Thursday, March 18, 2010

It just keeps getting better...

First it was Wiz:

"I didn't do anything wrong."

Then the Coach:

"(Wiz) probably was the first start in our mind. This was probably his best game as a Duck."

Now the Ducks GM:

"I strongly suggest Joel worries about his goaltending and stops trying to run the NHL."

Congratulations Ducks! 
You have just successfully made your WHOLE organization the most classless in the NHL!
What will you do to celebrate? Go have another dirty hit on a player?

Apparently, 8 games can make you remorseful, Wiz: "I am truly sorry that my friend Brent Seabrook was hurt on the play."

You know what won't make you remorseful: Hitting your good friend and ex-teammate unconscious. But I guess you "didn't do anything wrong," right?

To top it all off: The referees for tonight's game will be the same ones as last night.

It's all just so funny.



  1. I have seen some crazy hits but they should just kick Wiz out of the NHL. That was like a god damn boxing knock out. Totally uncalled for.

  2. Completely uncalled for but were lucky he got 8 games!