Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preview: Can't get any worse than last night

Lets win it for the boys!:

@ChiBlackhawks made this Brilliant shirt!

Blackhawks vs Kings

-Hawks gotta be super pissed after last night so look for them to play hard.
-This is the fourth game between the Hawks and Kings.
-Also, the last game between them.
-Hawks have won two including Sharpys overtime win about a week ago.
-Seabrook will most likely not be playing tonight. Still no word on his status .
(cross your fingers)

NHL completed the hearing on the Wiz hit.
Wiz is suspended for 8 games!
No complaint here thats exactly what he deserves.
It would be nice if he would show a little remorse.

As expected there was a lot of talk on the vicious hit today:

-Bob McKenzie had some wise words: Wisniewski check was Grand Slam of illegal hits

"Charging? Check. Interference? Check. Boarding? Check. Throw in the predatory aspect of the hit, the seeming malice and forethought to avenge an earlier play and I would say Wisniewski hit this one out of the park."

"If Perry thought Seabrook's hit was offside, Perry is a big boy and can take care of himself. Seabrook is an honorable player."

"The code? What kind of code suggests it is OK to launch yourself into a player that doesn't have the puck and ram his head into the glass?"

LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!

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