Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Backstrom Hurts

Signs that it was going to be a bad game:

-I had to wake up at 8 for a Hawks game.
-Got there an hour early and still didn't get a stupid hat.
-Saw several people dressed up as leprechauns.
-A Keith jersey with Jigsaw on the back.
-Couldn't see the goal because the guy in front of us was wearing the biggest winter coat possible and never took it off. Why don't you stay for a while?
-Lastly, Sopel was on the ice for almost 20 mins. Thats never a good sign.

The game started off with a hit. An ugly hit by a very ugly man. Ovechkin took a cheap hit and put Soupy into the boards from behind. Soupy laid face down while Ovechkin sat on his knees like I didn't mean too. Bullshit. 

So much for seeing Ovechkin for the first time, he was taken out of the game. It was bright spot for the Hawks though because Hossa was already missing in action for them. Toews scored on a 5-on-3 but the powerplay is still a rough spot for the Hawks. It may have been early for Hawks fans but the UC was alive after Toews scored again. Chatter started up of a Toews Hat trick. Everything was far.

So apparently, you have to wait for the whistle to get back to your seat at the UC. That caused me to miss the first 7 mins of the second and Maddens goal. But no complaining here with the Hawks up 3-0. The first two periods were rather nice. Seemed like another perfect morning at the UC.

Then the 3rd came and the shit hit the fan.

Hendry and Fraser both get called for high sticking. So the Hawks are faced with a double minor and a two min 5-0n-3 plus the revenge of Mike Green. Those three ingredients are never a recipe for success. The Caps were all over Niemi. Shots firing back and forth. Certainly doesn't help that the Hawks had no shots on goal throughout the 3rd. The Caps score twice. If the Hawks just could of kept them off for a little while longer, it would have been good. But no such luck, Caps tie the game up 3-3. Mike Green was all over those goals and Seabrook was Green with envy. 

Always intense but not the outcome we were looking for. Backstrom ends of having his second goal and wins the game. I've never noticed the creepy music they play after the Hawks lose. 

Now time to freak out, press the panic button, jump off the bandwagon, they're done, right? 


A loss like this always seems like the end of the world especially if you were at the UC. We all need to take a step back and realize today just didn't go their way:

-Hossa was out.
-Johnsson was out.
-Lost Campbell.
-Seabrook is out of his mind. Literally.

Having Johnsson and Campbell out really hurt the D. Keith play 32 mins and Seabs 28 mins. Plus whenever you have Sopel playing 20 mins that can't be good. Today was another case like yesterdays, Solid goaltending and poor play by the D.

Post-game reactions: Not the most lively locker room today

Keith: "I'm not shell-shocked--frustrated, for sure. This late in the season, we need to have learned how to put away games."

Hammer: "It could be good for us to go away for a couple of games."

The Hit: Soupy will not go with the team on the road trip.

Toews: "So much of that stuff is going on now. Players need to speak up for ourselves & say we're not standing for it."

Coach Q: "Soupy is going to be out for a bit here…It was a tough hit. A dangerous hit." 

Hammer: "I got hit like [Soupy] a couple of years ago and dislocated my shoulder. Ovie will hopefully be out a couple of games."

Ovie: "It was not a hard hit. I just pushed [Campbell]. But he fell bad, and that's probably why it looks bad."

Quotes from @CSNChi_Beatnik

Post-game videos:



Coach Q:

Some of my crap-tastic photography to cheer you up!:


Toews goal:

Soupy down:

Soupy up:

The walk of shame:

The guaranteed Seabrook shot:

Nice little action shot for ya:

Toews goal, I believe:

Burish causing some trouble:

Random Shot:

I leave you with a beauty from Seabs in todays game:

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