Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Around the UC: Game day!

I would just like to remind everyone who Trotz resembles...

Blackhawks vs Predators
8:00 pm
CSN and Versus

Preview: here

Morning Skate Videos:




Buff: "I'm sure you don't like your boss the more and more you see him. It's the same thing. You got guys that may have whacked you before, so you whack them back. It’s the fun thing about the game. I believe it’s going to get a lot more physical these next couple games."

Fraser: "Physical play in the playoffs is huge. Huge part of momentum. Big hit, big play. It’s definitely a war the more times you see a team. That's how rivalries are built. It's playoff hockey." 

Coach Q: "We want to have emotion in our game. We want to be hard to play against and be physical. We feel like Nashville has had the puck a lot in the first couple of games, but I thought there was an escalation [in Game 2] in how we played with more emotion and the physicality was more noticeable. We had more hits on the stat sheet." 

Sharp: "It's really loud. I can only imagine what it will be like in the playoffs. I remember watching the Predators and Red Wings series a couple years ago and the crowd was going nuts. It's going to be a crazy atmosphere, but I think that makes both teams better."

Coach Q: "I don’t think you want to be overly creative, especially on the road. I think that’s kind of the recipe when we’re playing them on the road. That has to be the mindset [Tuesday night]." 

"With his blond hair, steady blue eyes and boyish features, Niemi shares a passing resemblance to Matt Damon, but his demeanor is all Clint Eastwood--stoic and serious with an occasional burst of dry humor.

"I think I'm going to be able to sleep," Niemi said before Game 1 with barely a crack of a smile. "With some pills.""

Dynamic Duo

"Quenneville made a number of lineup changes heading into Game 2 on Sunday, which at first seemed a little extreme given that the series was only one game old. But it was hard to argue after Sunday's performance, especially with the coach's decision to reunite the defensive duo of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook.

The move had a two-fold effect: The Olympic blueliners helped effectively shut down the Nashville line of Colin Wilson, Jason Arnott and Martin Erat, which had given the Predators a lot of puck possession time in Game 1. In addition, Keith and Seabrook helped break the puck out of their own zone crisply and cleanly, something that had at times been missing from Chicago's attack in Game 1.

``He's a big, strong guy and plays a smart game,'' Keith said of Seabrook, according to the Arlington Heights Herald. ``He really complements my game so I can use my speed and play my game.''"

Coach Q on Sopel: “He’s played very good both games. He had a couple of key plays on one shift. He made two remarkable defensive plays breaking up a 3-on-1 and being very patient on another play where he made a big block.” 

Fraser: ''Down the stretch, [coach Joel Quenneville] gave me a chance. I just wanted to play as well as I could to stay in the lineup.''

Fraser:' 'All year we've tried to provide energy, play in the offensive zone, not give anything up, be good defensively. With that comes playing the body and making smart plays in the O-zone.''

"Duncan Keith is a good guy to ask about rivalry games.

 In college, the Chicago Blackhawks' star defensemen played for Michigan State against bitter in-state rival Michigan. In the NHL, he experienced defeat to rival Detroit last year in the Western Conference Finals.

Still, Keith doesn't have to think back too far to name his most intense rivalry experience.

"Canada vs. the U.S.," he said, referring to the games the two countries teams played in the 2010 Winter Olympics. "Nothing else comes close.""

-Daily Herald: Quenneville likes 'predictability of Keith, Seabrook

Coach Q: "We'll keep them together going forward. I like them getting back together and the quantity and quality of the minutes that you get from them."

Coach Q: "They give you that predictability that a top pair can give. It's been a little bit since we've seen them together and I liked them forming a real solid grouping. It helps with matchups and helps us defensively and you get a little offense when they're together as well."

-RedEye: Step-by-step slapshot lesson with Blackhawk Dustin Byfuglien 

-Pre-game hits from @CSNChi_Beatnik:

Yes, Q said Soupy won't play tonight. But no one prompted Q to rule Soup out for tonight; indicates he's closer to playing than we think

#Niemi is also Antti-Posse: He doesn't call home to Finland after/between games. Wants to maintain his focus "at least in first few games."

Of course, #Niemi added that his wife was now living in Chicago. "If she wasn't, I'd be calling [home to Finland] every day"... 

...he said that with the biggest laugh I've yet seen from him. Hands-down sweetest of all the #Blackhawks


-I just want to profess my love for these guys...

Story: For Canucks's fans, it's good to be green

-One more birthday Seabs Video!:

LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!! (remember that goal Seabs!)

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