Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you came here looking for a recap, you won't find one. This is more of a rant.

Wherto even begin with this!! Will someone please just ask Wiz what the hell was he thinking??

All the things WRONG with this hit:
-Wiz clearly did it on PURPOSE and to INJURE! It's even worse that they were friends and ex teammates.
-THE FALL! Seabs basically looked like he died.
-The Ducks announcers after Seabs fall: "Is he selling this?" REALLY???? That announcer is a complete joke.
-Wiz only got 2 MINUTES! He better get a suspension for that. This is just another horrible hit to add to the list. The NHL has to do something about these dirty and dangerous hits.
-The very last thing the Hawks need is to lose 2 defenseman within the same week.

One good thing about this hit:
-Duncs sticking up for his friend.

Seabrook ended up leaving the game. I really, really hope he's going to be okay.

The rest of the game: 

The Refs screwed the Hawks over in every possible way.

To quote Coach Q during the game: "this is fucking unbelievable!"

Hawks lost 4-2.

The good times:

SEABROOK SCORED!! He tied the game 1-1 in the first:

It was great to see Seabs back in action!

Hossa scored the second and last goal for the Hawks:

Out of all the Hawks to fight Wiz, Boynton stepped up big time. In his first game as a Hawk he took down the asshole and stuck up for Seabs. Welcome to the team! Once a video of the fight is out I will put it up!

I could go on and on but this is all for now. 

Check back to see what Wiz had to say for himself in postgame. After his "heartfelt" apology we will say "Is he selling this!" 

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