.

Seabs: "It was good to get back out there and I was really excited," he said flatly. "I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's an injury. Sorry. It's in the past and I'm sick of hearing about it."

He also brought a title belt back with him. He originally bought it for his and Sharp's wrestling matches but they decided to use it for the locker room instead.

Seabs: "It's just sort of a fun thing. We sort of bounced the idea around a little bit, thought that it would be a good idea and something fun, unique and cool. I think Calgary did it at one point with the hard hat, but we didn't want to do the same thing as them." 

Here is the Title Belt:
picture from: @adamjahns

-Practice Update: Huet will be in the net tomorrow against the Blue Jackets.
Coach Q: "Huet hasn't played since that Philly game and he played very well and we want to get him going, too."


Coach Q:

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