Saturday, March 13, 2010

You should of slept in, the Hawks did.

Huet was sharp in the first couple of mins. He kept it going throughout the first with some nice stops during a Flyers powerplay. Both goalies on their game during the first kept the score even 0-0. Shots: 15-12 Hawks.

In the second, both teams had some good chances on the powerplay but both team were also good on the PK. Scoreless at the end of the second.

Start of the third, Seabs (shakes head). A not so good turnover from number 7 leads to the first goal of the game. For the Flyers...

Seabs needs to step up his game but of course I will keep making excuses for his poor play. Yes, I realize he is not playing so good but I don't have to admit it!

Hawks come back and score but it gets waved off. Some douche on camera starts cheering. Did I mention he was wearing a sweater set to a Hockey game. No worries though, Hawks shut him up and sat him back down with a goal. A Versteeg goal! His 16th of the season.

The Flyers really need to turn down the music or completely get rid of it. I can barely handle Party in the USA but Party in the USA REMIX, seriously? It got even better as the game went on: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!" See my point.

Hossa must be feeling the music, he puts the Hawks on top 2-1! That would be his 20th goal of the season.

With just two mins to go Hawks could of had this in the bag but no. Hartnell had to go and tie it up 2-2. Really, Sopel (shakes head). 

With just couple seconds literally a couple seconds left in the third, you would think Overtime...not so fast.

Pronger scores the game winning goal for the Flyers with 2.01 seconds left in the game.

It sucked.

To sum it up: 

Huet was solid throughout the game.
The D is just not playing good. 
All the Olympians seemed to be off their game. Yes including Toews and Kane.

A nice talk from Coach Q. A nice nap on the plane. A nice early morning win over the Caps.


  1. yeah i agree. i had to wake up at 10 am west coast time to watch this game. disappointing result :( . oh well can't win 'em all .Lets hope for a better game tomorrow. (too bad it's another early one ) 10 am again for me!

  2. I know, I have to wake up even earlier because I'm going to the game!

  3. aha. awe lucky. That should be a great game! I went to see Ovechkin when he came with the Capitals against the canucks and russia against canada and both games he really didn't show up.. so hopefully you get a good game out of him and the hawks!