Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Dad, they're so skinny, on TV they look really fat."

(kid sitting next to me at the game)

Well, the camera does add ten pounds.

The reuniting of the Bromance Recap: (ignore my shitty photography)

Savard night!


National Anthem!

More Savard love

Sharp scores the first goal, less than 3 minutes in. 
He also got a little help from his old friend Burish!

Burish is a man of his word. Shortly after Sharp's goal he dropped the gloves.

Sharp: “When he got the assist it was just like one of those things where you shake your head and say, ‘That shouldn’t be happening. But then he drops the gloves right in front of us like 20 seconds later and you’re like, ‘There’s the real ‘Bur’ we know."

Burish: "I knew who this guy was and I knew he likes to fight and kind of mix it up. He kind of looked over at me at the faceoff and I looked back and kind of nodded my head. As the play came around I saw him following me and he said 'let's do it" and I said, "alright, let's go."

Spin-o-rama moments:

Kane had a sweet little spin-0-rama move that almost produced a goal. Very Savard like.

Sharp also attempted the spin-o-rama but it ended up looking like Soupy. 
And that is not a good thing.

Buff got hit in the face but nothing to bad.

Of course, I had to throw in a Seabs picture.

Niemi stopped 28 shots.

Kopitar and Brown scored two goals right after one another.

Versteeg's rebound goal tied it up 2-2!!

Burish wasn't the only one to get in on the fighting action last night. 
Brouwer Ranger landed some nice punches.


Two minutes in to overtime, Sharp gets the game winning goal!

Sharp: "I saw the bouncing puck there and the L.A. players flooded the zone. I felt if we could force a turnover, I'd get a chance to sneak in. Bolly made a great play."


Hawks win 3-2 against the Kings!

Stars of the game:

2nd: Burish!

A point, a fight, and a penalty all in the first period.

Burish: “We were talking about last year when he came back from his knee injury. He said, ‘You know Adam, my first game was against L.A. when I came back. I had two goals in that first game so you have a lot to live up to.’ And so I get back to the bench after the assist and serving the five minute penalty and he says, ‘I think you got me. That’s cooler than two goals.’ So that was fun. I had a great time.” 

1st: Sharpy!

2 goals

Sharp: “He’s a great teammate and a great friend,” Sharp said. “I’m happy he’s back. He puts a smile on my face. Don’t tell him I said this but I’m a better player when he’s around.” 

Quote of the night:

"In warmups there were a lot of signs. One said 'Burish, my grandma is pregnant.' I don't know what that means. I skated by it and said, 'it's not mine."

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Back breaking hit of the game!:

Post game videos:




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