Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preview: The Return of Burish!

The locker room isn't so quiet anymore...

"I just want that confrontation. I can't wait for that. I can't wait to get in someone's face."
"I want to smack somebody"

That can only mean one thing:
Burish is back!

Not only is the locker room loud but Burish plans on doing the same for the UC...

Burish's One Goal Commercial:

Blackhawks vs Kings
7:30 p.m.
(I'm going! W0000!)

-Third game between these two, so far they have spilt the series.
-Niemi is in the net.
-Fraser sits. 
-Hendry will probably be a healthy scratch too.
-Sopel is also returning.

Morning Skate Videos: Burish is still the talk of the Locker room


Coach Q

More Burish:

"I feel better than I did before, and I think it's because you never get five months to do nothing but get ready. I would have liked to play a week after. The guys were busting my chops. I called the doc and said, 'This is it? I'm ready. I thought this was supposed to hurt."

"I'll be excited, obviously. I might have to tone it down a little bit, but I think that's what I'm looking forward to bringing to this group. Going through a season, you get to game 60 or 65, it gets a little bit stale sometimes. If that's happened here, I hope I can come back [like] 'Here comes the crazy guy, here comes the guy that never shuts up and never slows down.' Hopefully that kind of excitement can be a positive thing for this group."

"It's an important thing, I think. On the bench, staying into it and staying alive out there. Some of the guys have said that sometimes the bench has gotten a little quiet or on the ice a little bit. So I look forward to that. But ask them again in three games. They'll probably be sick of hearing me."

Sharp (who now gets his roommate back):

"He's going to flying out there and playing the game fast and hard. He's well liked in our room, so he's going to be a big help to our team."

"I wouldn't want to be the first guy he hits. He's been saving that up for like 60 games."

Lastly, for you chocolate lovers out there:

Hershey's Stanley Cup

Pointless but delicious.



  1. Very excited to have Burish back!


  3. The UC is going to be sooo exciting when he gets on the ice!!

  4. hilarious pics, little lady!