Saturday, March 27, 2010

Around the UC

-Great read: Hawk Talk: Coasting to the finish

"Some reasons are perfectly legitimate. Olympic fatigue, which has affected some players (Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook all carry minus ratings since the break) and not others (Patrick Kane has remained a scoring threat and has played even, Marian Hossa has been a plus player and the team’s most dangerous scorer). Injuries to the blue line—for a couple of games the Blackhawks were absent three of their top five defensemen in losing Seabrook, Brian Campbell, and Kim Johnsson—has played a role.
But the more significant issues that have set Chicago into a slump have little to do with outside forces and more to do with what’s reflecting back in those dressing-room mirrors.
The Blackhawks’ power play catches a lot of flak, and it’s preposterously impotent given the firepower of this Chicago team, but overall it ranks 11th in the league at .187, nothing that should set anyone’s hair on fire either way."

"Blackhawks Brent Seabrook, Troy Brouwer, Andrew Ladd and Duncan Keithhanging together at Joe's Stone Crab on Friday night"

"If Huet's confidence has dropped as far as his save percentage has recently, then coach Joel Quenneville should give the job to Antti Niemi right now and see how much he has in the tank for the playoff drive."

Coach Q: ''We'll see. It was a tough outing [for Huet]. Antti has been playing well. It will sort itself out.''

Huet: ''What I need is one good game to get back on track. I had some good games, but not the end result. One game and a win to get back on track.''

Huet: ''My point of view is [Thursday] was just a bad game. I feel sorry for the guys. I let them down. That's where I stand right now.''

Brouwer: "There's no room for that kind of stuff. Everyone's here for the same reason: It's to make a living and play the game that they love. Nobody wants to be out there in fear that they might (suffer) a career-ending injury and then you can't do what you love to do. I like the fact they're cracking down on it. They should punish guys who make the effort to hit somebody in the head."

Coach Q: "Players got to recognize ... when players are vulnerable and they can't protect themselves. It's going to be a good rule [with] the players knowing that there are some consequences right now and going forward."

Sharp: "It's always nice to feel like you're going to postseason play, but we have to find our game pretty quickly. We can't go into postseason playing like that."

Sharp: "We've got nobody to blame but ourselves. Nobody is going to help us except the guys in this locker room."

Coach Q: "Now we're going to be fighting every game. We have nine in a short amount of time and there's a lot at stake."

Burish: "There were some Chicago fans behind our bench who were screaming at us saying, ‘You guys stink.' When you hear your own fans saying that, it's embarrassing. You don't feel good about it."

-If you're from Chicago, you know about the mural on the highway. Who's on the Mural now? Jonathan Toews and the Stanley Cup. The only problem with it, they gave Toews what looks like a pigs snout . There is a picture in the Tribune today, check it out. 

-Burish's fight from the last game:

Love Hammer's face expressions in the background.

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