Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baseball: Spring Training!

Winter has Hockey. Summer has Baseball.

To celebrate this warm sunny day in Chicago, I thought I  would dedicate a post to one of the greatest sports, Baseball.

I don't know about you but the sun is making me want some baseball, White Sox baseball.

Oh, and some Joe Mauer too.

Baseball is coming up: Spring Training games have started and Ozzie is on Twitter.

Photos from when I went to White Sox Spring Training last year:

GORGEOUS park!! I want to go back!

The White Sox's First Spring Training game today!: Here


Can't wait to hear this song on Opening Day!:

Photos from a Rain delay last season:

Can't have a Baseball post without one of my favorite non-White Sox player:

Joe Mauer

For all you White Sox fans or Baseball fans, I will be starting another blog called Ms. White Sox after the Blackhawks Season is over.

But I will still be keeping this blog too!!


Now go outside, it is beautiful out! 

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