Friday, March 12, 2010

Around the UC: videos and some more videos

-Video from practice yesterday, when the boys switched jerseys:

video from: here

-Blackhawk Up Blog made an appearance on Fox news. He represented Hawks fans very well.
 The anti-Hawks national anthem douche was on too. Don't understand why this ass deserves all this media attention.

-Guy Paints Blackhawks Indian Logo in Minutes.
Seems a lot longer than minutes. Just skip to the end it's pretty sweet:

If video doesn't work, go here.

-Videos from today's practice:

Coach Q




A little bit of Articles:

-Thought this was an interesting, different view on the whole Matt Cooke issue:

-The Man from France in the net tomorrow afternoon. Niemi in the net Sunday morning.
More on the goalie situation: 

-What to look for in the remaining sixteen games:

-Eager's first game in Philadelphia since he was traded in 2007:

-You can now have the Blackhawks website on your phone!:

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