Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Fourth Line Win!

Pre-game: Niemi in the net. Boynton and Burish were scratches. Different lines: Buff/Keith, Hammer/Seabs, and Sopel/Hendry. Also, Fraser was back in the line-up.

Man down! Fraser was slammed into the boards by one of Santa's little helpers. He struggled getting back to the bench. Eventually play stopped while Fraser was struggling to breath on the bench. Looked as if he might have gotten hit by the elf's stick in his mid section. He was only in his first shift back when he left the bench. Niemi made some nice saves, he even saved a Clutterbuck. A Cal Clutterbuck. Some rare beautiful things were spotted on the ice in the first: Sopel had a shot, it may have been blocked but it was a shot and it was by Sopel. Another miracle, Kopecky scored first for the Hawks with a pass from Eager. The period ended with the Hawks on top 1-0. And they were playing Hockey. And it was good hockey. And it was beautiful. 

Intermission: Kopecky interview. A rare occurrence. 

Man not down! Fraser was back out on the ice after being checked out. Big relief. Hammer and Hendry both with some noteworthy blocks. It was a night for the 4th line especially after Eager put one in the back of the net and made it 2-0. That would be a goal and an assist for him tonight. Half way through the second the Hawks were dominating by outshooting the Northpole gang 23-6. The Hawks should of had a bigger lead but that damn Backstrom is doing his job and blocking shots. Bolland was called for highsticking then Seabrook played dumb and got called for Hooking. 90 seconds of 5 0n 3 for the Wild. Niemi became a beast with big game changing saves. Now that's a second period ending penalty kill. Hawks killed the point eared Minnesotans in shots 16-5. Pull out the Sharpie and make the belt out to the 4th line or Niemi. 

Well, the clock broke at the beginning of the third. Kopecky must of noticed that Niemi was in the running for the belt. He scored his SECOND goal of the night. He scored twice. Kopecky scored one and then two. Holy 4th line! Speaking of the number 4, Toews scored the fourth goal for the Hawks with a pass from Hossa. I started to get confused on which line was the first and which line was the fourth. HAWKS WIN 4-0! It's has been to long since i've been able to say the word WIN! Another game for Niemi to add to the long list of shutouts! It's his 7th! It's also Niemi's turn to give out the belt (Kopecky...). 

Post-game: Eager Interview, "the gloves were warm tonight."

It appears that the Hawks we all know and love showed up on the ice tonight. We'll see if they're officially back on Friday! They'll be fist pumping in New Jersey! 


  1. outstanding and very entertaining recap of a badly needed win. you are good!