Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Around the UC: Mullet Action!

As you all know, Kane has grown an awesome new playoff tradition:


At first I was scared of it but after seeing it in action, I have come to admire it:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

Lets be honest here, this could be better than that greasy thing he had before.

More on this hair wonder:

Kane: “I have the playoff mullet going right now. I’ll try to keep that for a bit. Short on top like a regular haircut and long in back. Bring back the ’80s look I guess.” 

Kane: “It [might] look a little trashy for a little bit, but it’s fun and the boys all got a good laugh out of it. That’s what it’s all about, I guess.” 

Toews on his signature wolverine look: “I thought they all loved that. They must have been talking behind my back.” 

“It’s got some work to do I guess. It probably won’t be much different [than last year].” 

-Some more good news, Brouwer was back with the team today! He skated with Kane and Bolland, the Hawks second line.:

Brouwer: "He needed me to be home, and my family needed me to be home. As soon as he was OK, he was the first one to tell me to come back, so it was an easy decision for me."

Brouwer: "Family is No. 1 in my life, and I would say in everyone's lives here. The team was generous in letting me go home and take as much time as I needed, but I think they're happy to have me back."

Brouwer: "My dad has always been harping on me to take the puck off the wall and go to the net a little bit harder. When he woke up, it's the first thing he said to me. He just wants me to come, play hard. He's proud of me and he wants me to do well. That's really all he gave me."

-It would be nice if people would stop jinxing the Hawks! First the pig nose Toews, now this!:

(okay so maybe this picture is hilarious)

"But then EA Sports had to ruin all the fun by predicting that the Blackhawks would win the Stanley Cup. In terms of jinxes, this is about as bad as breaking a mirror or appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Using its popular NHL 2010 video game, EA Sports simulated the upcoming playoffs and determined that Blackhawks would defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games for its first championship in 49 years. According to the simulation, Keith will win the Conn Smyth Trophy."

Thank you EA Sports! I sure hope I'm thanking you at the end of the playoffs.

-"Will the third time be the charm for Marian Hossa?" I don't think it's the charm, I think it's the team he is with.

Hossa: "I really don't think about it that way. I think about it as we have a good thing going on here (in Chicago) and I just want to help keep it going. What happened in the past happened, and this is a new year."

Hossa: "Did the loss last year bother me? For sure. In the summer, when you go home, you think about it, of course. It's a long year and we had great thing going on (in Detroit) and it's disappointing how we did end up. But on the other hand, I'm a happy guy because I do what I love to do and not many people can say they went two straight years to the Stanley Cup Finals. Some people don't even make it to even one Final their whole career, so it's not tragic (that I haven't won a Cup yet)."

Sharp: "I think if you asked every team in the League if they'd want Marian Hossa on their team, I think they'd all say 'Yes,. On top of that, who wouldn't want an opportunity to even get to the Cup Final? If we get to the Final, we'll be happy to have Hoss there with us. He's one of the best players in the League and we know there are no guarantees in the playoffs. We went far last year and had a nice run but that doesn't guarantee we're getting back to the conference finals again this year anyway. We have to work for it, but we're prepared to do that."

-Number one reason I love this article: It gave me the image of Kane with a ponytail holding up the Stanley Cup.

"Kane also said people are laughing at his new do, and he says he won't cut it until their season is over. That means he could be sporting a ponytail and getting the last laugh while hoisting the Stanley Cup Trophy."

Seabrook: "I like it. It's great. We need some rest and we have playing well, working hard and really battling, so I think it is good to get a couple of days here to just relax, rest and get ready for Nashville."

Toews: "It would have been nice to keep things rolling since we have been on a roll and playing good hockey. But at the same time, the last two weeks have been tough, so the extra days gives us time to take a breather."

-With no Blackhawks hockey, I have hit rock bottom in TV watching. I write this blog as I listen to Orlando Bloom's Oscar worthy acting (a hint of sarcasm) in Troy. Also, Brad Pitt's attempt at trying to look cool while point his sword at nothing in every other scene. Seems as if the Blackhawks are trying to fill their time too:

"Patrick Kane is cracking jokes about his new playoffs-inspired mullet. Andrew Ladd is "getting the itch" to win the Cup again, after winning it with Carolina in 2006. Jonathan Toews is sick of talking about goalie Antti Niemi's lack of playoff experience. And then there's Niemi, who often answers questions with just a word or two."

"The four-day wait to play the Predators was thought to be a potential concern for the Hawks, who were one of the League's hottest teams at season's end. Instead, the time off might be a blessing. Chicago had six players in the Olympics who could use the time off, including four who played in the gold-medal game. Defenseman Duncan Keith, who played for Team Canada, was given the day off as a "maintenance day" according to coach Joel Quenneville."

Ladd on already winning the Stanley Cup: "Yeah, I did. It gives you the itch to win it again. Once you've experienced it once, you want to do it again."

-Former IceHog Brouwer takes the spotlight in this years playoffs:

"“It’s not easy. I think we’ve been playing real well lately, but now it’s the playoffs, and it’s a whole different feeling,” said Brouwer, a former IceHogs scoring leader who leads this year’s Blackhawks team with seven game-winning goals. “Not just us (former IceHog) guys, but everyone on the team knows they have to get focused, and stay there. It’s tough because everybody wants us, and expects us to, at least get in position to win the Stanley Cup.”

Brouwer scored 35 goals and 54 points in 73 games for the IceHogs in 2007-’08, and he has 22 goals and 40 points in 78 Blackhawk games this year. But he hasn’t played since April 4 due to his father’s illness, missing the back stretch of the regular-season while back in Canada. His dad is on the road to recovery, and Brouwer returned from Vancouver and practiced with the team Tuesday morning, sounding like he was more than ready to get back to action afterward."

Toews: “Last year, the fans, the media, everybody was so excited that we just made the playoffs. Now, from Day 1, there has been some very high expectations and a lot of pressure for us to go all the way. We’re young, and we’re ready. There are a lot of young guys on this team, and everyone’s hungry. We have to take it day-by-day, and keep focused. It’s not easy this time of year.”

Bolland: “Once you experience a little, you want a whole lot more. You just want to keep doing it. And we have a chance this year to hang around for a long time. It all starts Friday.”

-Video from the Hawks Playoff Bash today:


  1. Did you see the interview w/Niemi on ESPN Chicago today? He's clearly in a confident, happy mood and was joking around w/the press.


  2. No, I didn't. Thank you! It's hard to keep up with Jesse Rogers, he's always updating! lol