Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preview: Hawks vs Coyotes and Soupy Speaks

Blackhawks vs Coyotes
8:00 pm

-The third game this season between these two.
-The Coyotes won the first two games.
-The Coyotes are also on a seven game winning streak.
-Niemi in the net.
-Still no word on if Seabs will play but I'm guessing not.

Articles on Buff's play on D:

Coach Q: “I don’t want to make an official announcement about [Byfuglien] being a defensemen but we really liked what we saw. Right now, as a group here, we’re thinking, let’s keep him on D and see how it goes.” 

Buff: “I’ve always been comfortable playing defense. It’s gone maybe a little bit smoother than I thought it would. It’s been fun and hopefully I can stick around back there a little longer.” 

"Brent Seabrook was surrounded by some teammates as he answered questions from the media for the first time since getting knocked out. Byfuglien tried to lighten a serious mood by manning the Hawks website camera. Then he took the camera into the showers. No word on whether that video will air."

Buff: "I get a lot more shots back there. I definitely get to take the slap shot a lot more than I usually do. I enjoyed playing on the point."

Coach Q: "It's a nice little diamond in the rough we've found, for me anyway." 

Coach Q: "He was big, strong, effective, a threat offensively and patient defensively. I'm very happy with his game."

Coach Q: "Our defense across the board was rock solid. Everybody played well, everybody worked well, everybody was a new pair. You try some things and it worked very well as far as everybody complementing each other."

Toews: "We joke that he hasn't lost a step."

Articles on Seabrook being pissed off:

Seabs: "I think it's good. The league made their decision. They have a lot of experience in dealing with stuff like this. I'll just leave it in their hands."

Seabs on Keith sticking up for him: "It was good to see. It's good to see everybody standing up for each other. It just shows how close our team is and how much we want to win and how much we care about each other."

Seabs: ''I've watched the replay quite a few times. It's tough to watch. But it's part of the game. Things happen quick, and things happen fast.''

Seabs: ''When you get hit in the head like that, you want to [get] as much rest as you can and just relax. Any exertion is going to build up headaches and make you feel not great.''

Brian Campbell on his hit:

Campbell: "Whatever he says isn't going to change the fact I'm not going to be playing for a little while. I think the intent was there. If the intent is there, I don't think you can really say you didn't mean to do anything. So for me, I don't need anything from him.''

Campbell: "The puck bounced over my stick so I was going back to get it,. I knew [Ovechkin] was on me. I'm just reversing the puck. I don't mind if he rides me in the boards or hits me. But he pushed me from behind. I had nowhere to go. I was going into the boards trying to protect myself but it was hard to do.''

Campbell: "But I couldn't move my arm or the right side of my body very much. I rolled over and had a tough time breathing. So I tried to take some time and lay there to see if something may correct itself. The pain just got worse and worse.''

Campbell: "I just looked up at Ovechkin and I was like, ‘What are you doing? I was shaking my head.''

Campbell on the two game suspension: "I think it's a little embarrassing."

Campbell on the Seabs hit: "I have never seen anything like that in hockey, a person (Wisniewski) who literally is trying to end of career of a 25-year-old defenseman by sticking an elbow in a guy's face. There's no place for these things in hockey.''

(Couldn't have said it better myself!)


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