Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Betty White is sick of your shit!

The Hawks strutted off of the bus and into Jay Leno Studios.

The boys are becoming quite the stars. 

Jay Leno started the show with a little jab at the boys. Have to say it was more than sweet to see Kane stand up show off that nice little silver of his. Another proud moment to see the Canadian boys rub those golds medals in a little bit. They also got a couple shout outs during the show from Hugh Jackman and Betty White. 

Have to admit all the boys were looking awfully handsome all cleaned up.

Toews and Kane talked to Blackhawks TV after the show:

Toews comparing himself to Hugh Jackman is more of a compliment to Jackman.
Hopefully we will be seeing more of Toews Wolverine side in the playoffs:

Kane was also interviewed by a Corbin Bleu wannabe
 (the fact that I know who Corbin Bleu is, is sad):

Kane made sure he bought an extra bottle of gel to make his hair nice and crunchy. 

The Hawks get back to playing tomorrow vs the Ducks. 

They better start stepping up their play because...

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