Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So does this mean playoff tickets will be easy to get...

Pre-game: Nothing like a Duncs interview to get you pumped.

A pair of 55's start off the game with a fight. Not much motivation in that one for Eager so I'm gonna have to go with Janssen for the win. Hawks score first with a gorgeous breakaway goal for Sharp. The ingredients for a gorgeous goal: a turnover, a pass from the Captain, and a shooter who is Chicago's sexiest athlete. With about 7 mins left in the first, Steen tied the game after a turnover by Hammer or should I say Chalmarsson (according to the Versus announcer). That won't be the last time the Blues tie it up. Hossa took back the Hawks lead on a Toews rebound. That would be 2 assists for Toews in the game and a beautiful start for the first line (Toews-Hossa-Sharp). Could of been 3-1 with the puck just sitting on the goal line. Shots 12-10 Hawks.

Intermission: I've got nothing. 
Listen up kids, here's a lesson for you: Backes tried to check Seabs. What happened to Backes? Got hurt and ended up leaving the ice. Lesson learned. The damn Blues tied it 2-2, it was their captain Brewer who did the damage. Oh yeah, Backes came back. He better watch himself. Janssen was back at it again this time with Boynton. Even though Janssen's jersey came off he still came up on top. He also got kicked out of the game, someone is trying to be like another 55 we all know. He wasn't the only one the Hawks have taken out, add Kariya and Backes to the list too. The second ended as a tie game.

Intermission: A Sharp interview to make up for the last intermission.

Third started with an outstanding breakaway move by Hossa but was denied after a save between the legs for Mason. Most hated player of the game so far goes to Steen after he put the Blues on top 3-2. The Hawks still aren't looking like themselves, themselves meaning playing good. The first line might be playing well but the first line isn't the whole team. Now the Blues have made it 4-2, thanks to Erik Johnson. Did I mention the D sucks? Well, the D blows. The frustrating thing is, they're not bad players. They just don't seem to give a shit. Sopel got a puck to the face, tons of blood. Let's be honest, it's not like his face could get any worse. He could also use a skate to the hair. Not much happened in the final minutes of the game. Unless you count a shitty powerplay as something happening. 

Final score: 4-2.

Final note: Detroit is six points behind the Hawks.

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