Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the UC: Savy's mustache

-Blackhawks Blog:
Five Questions with Savy

"We heard from Patrick Kane that you and he still have a close friendship and get together regularly. Can you share a little more about your relationship?"

"I love him as a player and as a person. Patrick is a pretty special guy, and I think that one of the things that we have in common is that we’re both similar types of players.

We try to have lunch together once every two weeks, but with the Olympics it’s been hard. We’ve still been texting back and forth. The conversations that we usually have are about the game and about helping him get better, but there’s not much in his game that isn’t very good. We also talk about life outside the rink – family and values. He’s going to be a valuable player for a long time."

(this picture is for my brother!)

Kane: The Doctor. 
Toews calls him The Superstar.
Versteeg would like to call him Malcolm.

Versteeg: Verbender, Verbeauty, Verstud, Steeger, and Woogie.

Hammer: Jelly, Jelly Bear, and Hammer.

Seabrook: Biscuit.

Read the full article: Here

-Burish News:

Second City Hockey has Burish's rehab schedule: Here 

Burish was on The Afternoon Saloon Today, you can listen here.
I suggest taking the time to listen because every interview with Burish is priceless.

Burish returned just in time, it was team picture day!
After the picture was taken some of the boys switched jerseys.
Burish wore Hossa's jersey.
Buff wore Sharp's.
Ladd wore Toews:
“We were having some fun. I guess he honored me by wearing No. 16 in the Olympics so I decided I’d do the same for him today. 

-South Delta Leader: Golden Hawk

Seabs: "It was unbelievable. It sort of felt like we were back in the playoffs playing like that but at the same time, there's almost more on the line during the Olympics. It's one game and you're out. In the playoffs, if you have a bad game, you still have at least three more to bounce back and be better. It's a little different format which makes it not as nerve-racking, not as crazy."

"I think the memory I'll take away from it is just jumping over the boards when Sid scored that goal. That was just crazy."

-More on the National Anthem issue: On Hockey and National Anthem etiquette for fans

"To me, the Chicago tradition is inspiring. The fans screaming different words in the song at other arenas is harmless passion. As long as you're not booing or screaming "Rangers Suck!" while the colors are being presented, it's respectful enough to someone who, admittedly, hasn't worn the uniform -- so perhaps those who have served may feel differently than I do."

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