Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Niemi with a title belt win


Pre-game camera: Seabs gave his best sexy look to the camera, then started cracking up. 
I guess you really just had to see it for yourself.


Three minutes in, the game started off with a Hawks powerplay. Of course, Hawks come up short during the pp. Well, if you had to go to the bathroom at all during the first, forget about it. There wasn't a whistle for the first ten minutes. Finally, a little action with the net. The Coyotes get one in but no goal after a short delay (Lombardi was in the crease). The Coyotes do the embarrassing no goal celebrating. It happens to everyone...except the Hawks, of course. Sharpy was all over the Coyotes net in first. Most of his chances were with his helmet off, it was the power of the hair flow. The game remained scoreless through the first with Hawks leading in shots 11-9. 

Intermission: Campbell did a sit down interview with Comcast Sports Net. The whole thing gave off this weird vibe. The camera was not only at an awkward angle but it was extremely close to his face. He might have been on a few pain killers, which is understandable with his injury and all. You can watch the video, here but it's no where near as CLOSE and creepy as it was on tv. 

Nice start to the second for the Hawks, Kane made it 1-0 with a wrist shot. Credit to Keith and Brouwer with the passing. The alternate jersey is lucky one for Kane, his 7th goal wearing it. The talk about Kane doesn't stop there, he was in a one against two with a great chance. Keith also with a chance just seconds after that then Brouwer jumped on board too. All over the Coyotes goalie. Bolland tried getting the puck to Hossa and somehow Hossa recovered it and put it in the goal 2-0.  You know the goal is a success when you get a "For all you young Hockey players out there." Seabrook stole the show when he destroyed Fiddler, completely took him down. He wasn't done with him yet. A scuffle started by the net and Seabrook pushed Fiddler right back into the boards. And the crowd goes wild. Hawks once again led in shots at the end of the second 16-8. Unlike the first they also led in scoring 2-0.

Intermission: The Rockford IceHogs were honored. 

The third period was a test for the Hawks. The 60 minute test, playing a full 60 has been rather hard for them lately. Seabs tried to clear the puck using the glass but it ended up in the crowd. He got called for delay of the game and off to the box he went. Buff with a big hit, always gets the crowd fired up which in turn gets the Hawks fired up. I've realized I haven't mentioned the real beast of the game: Niemi. Stopping shots left and right. He had one major save in the third, not even really sure how he stopped it. The Blackhawks have come up with a new nickname for Niemi: "the king of the tush." I've got a nickname, how about number one goalie. The powerplay is still tough for the Hawks or should I say 'putrid.' Buff had a turnover then sprawled out on the ice and blocked it. It was wonderful. I like when you care Buff, keep caring. Empty net for the Coyotes...and Hawks win! Shots 32-28 Hawks.

The joys of the win:

-Niemi's shutout.
-Western Conference leaders with 99 points.
-The end of the Coyotes winning streak.
-They played a full 60.
-The amount of Seabrook stalking by the camera guy.

Stars of the game:
1. NIEMI- 28 saves and 6th shutout.
2. Kaner- threw his stick in the crowd!
3. Seabs- 23 minutes of ice time.

Some great post-game stuff from: @CSNChi_Beatnik

"Niemi awarded a boxing/wrestling title belt by Seabrook after the game. Niemi looked at him like, "are you joking?" Seabs: "PUT IT ON!""

"Niemi chose to wear it heavyweight champ stylee, all mack daddy with it on his shoulder."

"According to Toews, Seabrook was "so bored with his couple of days off" he came up with the title belt idea as a bonding exercise."

"Seabrook "felt great." Regarding Fiddler, "I just hit him." Was unaware of the crowd reaction."

"Is this a big win? Toews: "It has to be. We can't take games for granted. We weren't in a slump but things weren't going our way.""

"About the belt: "We're more than happy to give it to Antti tonight. We're always finding way to keep it light [in the dressing room]""

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