Sunday, March 28, 2010

At least we have Blackhawks TV to wipe away our tears

Motivation seemed to be lacking in this one:

Scratches: Boynton, Johnsson, Fraser, and Soupy. Some interesting pairing for this game, Keith and Seabrook were split up. Seabrook was with Hammer, Keith with Sopel, and Buff with Hendry. There was a very special and well deserved ceremony before the game awarding Seabrook, The Man of the Year!

He looks like a giant!

Game started off with Kane getting slammed into the boards by Methot. He ended up getting called for Highsticking and the Hawks getting a powerplay. As usual the powerplay was nothing spectacular. What happened next was quite embarrassingly good. Hawks got on the board first with a goal by Bolland but Bolland didn't actually put it in the net himself. Vermette did the number no-no, he scored on his own goal. 

Hadn't even finished laughing about that when the defense was unable to clear the puck and the Jackets quickly tied it 1-1. The first didn't get much better after that. Versteeg called for Hooking, Toews called for Tripping, and a 5 0n 3. Doesn't sound good but the Hawks had a nice penalty kill on that one. The Hawks were rather flat to put it politely in the first. They were also outshot 8-7.

Intermission: Bolland interview. New Blackhawks fan clubs: Fan Voice/Standbys. Vince Vaughn was recognized on the jumbotron for his 40th birthday.

Buff with a what looked like a big butt hit or technically called a spinaround hit. That was Buff's third hit of the game. He was one of the few Hawks that seemed to care during the game. The Hawks on another powerplay that again wasn't so stellar but this one was different. It received collective boos from the crowd. A confused Sopel standing in front of the Hawks net feels something hit his foot, he looks around wondering what it was. He must of forgot that he was playing a Hockey game and that thing that hit his foot was the puck which conveniently   went into the back of the net. You are just a one of a kind Sopel. Nash gave Kane a little shit talking but no one on the Hawks cared. What else is new?

This is where I took a break from writing and watched Blackhawks TV. I just can't seem to be as angry about the game anymore after watching it.

Back to the game, with seconds left in the second the Jackets score. Burish clearly not happy with the way the game was going tried to get the team fired up. After the whistle was blown Burish took a few whacks at the Jackets. Hawks behind 3-1 at the end of the second.

Intermission: Sharp interview

Vermette was called for roughing at the end of the second so Hawks started of the third with a powerplay. Nothing came from that. Keith called for Tripping and the Hawks may have trouble on the powerplay but they're pretty solid on the penalty kill. Kane called for unsportmanlike conduct, just stupid. 

With minutes left in the third, the Hawks realized they were playing a hockey game. Sharp started down from center ice with a beautiful pass from Seabs and nets a shortie. From then on the Hawks were awake! As soon as the excitement started the horn blew and the game was over. I forgot to mention sometime during that excitement the Jackets scored on the Hawks empty net. Hawks lose to the Jacket 4-2, at least we can say it wasn't 8-3. 

Post-game reactions from @CSNChi_Beatnik:

"To John Madden: What isn't working? Madden: [Long pause] We need to play with more desperation."

"Madden: "I can't critique other players but myself...""

"Madden: "Every time we let a game slip away, time is running out. Losing and failing can get contagious.""

"Seabrook seemed ticked about being split from Keith. Why? "You have to ask the coaches. We're here to play hockey and to win hockey games.""

"What about the power play at home? Seabs: "It hasn't been very good I don't know what else you want to talk about with the power play.""

"Seabrook: Absolutely we're running out of time. We've gotta get back to our style of hockey. We've gotta get back to work.""

"Q calls Hawks out? "We haven’t had this type of stretch all year long, & everybody should be looking to improve & enhance their own game""

Post-game videos:




Coach Q

Let's wipe the tears of loss with another new totally amazing terrific epic Blackhawks TV:

Equipment staff: Clint works as hard as the players do and as of right now he is working harder then them. 

Bobby's Hull Legacy: The old film in the beginning is pretty sweet

Player pets: Brouwer and Ari

Kane's Olympic adventure: I have to admit the cameo appearances by the USA players is cool and they happen to be funny.

Players pets: Buff and Walter: This has to be my favorite player/dog combo.

Crying at the movies: This video speaks for itself.

Team photo time lapse:

Players pets: Sharp and the famous Shooter.

And now we longly wait for the next Blackhawks TV. Hopefully, it will be about following the Hawks winning ways in the playoffs. 


  1. was at the game tonight. real dissapointing. great blog though! I'll surely be following from now on!

  2. Well, at least you got a dry erase board! lol but Thanks!!

  3. I didn't get to watch this game due to a glitch with my service provider, arghhh!

    Can you clarify for me please, was Vince Vaughn at the game and shown on the jumbotron for his birthday or he wasn't there and his birthday was announced? I gather he was there, unless they always announce birthdays for hometown celebs.

  4. They didn't show his birthday on TV. I heard about it on the news. All I know is they announced it on the jumbotron and I'm pretty positive he was there but I'm not completely sure. sorry.