Friday, March 19, 2010

Around the UC: Practice Update

-Not only was Seabs practicing with the team but Huet was too. With Huet back, Crawford was sent back to Rockford.

-Johnsson is not with the Hawks in Arizona (upper-body injury).

-Buff will remain a Defenseman. I don't know if that means for now or permanently.

-Niemi will start on Saturday vs the Coyotes.


"The highlight reels have been filled with plays that put a black eye on the sport: Matt Cooke knocking out Marc Savard with a shoulder to the head; Alex Ovechkin shoving Brian Campbell into the end boards; and James Wisniewski plastering an unsuspecting Brent Seabrook.

Even though those hits were all different from one other, they shared one thing in common - none of them would likely have occurred 10 or 20 years ago."

"The dazed and distant look on Brent Seabrook's face after the Chicago Blackhawks defenseman got crushed against the boards cried out for a head shot ban -- in time for the third period."

"8. One player in the league you'd like to have on your team or play with some day?"

"Two buddies from college: Joe Pavelski or Tom Gilbert. Otherwise, maybe Mike Comrie now that he's engaged to Hillary Duff. maybe he'd ask her to bring some actresses around for his teammates."

-All the Toews and Kane chevy commercials are on the Chevy Website, on the side: here

-For all you White Sox and Hawks fans: On opening day, Kane, Toews, Keith, and Seabs will all be throwing out the first pitch. Support the SOX and the Hawks by buying a ticket!

Hawks at White Sox batting practice:

Throw in Seabs stache video for fun:

-Coach Q from todays practice:

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