Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Around the UC: I want Blackhawks Hockey!

More on Campell's return to the ice:

Soupy speaks:

-More practice video: (you know you're in the playoffs when you get a podium)

Coach Q


"The 10 members NHL on TSN panel made their picks for the Stanley Cup and the consensus had the Washington Capitals taking on the Chicago Blackhawks.

There was some disagreement with the Western Conference Champion as both  McKenzie and Pang took the Detroit Red Wings to return to the Stanley Cup Final.

"The Detroit Red Wings are finally healthy," explained McKenzie. "They have a tremendous amount of experience and a lot of motivation from not winning last year and losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins."

The majority of the panelists took the Blackhawks to claim the Western crown and MacTavish tipped his hand on who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup.

"Start to finish Chicago has been the best team all year in the west," he said. "The west is a way better conference, so I'm picking the Blackhawks." 

When it came to picking a Stanley Cup Champion, there was no real consensus choice. The panel was split four-four-two, with four members taking Chicago, four taking Washington and two taking other teams."

-New Desktop wallpaper! Your picks: Toews, Bolland, and Niemi.

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