Thursday, April 1, 2010

Around the UC: A Duncan Keith April

-It's that time of month again to change your wallpaper:

Get your very own Duncs wall paper: here

-Don't forget Kane will be CSN's the Point After on Friday:

He's might be all serious in this interview but his hair is a complete joke.
(The video most likely won't wanna show up, so go here.)

Hammer: "It's a huge learning experience. I always watch these guys every game and every practice. Duncan, Seabrook and 'Soup' (Campbell) are among the best D-men in the league. I'm just glad to be playing on the same team."

Hammer: "Duncan I think is the best D-man in the league. He's a great guy on the ice and a great guy off the ice."

-Post-game videos:



Kopecky and an appearance by the belt

Coach Q:

Coach Q: "He's playing well. It was nice to show him some confidence (with back-to-back starts) and he responded with the game we're looking for. We're going through a tough stretch right now and we're looking to get some momentum built into our team. (Niemi's) big and looked quick." 

Great Jesse Rogers Articles:

New Blackhawks Fan Voice:

-If you're looking for your April Fool's fix, check out this article: NBC "Crosby Clause" Exposed

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