Friday, March 5, 2010

The Hawks win with the power of the Drawstring bag!

Bobble head Night has the goal power.

Drawstring Bag Night has the power of this...

Soooo sweet! (there is so much to say about this but not enough space)
Never underestimate Seabs. He deserves Keith's nick name tonight: Seabs the Beast!
It was Alberts first game with the Canucks, Seabs gave him a nice, warm welcome right in front of his new teammates bench.

A game vs the Canucks never lets you down. Always can expect some asshole hair pulling, an Eager fight, and some Hawks domination. (oh, and creepy twins)

No hair pulling but definitely some Hawks domination...

and plenty of fights.

The Hawks scoring:

Laddy boy started the beat down on the Canucks with his backhand goal in the first. 

Jigsaw took over with a powerplay goal with help from Toews and Sharp.

BROUWER POWER had a goal with a assists from the Mr. H's: Hammer and Hossa!

The one man show, Versteeg scored all on his own. Supposedly there is a video going around on the jumbotron of Steeger singing American Boy and there may or may not be a banana hammock involved. BHTV needs to get on this.

HENDRY got a backhand goal to finish off the beat down on the Canucks in the first! And congrats to Hendry for his first goal of the season.

Hossa and Co. put their final goal on the board in the second and win 6-3!

The Canucks scoring:

The two biggest douches score.

The 'coward' calling Kesler scored in the first.
The hair puller, Burrows got one in the second.
Samuelsson also scored late in the third...apparently they thought they were still in the game.

The hits and the fights:

Biggest of the game was obviously Seabs fight but also the big hit he had before the fight.

And of course an Eager fight vs the Canucks is a guarantee. Well, an Eager fight in any game is a guarantee.

Big Buff, Ladd, and Bolland all got penalty mins for roughing.

Basically a game vs the Canucks is one big fight.

Plus playing them makes winning even sweeter.

The goalies:

The last two games were some confidence boosters for Huet, who stopped 2o shots.

Check out this beauty:

Luongo was out after the first period. Looked like he pooped his pants.
His explanation: "I didn't want to be out there when [the Blackhawks] scored a dozen."

Stars of the game:

1. Hendry (1 goal, 1 assist)
2. Ladd (1 goal)
3. Versteeg (1 goal)

Quotes from the boys after the game:


"Of course I'm happy to get one. It sucks when you're not contributing."

"One of the nicest saves I've ever seen." (on Huets glove save)


"They took some easy penalties. Buff could've done the same, but did the smart thing. We kept our composure."

"We have incredible depth. Our lower-line guys would be top six forwards on other teams."

"Luongo looked a little bit frustrated after Dunc's goal--there were like five guys in front of the net."

Lastly, Ladd on Kesler:

"I think I proved my point, showing what I bring to the table. It was a good start for us."

"I just kind of wanted to get it over with...We were talking off the faceoff...He didn't want any part of me though."

Quotes from: @CSNChi_Beatnik

Post game videos:





Coach Q:

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