Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Around the UC: The Line Shuffle

-Looks like Burish and Bickell will be back in the line-up tomorrow night. I believe Burish is just what this teams needs right now. Campbell practiced with the team once again today. Coach Q hasn't said much on Campbell. When asked if he would return soon he said, "We'll see; we're not making any announcements today. We'll look at some options."

Seabs and Duncs did not practice today. Looks like the bromance is celebrating a birthday.

Sopel also did not practice.

Lines from practice:

First line: Jonathan Toews centering for Patrick Kane and Bryan Bickell

Second line: Patrick Sharp centering for Marian Hossa and Tomas Kopecky

Third line: Dave Bolland centering for Kris Versteeg and Andrew Ladd

Fourth line: John Madden centering for Troy Brouwer and Adam Burish


-Practice videos:



Coach Q


-Suntimes: Changes in store for Hawks line-up?

Coach Q on Bickell: "I think you can get some energy off of him as well."

Toews: "Guys like myself are going to have to pick it up in order to win some games. Again, it's frustrating when you have chances and you don't see them go in. You don't make excuses; you keep working and get more chances." (No shit)

Coach Q: ''Certainly tonight, we can't be pleased with the way we played. They were the harder-working team, more resilient, more desperate. We know that each and every game it is going to escalate, and today, for whatever the reasons, we didn't achieve what we wanted to.''

Sharp: ''We knew it was going to be tough coming into this building. They played well in front of their fans. They brought a lot of energy. It would be nice to see some urgency. I think guys played hard, but we can get it up another level.''

Toews: ''Every game, we've got to play desperate now. There is no more time to wait.''

Coach Q: "Trying to get cute about it ain't going to get it done."

Burish on playing Thursday: "It's the playoffs. It wouldn't be good gamesmanship to tell you now, would it?" 

Hossa: "We have to regroup and make sure we're coming back home 2-2."

This one is for my nephew, who is going through a dinosaur phase:

"As the Chicago Blackhawks continue their Stanley Cup pursuit Tuesday night in Nashville, one of the team's biggest supporters is still here in Chicago.

Workers put a specially-made Blackhawks jersey on the Field Museum's brachiosaurus Tuesday.

A couple of people walking by seemed surprised to see a dinosaur showing his Hawks pride.

The brachiosaurus is wearing number 19, which is the number worn by the Hawks' Jonathan Toews.

The museum put a Blackhawks jersey on its 'Dissemination of Knowledge' statue Monday."

-Duncs was on Afternoon Saloon a couple of days ago. Go here and play 4/19.

-For those of you who aren't able to go to the wonderful UC: ScoreBoard Playoff Montages! Who doesn't love Montages!

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  1. Those are some interesting lines. I hope they work out or the Hawks are done (I know the wouldn't be done per se, but they're not gonna come back if they're down two games). I'll be watching the game and I'm expecting them to try harder than the last one :D And I'm also expecting a win!

  2. They better try harder than last time! And as always I'm expecting a win too!