Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He said it. He actually said it.

Wiz on his hit on Seabs:

"I didn't do anything wrong."


"He's one of my really close friends. You don't like to see that. I thought he had the puck so I finished my check. I was already down there, so I pinched in and that's what happened."

"It probably will get looked at, but the result wasn't because of a shot to the head. I'm 5-foot-11 and he's 6-3. What happened was that my face hit his face. The visor came down and cut up my nose. I was shocked when I saw the result of it on the replay."

On Suspension: "I hope not. I didn't do anything wrong. The result of what happened isn't good, but there wasn't anything wrong that I did."

The Ducks Coach on Wiz (I can NOT believe it, is this guy serious!):
"Wisniewski had two fights tonight. He probably was the first star in our mind. This was probably his best game as a Duck."

Another ass from the Ducks locker room, Marchant:
"Seabrook saw him coming, and he's the one that hits Pears in the head. James came in and stood up for his teammates. I hate to say it, but that's the way it was years ago."

These guys are delusional.
This whole night was a complete joke. 

I'm glad Coach Q knows right from wrong:
"You hit a guy without the puck, you can kill a guy. It's the most dangerous hit in the history of the game. And (Wisniewski) tried to hurt him."

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